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Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Hello readers. How are you doing? Hope you are well. So are you ready to embark on the journey of learning something new today? If yes, then come along with us and read this blog to update yourself on the latest information on the topic of compare and contrast essay. Essay writing is something that you will encounter in your school and college days no matter what subject you are studying and irrespective of whether you are interested in essay writing or not. Essay writing is an art one can master with practice.

Schools, colleges, and universities give the assignment to write essays without explaining how to write an essay and how different essays would vary in their structure.

Let us start with understanding the general structure of an essay and then take a dive into the structure and content of compare and contrast essay. Every essay starts with choosing a topic and a goal. The essay can either be descriptive, persuasive, critical, or reflective. Depending upon the nature of the essay, the content and structure would be decided.

Every essay will have five paragraphs in total. Introduction, main body (three paragraphs), and conclusion.

A descriptive essay would just describe things and the focus will be on imparting education while a persuasive essay is written to change the point of view of the readers. A critical essay is written to criticize a certain topic.

After choosing the topic and style of the essay, introduce your topic to our assignment help experts. Introduce your topic generally and end your introduction with the thesis statement. The thesis statement should include your argument or take on the topic. The nature of the essay would determine the tone of the thesis statement. An argumentative essay will have an argumentative thesis statement and a critical essay will have a critical thesis statement.

Next, following the BOOLEAN or inverted triangle method, introduce the information on the topic and follow new information with an argument, and back your argument with that information. To add more authenticity to your arguments, ensure that you include information that acts as a counter-argument to your argument.

Make sure that every time you introduce a topic, you conclude it well. Don't make the mistake of introducing an aspect of the topic and leave it as it is without concluding the statement. This is important for coherence.

Lastly, conclude the essay. The conclusion is in a way mirroring the introduction. So do not introduce new information in the conclusion part. The information given in the introduction is to be reiterated and the thesis statement is to be answered in the last few lines of the conclusion. This was all about a general essay.

How To Write A Comparative Essay?

But a compare and contrast essay is slightly different. Right from choosing the topic to the structure and content, there are a few changes you have to keep in mind to stay true to the nature of the essay.

The compare and contrast essay as the name itself suggests is an essay where two or more topics are compared and contrasted. The topics chosen should be a part of the same wider family. E.g., comparing ancient art with medieval art or comparing the rural and urban life, etc.

You cannot take topics that have no connection with each other. Like comparing politics and science. There should be some connectivity between the topics that keeps them in a similar category along with having differences that can be highlighted.

So, in the case of a compare and contrast essay, start with choosing a topic that has similar undertones or comes under a similar category. Similarly, while writing the introduction of the essay, you must introduce both or all the topics that you chose to compare and contrast. The essay should start on an unbiased note.

The main body should present different arguments in favor of and against the topics chosen. There should be a dialogue in which all the topics get equal weightage although the writer may choose to side with one or the other depending on his personal preference, but the same should follow with a logical explanation.

Towards the end of the main body part of the compare and contrast essay, the reader should be able to discern the qualities or negative aspects of the topics discussed. The reader at the end should be made to ponder upon the topics and choose based on solid facts and arguments.

What Are Some Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics?

First things first, as discussed earlier also, the compare and contrast topics should be somewhat related but different enough to be compared. If you are waiting for entry into the best college or high school or have participated in some essay writing competition or just want to impress your teachers with some creativity, then you can try your hands on compare and contrast essays. The topics on compare and contrast may be sometimes as simple as comparing mango and apple or sometimes as interesting as comparing romantic novels of different eras. Comparisons can be made in every field and every subject. It's your interest as a writer that will guide you into choosing the right one. Just make sure that it is not something overwhelming. You don't want to take up a project you can not finish in time.

What Sources Can You Use To Choose A Topic For Compare And Contrast Essay?

