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2023-10-04 05:07:41

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Economics Assignment Help - Impact of Economy on Health Care

A load of health care has been increasing on the world economy for a long period. This has raised considerable attention to the prevailing situation and the cause that led to its rise. After a detailed examination, the contributing factors that have been identified as the advancement of medical technologies, price inflation, changes in healthcare application and population demographics. Looking at the difficult topic, students often seek economics assignment help from various economics assignment writing services. Matters related to health economics are financial matters concerned about issues identified with viability, productivity, and conduct in the usage of health care and medicinal services.

Impact Health Care Sector Suffers Due To The Economy

Health care and economy are interlinked and many times health care is also considered the economy as it employees a large number of human beings. Some impacts that the healthcare sector suffers due to the economy are:

  • Lack of Funding: The main motive of a private hospital is to gain profit. It has a contrary impact on the staff and the patients. There is an acute shortage of funds from government institutions.
  • Uninsured Families: The rise in unemployment has increased the number of uninsured families as they have lost the sole funding employer in their family. Since all insurance companies and hospitals race in getting high profits, they will not cover to people on a pre-existing disease.
  • Shortage of Staff: The lack of funding has increased the demand for nurses and doctors. A number of people die every year because of lack of care about which the hospitals are not at all concerned.
  • Costly Medicines: The pharmaceutical companies are required to invent improved medicines for the prevailing disease.
  • The Rise of Obesity: Everyone out of three children is facing an obesity problem. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart Attack, Strokes, And Cancer Are Caused Due To Obesity.

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