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An Analysis of the Cost Of Living In Brisbane and Other Cities of Australia

Brisbane is the capital city of Queensland in Australia and is one of the cheapest cities in Australia for students to stay. This blog provides you with information on the average cost of living in Brisbane and a comparison of the cost of living in other cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and so on. Effective money management can take you much further in saving and spending wisely and drastically reduce your costs of living.

It is very important to understand the cost of living in any city before moving to that place for a student. It is rightly said that the students are always on a tight budget. They have to work several hours besides studying to support themselves through college and often feel stressed. Many students cannot find the time out of their hectic schedule between work and college to complete their academic work on time, like assignments and essays. In such cases, they can take our academic writing help online.

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The Average Cost Of Living In Brisbane

Brisbane has world-class universities for international students like The University of Queensland, Queensland University of Technology, Griffith University, Australian Catholic University, CQUniversity, and others. Brisbane has more than 300 days of sunshine per year, and the temperature rarely falls below 20 degrees Celsius, even in winter. Brisbane is a diverse city with more than 22 percent of its residents born outside the country and 16% non-native English speakers. This makes Brisbane an exceptionally inclusive and multicultural city where international students are much likely to feel comfortable.

Let’s analyse the cost of living in Brisbane step by step and category wise:







Campus accommodation is available in most of the universities where you get a place in the campus to stay

You can rent a room in a student residential complex and get off-campus student accommodation

Moving in with tenants and sharing a house

Short term stay options at lower rate hotels and then moving to long term options later








$9360- $24000




Save money on expenses like food, travel, and other utilities are included. Less time spent for travelling

Rent and utilities included, a campus feel outside campus

Lower costs of living

Short term stay options, opportunity to check out accommodation places before you move to the city


Costs of eating out, mobile, phone bill, health, entertainment

Food, entertainment, eating out, phone bills, health costs need to be budgeted

Utilities not included, expected to pay upfront security bond payment, other security issues and added responsibilities of managing the house

Utilities not included, other security reasons, no long term contracts signed


Utilities Cost: Utilities like electricity, gas, water, internet are usually included in the campus and student accommodation programs but have to be completely borne by the student if they share a housing accommodation. An average home in Brisbane is likely to cost:

Electricity: 500 dollars per quarter

Water: 300 dollars per quarter

Gas: 169 dollars per quarter

Internet: 120 dollars per quarter

If this is split in between five people or even just by you, depending on the usage, the cost of utilities will fall in the following range:

Weekly cost: $15-$80

Annual cost: $780-$4500

Other categories of cost include:


Weekly Cost

Annual Cost




Eating Out



Drinking out



Drinking at home and sometimes out



Admin and Stationery












In this way, you can calculate the weekly cost of living in Brisbane and manage your finances.

Cost Of Living In Brisbane vs. Melbourne

Now that we have talked about the cost of living in Brisbane for a student, let's compare the difference between the cost of living in Brisbane vs. Melbourne as both places are major places of attraction for international students.


Higher in which place?


Consumer Prices



Consumer prices including rent



Rent Prices



Restaurant prices



Groceries prices



Local Purchasing power

No difference

No difference

Calculating everything, one would need around 6,707 Australian dollars in Brisbane to maintain the same standard of living that a person can have in Melbourne in 6700 dollars. This is based on the assumption that how you spend is similar in both places. Thus, there is no major difference in the cost of living in Brisbane vs. Melbourne. The deciding factor in settling in any of the two cities should be based on the university and program you want to enrol in and not on the cost of living difference as it is highly insignificant in this case.

Cost Of Living In Brisbane Compared To Sydney

Sydney is often considered to be quite expensive. Let's calculate the cost of living in Brisbane compared to Sydney:


Higher in which city?


Consumer prices excluding rent



Consumer prices including rent



Rent prices



Restaurant prices






Local purchasing power



Based on this data of comparison between the cost of living in Brisbane compared to Sydney, we can say that to maintain a standard of living sustained in Brisbane for 6,700 A$, you would need to spend 8,040 A$ in Sydney.

Cost Of Living In Canberra Compared To Brisbane

We all know that Canberra is the capital of Australia and therefore an attractive destination for many international students to settle in. A comparison of the cost of living in Canberra compared to Brisbane is provided below:


Higher in which city?


Consumer prices without rent



Consumer prices including rent



Rent prices



Restaurant prices



Groceries prices



Local purchasing power



Based on this analysis of the cost of living in Canberra compared to Brisbane, we can say that in order to maintain a standard of living sustained in Brisbane for 6,700 A$, you would need to spend 6,709 A$ in Canberra. Thus, the difference is quite insignificant and small.

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