Topics won't just pop in your head. You have to keep reading (blogs like these) or stay in touch with different sources to keep yourself updated on the new things or learn something static to which you can give a new angle to your essay.

You can look into the following to get some idea-

  1. Textbooks
  2. Documentaries
  3. Journals
  4. Newspapers
  5. Reports
  6. Magazines relate to your field of interest.

These sources will keep you updated and increase your knowledge in a specific area. However, it is also important that you communicate with peers and teachers, and other knowledgeable people to be able to choose a topic that intrigues you. What interests you will keep the readers intrigued as well.

List Of Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

To make a list you need to understand the categorization of the topics. The topics may be categorized as depicting-

  1. Place-compare different places or locations. These can be specific places like the Eiffel tower and statue of liberty.
  2. Objects
  3. Event-comparing some important events like World war I and World War II.
  4. Situation- compare two situations from your experiences or make a hypothetical situation.

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Healthcare

  1. Are psychologists and psychiatrists the same?
  2. Private clinics or government hospitals- a comparison on quality and affordability
  3. Home remedies or medicines, which one to choose?
  4. Homeopathic VS allopathic medicine
  5. Hospital care vs home care in COVID-19
  6. Plastic surgeries or botox

Easy Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Technology

  1. Smartphones or feature phones
  2. Laptops or tablets
  3. Atificial intelligence or human intelligence?
  4. Android vs Ios
  5. Online learning or classroom learning?
  6. Traditional TV or streaming platforms?

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics For College

  1. Internet over library?
  2. Internships or part-time jobs?
  3. Full-time college or correspondence?
  4. Private colleges or government colleges?
  5. Virtual vs real classrooms
  6. E-books or textbooks

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Economy

  1. Socialist economy v capitalism
  2. Fiscal economy v non-fiscal economy
  3. Economics or business studies?
  4. Economics vs sociology
  5. Economics - a compulsory subject or not
  6. Economic growth - good or bad?

Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Politics

  1. Legislature v judiciary
  2. Democracy or aristocracy
  3. Free trade - merits and demerits
  4. Fundamental rights or directive policy
  5. Presidential system or parliamentary system
  6. Democracy vs dictatorship

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Education

  1. E-learning or traditional learning
  2. Professional or vocational courses- which education is better?
  3. Online learning vs offline classes
  4. Online coaching vs classroom coaching
  5. Professional courses vs vocational courses
  6. Oral learning vs written learning

Good Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Sports

  1. Outdoor running or a gym workout?
  2. Olympics vs regional competition
  3. Indigeous sports or modern sports
  4. Sports VS studying - What promises a better career?
  5. Volleyball vs basketball
  6. Tennis vs badminton

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Career

  1. Higher education vs job experience
  2. Full-time employment vs part-time employment
  3. Government jobs vs private jobs
  4. Startups vs established corporates
  5. Masters degree or professional degree
  6. Spending or saving salaries

Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Teenagers

  1. Maths or English- what do children struggle with the most?
  2. Home teaching or tutions- which is more beneficial?
  3. Part-time jobs or freelancing?
  4. Life in high school vs life in college
  5. Living with family or living in hostel
  6. Boys vs girls - difference in behaviour

Topics For Compare And Contrast Essays On Science

  1. Polythene bags vs paper bags
  2. Nuclear power vs thermal power- A better producer of energy
  3. Renewable energy vs non-renewable energy
  4. Bacteria or viruses
  5. Which one is more suitable - plastic or paper?
  6. Mammals or reptiles

Hope you found this blog interesting and invigorating. If that is the case continue reading our blogs for more detailed and fun information on various topics ranging from English to science to maths to accounting to law. In case you are looking for something more than just a blog to read, then our assignment help experts may help you out to understand more about language features, emotive language.

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So what are you waiting for? Choose any of the above-given topics for comparison and contrast, submit it to us, and wait for the best essay you could ever have read. It will not only stun you but be a guide for your next essay which you can attempt yourself as well.

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