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cna149 professionalism in nursing assessment answer

Doing a nursing course is not enough to become a practising nurse in Australia, instead, you have to get registered yourself with NMBA – Nursing and Midwifery Board In Australia. There are certain rules and codes of conduct that a registered nurse has to follow. The unit CNA149 professionalism in nursing is taught to let students develop those skills related to professionalism and behavioural ethics. These skills are important for first-year students in their undergraduate. National competency standards and quality and safety measures are also introduced in this unit for the registered nurses. If you are a nursing disciple and seeking online nursing assignment help to cover the assessment questions of this unit effectively, Sample Assignment can be your best bet. Here, we have a pool of native experts skilled in providing nursing assignment help in Australia. They can provide you with an ideal CNA149 Professionalism In Nursing Assessment Solution created by following the university guidelines and marking rubrics. If you aspire to gain high grades in assessments, our experts will help you do that conveniently.

Types Of Assignments Covered Under CNA149

This unit covers two types of assignments along with a 2 hours examination. You are required to submit these assignments within the deadline to make the professors evaluate them and generate the grades accordingly. Types Of Assignments Are:

  1. A personal reflection of 750 words that contributes 20% to the grades assessment.
  2. An essay or digital narrative of 1500 words that contributes 40% to the grades assessment.
  3. An additional 2 hours written exam that again contributes 40% to the grades assessment.

Our experts are aware of all the technicalities being followed in the assignments, also by completing the task on time, they let you submit them before the deadline.

How To Address Different Assessment Tasks?

Let’s talk about the approach to resolve the different assessment tasks involved under CNA149. Assessment Task 1 CNA149 assignment

Under this reflective assessment, students have to write what is professionalism to them in nursing. They have to write a paper that explores the characteristics that a professional nurse should exhibit along with the appropriate professional behaviour. They have to include a minimum of four scholarly references to support the discussion. University also provides different assessment criteria, our experts make sure to always follow the criteria while creating assignments. Criteria 1–Demonstrate the understanding of the concept of professionalism and the characteristics displayed by a professional. Criteria 2-Follow a clear and logical structure and written expression. Criteria 3-Use of Harvard style referencing in both in-text and reference list. Criteria 4-Including at least 4 scholarly sources to support the work. Similarly, the university provides a set of criteria for assessment task 2. It is the task of writing a narrative essay of 1500 words. The points covered under the criteria are:

  • Explain the points given in question with clear arguments followed by your understanding.
  • The essay should not exceed 1500 words.
  • Follow proper writing and referencing style, also provide references.
  • Use Harvard style referencing.
  • Use at least six scholarly sources.

Assessment Task 3 It includes a two hours written examination in which a student has to showcase the skills and knowledge gained while pursuing the course of nursing. The criteria followed under Task 3 are: Understanding the question and answer with a clear explanation of concepts.

What Do You Mean By Professionalism In Nursing?

Professionalism in nursing limits not only to regular visits and polite speech. It is much more than that. There is a behavioural skill set that a nurse needs to follow while dealing with patients. Following things are important for a professional nurse:

  1. She should have a professional degree.
  2. She should conduct an evidence-based practice.
  3. A professional nurse should learn from the practice, conduct research, and publish outcomes to let others have the benefit from their research.
  4. A professional nurse should stay updated with the recent updates or findings in the field.
  5. A professional nurse should have decision-making capabilities.
  6. A professional nurse should be efficient enough to work with patients of different cultural backgrounds.

Our assignment experts are mindful of all the professional qualities that a nurse should possess. Taking help from them is like assuring a way to achieve high grades.

Below is the sample of assignment made by one of our experts. CNA149 Assessment Answer To get the complete solution, hire our experts. With us, you can also get CNA149 professionalism in nursing assessment sample. And, if you look for a complete CNA149 assessment answer, there is no better source than us to get that. Our pool of professional experts and their years of experience grant students with the perfect CNA149 Professionalism In Nursing Assessment Answer. Hire them and get the best grades! Recommended:


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