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2023-10-04 06:24:42

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Difference Between Professional And Academic Presentation: A Pocket Guide
In a world of students, there has always been a pressing need to develop the skills of writing in an academic style or to give an academic presentation. However, by the time students pass this phase and reach the professional sector, they develop an aversion towards professional presentations. Thus, Sample Assignment is here to clarify all your doubts regarding the difference between professional and academic presentation.

Professional V/S Academic Presentation

So, to tell you straight, there is a huge difference between these two. Yet, the reason why students face challenges dealing with them is the format of both. Let us see what differences our Academic Experts have enlisted below.
  1. When it comes to an academic presentation, it obviously has to be more formal as compared to a professional presentation. This includes the usage of third person narrative in passive voice. On the contrary, when you give a professional presentation, you can be a little less formal, but more concise and clear. Also, you must use active voice in such presentations.
  2. Our assignment makers feel that when you give an academic presentation, you can make use of long sentences or paragraphs. However, when you have to present yourself professionally, you ought to be direct and use short sentences to reduce the chances of your professional presentation being too cumbersome.
  3. According to the experts of our assignment writing services, you can showcase your command over vocabulary while giving academic presentations. However, when you give a professional presentation, you need to be specific so that everyone can get your ideain a jiffy. For this, try restricting the use of heavy vocabulary.
academic presentation academic presentation

Purpose Of An Academic Presentation And a Professional Presentation

Now, you would obviously agree that there is a specific purpose behind everything what you do, won’t you? Thus, our assignment writers keep in mind the purpose behind every type of writing and this is what enables them to deliver flawless guidance over them. So, every presentation which you give musty be given considering the purpose of it.

Academic Presentations

If you are to give an academic presentation, make sure the presentation is a showcase to whatever you have learnt in your school or university. This is the basic purpose of academic presentations. Here, you have to ponder over various questions and their answers. So, whenever students come to the experts of our assignment service, we help them prepare their arguments with which they can convince the readers of their opinion. Also, an academic presentation serves the purpose to impress the professors and readers.

Professional Presentations

Just like you got to know the purpose of an academic presentation, a professional presentation also has one. The main purpose of such presentations is to share and solve a couple of problems by proposing a number of new and practical strategies. In this process, you are also to negotiate contracts and thereon discuss with the stakeholders about the progress. Our assignment writing experts also suggest a course of action in these presentations so as to demonstrate individual as well as team goals. Basically, clarity is the key in such professional presentations.

Tips For Preparing An Academic And Professional Presentation

Now that you are clear with the difference between academic presentation and professional presentation, how about knowing some of the most useful tips which have been used by our assignment writers themselves? Tips for Academic Presentation An academic presentation
  • Judicious use of power-point presentation
  • Separate headings such as Introduction, research question, methodology, literature review, results, analysis and conclusion.
  • Focus on your individual research rather than existing researches.
  • Restrict yourself within the time limit
  • Rather than reading your presentation, try and applying it in various fields in order to make your points clear.

A professional presentation

  • Use the problem-solution approach
  • Use the classic story telling structure, beginning from the basics and going on till the complex details of the firm.
  • When talking bout the history of the organisation, make use of the chronological structure
  • When you need to demonstrate a product or service, make sure to answer the 5Ws (what, who, why, where, when)
professional presentation professional presentation

The Never Ending Tussle Between Academic Presentation And Professional Presentation!

By now, you might have seen how efficiently Sample Assignment easily sorted out the tussle going on between the two types of presentations! This is not the first time we did this. Be it any tussle between any topic or subject, the experts of our assignment writing services have efficiently tackled with all and helped many students understand them. With a dedicated panel of assignment makers, we not only take pride in showcasing the diversity of knowledge that our experts possess, but also provide valuable samples to prove the same. Recommended:
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