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difference and similarities between a CV and resume

More often than not, as a student who is graduating out of a master’s or graduation program, we have wondered what possibly could be the difference between a CV and Resume. At the same time, we have been told that the two are not so different. What we do then is no shock to any one. We assume. We assume that they are the same thing but the usage of the either depends upon the occasion it is being used for. Is that really the case? Or is it just us being lazy and not caring much about what’s required and when?



As humans, we never have time. We assume. We ignore. We are the ones unemployed! To try and get you rid of that problem, the panels of CV writing experts and Resume Writing experts sat together and compiled a few points that would help a student conclude what’s to be used and when.

What is a CV?

You are a more than a teenager now. We understand  that you could be void of the academic knowledge you need to answer assignments (our assignment help experts can help) but at least not the basic terminology if life! If you do not know the full form of a CV, then god must be judging you right now. Ok, since Sample Assignment has been helping the students acquire HD grades, we shall help you here and now. Let’s Charade-help you!



A CV is a document (generally not more than 2 pages) containing details about your professional whereabouts over the past years. It is much more detailed than a simple biography of your career! Your education, accomplishments, achievements (need clarification over the difference between accomplishments and achievement, eh?), awards, and all the other honours are all a part of the CURRICULUM VITAE. That’s about as basic as it comes for a basic definition and explanation of a CV. What about the Resume?

What is a Resume?

It is a concise document. When we say concise, we mean to compare it with a CV. You could google yourself a better definition of a resume but not a better explanation of a CV being compared to a Resume. It is not intended to be longer than a single page. The main or primary objective of a resume is to stand out in a competition.



as a student, when you make your resume, you would be required to tailor your resume with every job profile and job description you apply for.  When we talk about a resume, it does not necessarily have to be in a chronological manner. It is generally highly customisable and hence does not cover you entire career.

The Difference

The definition we have provided above are in themselves differences for they are not just definitions but definitions by differences. Our Resume and CV writers were able to identify and list down some additional differences between the two subjects and hence they felt that jotting them down separately would bring them to the centre stage. Long story short, a CV is generally too long to be short. Confused? Okay, let’s clear the clouds.



A CV is -

  • Longer
  • Focuses on Entire Career
  • Static

A Resume is -

  • Shorter
  • No strict structure
  • Customisable
  • Dynamic

To give you a brief explanation of what we just said, the major differences are in the word count, the length, the manner in which the two are looked at and written in and the purpose of submitting either of them. A resume briefs a summary of your past experience and skills you acquired during the time you spent gaining experience. On the other hand, a CV is much more detailed and we have ourselves made CVs longer than 2 pages. Yes, for that, you will definitely need a good amount of experience worth mentioning that you have gained. A resume is highly customisable, just like a One Plus smart-phone. On the contrary, a CV is much more “Static” and the only changes that undergo are comprised by the COVER LETTER. Now fabricating a Cover Letter is, in itself an art and science. If you need assistance on that, you are welcome to have a live One-On-One consultation with our panels of CV Writers and Resume Writers. assignment writing services assignment writing help in Australia

How Do They Travel The Globe?

If you are in the US or a PR or citizen of Canada, you would know how important it is to get your RESUME right. As per our research, being an American or Canadian has its perks, haha. You would only make a CV when you are applying for a job beyond your international borders. Moreover, if you are an applicant who’s moving between the two aforementioned economies, you would, even then make a resume and not a CV. On the other hand, if you are in the UK, New Zealand; you would be more accustomed with a CV and not a resume. You would also know about the European Union format of a CV. If you do not, you can contact us any time of the day or night and we will let you know what that is and how that is done. Talking about the house of Volkswagen (the not-so-much-in-love-with-cars, we are talking about Germany), Lebenslauf is the word used for CV (Pro Knowledge). Yes, you can now go to your friends an tell them that you know how to speak German. (Caution: Do not tell them where you learnt it from).

Our Resume and CV Writing Services

If you are still confused as to what you might need when you are amidst applying for the job of your dreams, you can definitely count on us. To get started, you need only fill up a 2-minute form and your job will be done then! If you need any assistance to better portray your grades in your resume or cv or your job application or your cover letter, you can always consult us for our academic services which you can have a look at outside the boundaries of this blog. Get in touch with the experts at Sample Assignment and ask them to prepare an outstanding resume/CV for you! Here are the few other topics for you to read:


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