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Essay Typer - Aiding Students to Write Impeccable Argumentative Essays
Although there are a number of essays like descriptive, expository, argumentative, narrative etc.; many companies would claim that they are an essay typer as such, they have an expertise in every essay. But is it possible? After all, they are humans too! However, we do not fake our knowledge like that. We believe in portraying what we are!Thus, we at Sample Assignment are here in front of you, with our special “assignment help Australia” services in Argumentative essays. Though, we also write every type of essay, but we do not say that we expertise in every essay. Basically, argumentative essays are the most challenging ones for students across Australia. This is the reason we specialise in these essays, in particular. Our essay assignment packages are mostly required in Melbourne. Be it an undergraduate, graduate, masters or even a PhD scholar, we also provide essay guidance to everyone through our “assignment help in Melbourne” packages. The reason why our services are so famous is the amount of knowledge that our experts possess, because of which students learn to write impeccable essays. essay Typer

What Is an Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is the one that helps to inculcate persuasive skills in a student. Basically, the chief aim of these essays is to convince the reader about your own views or thoughts. There is a proper structure to write an argumentative essay, which our essay experts follow while writing these essays. Instead of fearing them, practice writing as much as you can so that you get habitual in writing these assignments. Let’s take an example of a thesis statement to understand the elements of such an essay. Thesis statement: Consumption of alcohol should be made illegal, as it causes serious health hazards. Mainly, an argumentative essay has four key elements, which are:


Basically, this is the side which you are favouring, like in this case, you are arguing that alcohol should be made illegal.


According to our expert essay typer Australia, this is the section which is the most vital part of the essay. This is because this section builds the ‘why’ of the essay. Without appropriate reasons, the position is baseless and weak. An assignment which lacks proper reasoning is futile, as it would make the argument weak, which fails the main purpose of such essays. For instance, in the above example, you have to give the reasons why alcohol is creating health problems.


The evidence section gives you the opportunity to cement your argument, by substantiating the argument with facts and statistics quoted from credible sources of information. Also, it is very important to cite proper references for the quoted evidences. Without including citations and references, your evidence won’t be considered credible. For the example, you may quote some statistics from any health studies of Australia etc.

Counter arguments:

In our special “assignment help Melbourne” packages, or experts make it a point to include counter arguments as well. It is an argument which would oppose your own argument. An effective argumentative essay would comprise of such arguments, where the author would explain why the counter argument is incorrect with further evidences.

Format of An Argumentative Essay:

Generally, an argumentative essay is divided into four parts. To write an effective argumentative essay, you need to construct your essay according to a proper format. This includes,


There must be a thesis statement in your introduction. This gives a clear idea of the theme of your essay. It is like a preview, that would frame the whole essay into readers’ mind. The thesis statement should be as specific as possible and must be included in the last part of your introduction.


The body paragraphs must contain all the supporting evidences that would back your thesis statement or the argument. Including transition sentences could help enhance the quality of your essay. The experts in our “assignment help Online in Australia” services ensure that there is a coherence between the introduction and the body paragraphs.


The concluding paragraph must reiterate then main thesis statement that is mentioned in the introductory paragraph. This leaves the reader to ponder over the topic and its consequences and solutions. This is the sign that you have been successful in writing an effective argumentative essay.

Why Sample Assignment?

Our essay experts at Sample Assignment are now habituated in the essay typer industry. Having delivered over 1000 essays to Australian students, the firm has evolved as a leader. So, what are you waiting for? Hand over your essays to us, and rest assured of securing HD grades in your essays. Our interactive team is available 24x7 at your service. So…order now!
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