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cultural anthropology assignment on alone together answers

In this assignment, you have to read a book titled “Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other" and then answer a few questions that the professor has defined. These questions are not easy to answer because reading a 682-page long book is not easy. Let our assignment experts help you with that. The cultural anthropology assignment on alone together has many questions that you need to write answers to. This blog post will give you an insight into how to write these answers and what to write in them.

Question 1

In this, you have to write the reason why the author wrote this book. For that, you need to read the preface and go into depth with the viewpoint of the author and try to visualise why do you think she wrote one such book. For example, our Cultural Anthropology assignment experts wrote that the author Sherry Turkle wanted to let the readers know that we are getting more and more dependent on technology and expect too much from it than from other humans. Once done, you also have to explain why this book is useful for the students of anthropology. For that, you need to mention the whats and hows of the book while relating them to the concepts of anthropology. The answer by our anthropology assignment help providers included the anthropologists can benefit from the book because it showcases the influence of technology on humans.

Question 2

To write the cultural anthropology assignment on alone together answer for this question, you need to discuss what the author meant by social robotics. Social robots and their functions, as explained by the experts offering assignment services, should be studied and then compared against what the author has said. In the cultural anthropology assignment on alone together answer prepared by the experts with us, the comparison between a slave and a mobile user was made so that we can understand the gravity of the issue.

Question 3

After reading the first chapter of the book, you will understand what the author means by the term "alive enough". You need to elaborate on that with the help of your own understanding of the concept as well. Refer to the instances the author has used to explain what being alive enough means. On the basis of the examples used by the author, you can compare them with yours as well. Cultural Anthropology Assignment On Alone Together Answers Cultural Anthropology Assignment helpFor our experts writing cultural anthropology assignment on alone together answer, the author meant by being alive enough as the impact of technology on our lives that we are no longer concerned with a thing being live or robotic.

Question 4

To answer this question, it is important that you understand what the author explained in the third chapter of the book. The author in this chapter explains the studies that she carried out with various age groups. In the experiment, the people were asked to play with an AIBO and nurture it. AIBO is a robotic dog. You need to read the responses of the various people in the study and analyse them for how were the responses differed from those of adults. Also, you need to identify what was the finding that made the author fee concerned? Our experts who wrote the cultural anthropology assignment on alone together answer found that the author was shocked when people had started treating the electronic dog as a live dog and their pet. They also concluded that the children were more concerned with the feelings of the electronic device than adults.

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