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ECON1010 Macroeconomic Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic in Australia

Whether education, business, or economics, Coronavirus has created a deep impact on almost every sector. It's also important to study these impacts and their future consequences, to prepare for them and minimising them. There is a subject unit ECON1010 which deals with the study of Macroeconomics or the core principles of economics that explains why a decision is made by an individual, company or government and how these decisions can be improved to best utilise the available resources. The unit ECON1010 Macroeconomic Impact of Coronavirus Pandemic in Australia studies the impact of coronavirus on the current economy of Australia. The possibility of a recession in the country with disturbing businesses, supply chains, and profits. Also, the unit puts a light on the decisions taken by the Australian authorities to cope with the situation. Our online Economics assignment help experts possess the complete knowledge of the unit, the economics concepts, decision making, and much more. They have also assisted students in making impeccable economics assignments that helped them score the desired grades.

ECON1010 Assignment Tasks – Diagnostic Analysis, Prediction, and Much More

ECON1010 covers the topic of COVID-19 and its impact on the Australian economy. There would surely be a deep impact of Coronavirus pandemic on the country’s economy. The economy can come on the verge of recession. There would be unusual and unpredictable consumer behaviour. Public and private business can experience massive loss and much more. Government is trying its best to minimise the effects of COVID-19 by introducing business and consumer-friendly policies and taking other important measures to curb the effect of COVID-19. The assignment questions of ECON1010 put a student into the shoes of a policymaker who help the government in decision making to fight the present situation of Corona pandemic. Your task will include to analyse the present situation and communicating the best decision to the government. So, the two major tasks of a student would be:

  • Analysis – A deep analysis of the present situation to understand it better.
  • Communicate – Communicate your findings with the decision-makers to initiate the process of decision making.

The assignment is divided into different parts in which a student has to perform different tasks such as the diagnostic analysis, preparing the micro-credentials, and a report. Our experts have approached each part with utmost proficiency. They helped students by offering them top-quality assignments made with all the university requirements fulfilled.

The three sections of the assignment include:

Diagnostic analysis – Based on the data of Macroeconomics, the students are required to analyse the existing condition of the Australian economy and create a diagnostic analysis to take a deeper look at the current economic behaviour. Policy Brief Report – A policy brief report discusses ways to combat the effects of COVID-19 that to be presented in the form of a report. This report can only be produced only after doing deep research in which our experts possess expertise. Micro-Credentials (Information Literacy) – A student needs to acquire several skills for assignment making including exceptional research skills, writing skills, organising skills and management skills.  The purpose of this section is to develop such skills in a student. As you understood the three assignment sections, let’s take a look at these assignment tasks. ECON1010 Assignment Steps for Completing Part A

  1. Choose only one indicator per sheet. Our experts recommend choosing those that are most crucial to examine recession. Three sections will get selected in total.
  2. The three indicators selected are GDP, CPI and wage, and the labour market.
  3. Next step includes the justification for the indicators being chosen, our experts clearly explain why those indicators are chosen along with discussing their strengths and weaknesses.
  4. By using the chart that they create, students have to describe the duration and intensity of the recession. Our experts have explained every bit of the recession’s possible duration and intensity very clearly.
  5. In the end, the experts decide how the current situation can create an impact on the Australian economy.

Here comes Part B ECON1010 task A well-researched policy brief is important to let the government make wise decisions. The brief should be well-researched and informative that helps the government to make wise decisions. A few things to keep in mind while providing the ECON1010 Assessment Answer are listed below:

  • Keep in mind your target audience, keep your research around their requirements and serve them accordingly.
  • The report should be research-oriented and practical to resolve an issue.
  • It’s important to give a brief of your findings along with meaningful and attractive headings so that the client does not require to read the full text.

Our experts keep all these things in mind while preparing the assignment. Our economics assignment help experts are the best source to get economics assignment help and macroeconomics assignment service. They also create the best ECON1010 Assessment Answer, so if there is something you can’t understand, come to Sample Assignment and get the assignment issues resolved. Sample Assignment is also known to provide some amazing value-added services to its clients. They are not worth missing, try our excellence today by placing your order now!!

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