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Confidential Assignment Movie Review: Action Comedy At Its Finest!

Gone are the days, when movies were rambling enough to make anyone fall asleep. The tables have turned now and surely, Confidential Assignment is one of a kind of a film that satiates the heart of every person who watches this. Just like those students who want to keep their identities confidential while seeking an assignment help to avoid the tension and chaos, this comically convoluted joint investigation movie revisits every dimension to lighten the hearts of the spectators. On the same lines, I suppose, giving you a synopsis of this popular K-movie Confidential assignment would be a great idea, isn’t it?

Tale of Two Men: Kim-Sung’s & Hybrid Thriller

Kim-Sung’s & Hybrid Thriller Confidential Assignment is one of the biggest grossing movies in South Korea that left an indelible impact on the mind of spectators from 42 different regions in the world. These include areas US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Vietnam, Thailand and India. Before I go further giving you a deep insight into the synopsis of the movie, let me talk about a few accolades that this movie has bagged. Joining the pieces together, you will finally reach the destination where you want to go.

Confidential Assignment Surprisingly Effective at the Box Office

The movie had got a path-breaking success in almost all parts of the world. Naturally, there are a lot of laurels that director Kim-Sung has earned for himself with this movie. From then on, this heart-rendering movie has always been on the to-do list of every person who looks upon K-movies. Some of the achievements that this movie has bagged include:

  1. 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards
  2. 13th University Film Festival of Korea
  3. Korean Film Shining Star Awards
  4. 12th Asian Film Awards
  5. Fantasia international film festival
  6. 6th Korea Top Star Awards
  7. 22nd Busan International Film Festival
  8. 54th Grand Bell Awards
  9. 1st The Seoul Awards

Having CJ Entertainment as a distributor is itself a commendable thing. This is because CJ Entertainment bags the title of Korea’s largest entertainment company. There are a lot of sectors that it entails, such as film production, distribution as well as the exhibition. Being associated with this distributor is a big thing and clearly points out to the fact that how successful this movie became after its release.

The Main Crux Of Confidential Assignment: A Deeper Insight

[caption id="attachment_2763" align="aligncenter" width="678"]Hyun Bin Actor: Hyun Bin | Image Source: Google[/caption] Realised on January 18, 2017, Confidential Assignment is an eye-opener to a crucial topic that has always been an important part of North Korea. Though it is a light-hearted and comic movie which features actor Hyun Bin as the male protagonist and the actress, Im Yoon-Ah. [caption id="attachment_2764" align="aligncenter" width="678"] Im Yoon-ah Actress: Im Yoon-ah | Image Source: Google[/caption] Though there is no straight elaboration upon any political statement, however, surely there is a subtle undertone that points towards the evolution of cinematic depictions that have taken place in North Korea, in relation with the politics at different point of times. This fast-paced film is absolutely action flicking and has grabbed the attention of millions of South Koreans. Maybe, that is the reason when this movie released, there were packed houses in almost all the main theatres of South Korea.

Confidential Assignment In a Nutshell

Now that I have arranged all the ingredients for you, it is time for the experts of our confidential assignment services to serve the platter for you. So, let the synopsis of this action-packed movie begin. Im Chul-Ryung is portrayed as a hard-working North Korean censor guard whose priorities change from time to time. After killing a lot of countrymen, he flocks off to South Korea with expensive counterfeit plates. The juxtaposition of Im and Kang is noteworthy. This is because, through the juxtaposition of these two characters, the tension between both North and South Korea has been highlighted. Both of these regions are holding back some information from each other that leads to the acceleration of the narrative plot in the movie. In a way, the morality in the police force is brought to the surface by the Confidential Assignment.

Want Us To Help You Walk Your Way Through Movie Review Assignments, Confidentially?

Sample Assignment is a store-house of movie review assignment help experts who have specialised in film analysis and have worked upon almost all the major movies that have left an impact on the minds of spectators globally. In this present era with booming confidential assignments, our professional team provides high-quality film analysis assignments, in different genres without unravelling your identities. Just like we have been successful in providing you with a quick glimpse of the movie review of this blockbuster Korean movie, our teams will never leave your hand whenever you require assignment help confidentially. Be it a query on a sample, guidance over any topic or even a wide range of value-added services, we have always been able to gain the trust of students with our innovative services. So, if you require us to guide you with any of your movie review assignments or guide you over any topic related to your assignments, just let us know. You can write to us or directly call/WhatsApp our customer care team and you’ll get the best academic assistance you ever wanted.

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