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Difference Between Research Paper and Essay -The Confusion Killer

Lately, I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep,

Dreaming about the things

That a research paper could be!

How often does this song echo in your mind? There are so many streams that require both an essay and research paper to be submitted to acquire the right credit score for a particular unit. How do you eliminate the ambiguity between the two? What is a Research Paper? Research Paper & Essay Difference

A research paper, by definition, is a piece of long write up that is done for the requirement of the classes or a given module wherein the author or writer conduct thorough research about a topic and describe the conclusions of that research. On the other hand (literally),



What is an Essay? An essay is another type of writing which supports or “un-supports” the argument of an author, wherein, the definition is general, vague, and highly debatable! It has a special connection with criticism and is found to be generally used for manifestos and arguments, observations, recollections, reflections from the author’s end. If you personify and imagine essay and research paper for two distinct humans, what do you think, do they get confused too?



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The Similarity and Dissimilarity The only similarity between an essay and research paper is that both of them have an assigned topic. This means, that in most of the cases, you would not have to choose a topic for discussion on your own but you would be allotted of assigned one. The next similarity is that both of them have a defined word count within which the write up has to be produced and submitted. The academic tone plays a vital role where both the types of writings are concerned. Be it a research paper or an essay, you have to cite the sources from where you have attempted to seek ideas or extract bits of information to mould your own way while you write. Talking about the difference,



A research paper is a more abstract piece of writing than an essay is. It is critical in nature and is full of a thoughtful trait at every inch of the sentence. As a student, you are expected to write the papers (research) only during your college or university days and would be done in order to evaluate your analytical, comprehension and intellect. When you talk about a research paper, you automatically talk about expressing other’s point of view. The input you put from your own side is the insight and ideas pertaining to someone else’s point of view. They are generally pretty lengthy. They go as long as being 8 pages long and tend to head toward infinity! One thing that our experts say that you cannot even voluntarily ignore is the fact that you have to have extensive knowledge about the subject or topic you are writing the research paper on.

Different types of Research Paper

There could be different structures and formats to go about a topic while writing a research paper, yet, there are a few types a research paper may be categorised in – – Contrast - Analytical - Argumentative - Cause and Effect - Subject-basis

How do you go about a Research Paper?

After researching on a topic the writer has to comply with and evaluate the information he has embedded in the write-up. It is then followed by a restructure the point of view you are focusing on.

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An essay is not a very long piece of sentences. Our essay writing help providers say that it is usually as long as 5 paragraphs. Since it is an essay, it does not require a holistic understanding or knowledge about the topic that is under the spotlight. The writer (you) has full freedom to express rather than comment on someone else’s point of view as in the case of a research paper. It does not increase the knowledge of the writer but enhances the writing skills indeed. There are plus and minus to everything we see with our eyes on a daily basis. Presenting your own views on them in a coherent manner is what defines an essay.

Types of Essay

An essay has about 10 types out of which, 4 are the main heads. Argumentative, descriptive, philosophical, academic. When we talk about the academic type, the freedom is snatched just like the last nibble left of the last slice of a cheese burst pizza. Because, when you are given a full slice of pizza, you don't know how to eat it!



So, we suggest you better get your essay a backbone which prevents it dwindle or flicker ether way about its spine by giving it a well-formatted structure.

The Conclusion

Both, the research paper and essay can act as a catalyst to enable you to understand a topic better than your textbooks. Since it’s you who has broken down the hard-to-crack codes (sentences) in your textbook, you would be able to better understand your module related study material on which you have based your topic with the help of essays and research papers. An essay asks for an opinion. On the contrary, a research paper asks for an opinion based on someone else’s work! That is the difference between the two. So, if anyone asks you the difference between the two, just let him have it! We have given you a magazine full of bullets! Make the best use of it!



Are you still wondering who are we? How did we lay our hands on the above “Elder wand-like” information? Well, we have the best of both worlds and population. Muggles and Wizards. With Harry assisting us from the Hogwarts and the CIA digging academic information for us! So, how do you think about contacting the experts at Sample Assignment for the knowledge they have just shared with you and that too free of cost?

Get yourself the best version of your academic essay and research paper to ever exist here !

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