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“A room without books is like a body without a soul”

Let’ understand the ‘similes’ by using this example-

  • A simile is a phrase that uses a comparison word to describe. For example, here room can be described as similar to the body.
  • You know you have found one when you come across the words like or as in sentence making the comparison.
  • Simile usage is excellent for famous writers, authors, public speakers, and those who want to enhance the quality of their writing to make it more interesting.

What Is A Simile?

Definition of simile: We can define simile as a figure of speech that compares two, unlike things in a creative way. These are used in literature to make writing lucid and compelling. It is an essential component of powerful writing, as it enables a writer to develop an innovative means of description. We, in fact, use similes without realizing it in our day-to-day conversations.

What Is A Simile For Kids?

  • A child learns similes from various sources like books, the internet, etc., with a range of other variety of words like adjectives or describing words.
  • However, kids use similes at an early age, making the child’s writing work more engaging.
  • After they learn to use adjectives or nouns, they proceed to learn similes.
  • Similes are more effective in stories and poetry.
  • A good simile fixes an image in the reader’s mind.
  • Let’s check these examples of similes besides simile definition to understand the concept better-

Here are the Examples of Similes for kids-

  • That glass is as shiny as a new pin.
  • She is as sweet as sugar.
  • He is as hungry as a bear.
  • The box is as heavy as lead.
  • She moves like a gazelle.
  • She could hear like an owl.
  • He is as thin as a rake.
  • She is as strong as an ox.
  • He slept like a dog.
  • Jam is as sour as green gooseberry.
  • His mind is like an encyclopedia.
  • The girl was as busy as a bee.

So, in these simile examples, we see that- “like” and “as” are simile words used to compare two things that apparently have nothing to do with each other but share a trait or characteristics according to the user of the sentence.

You can see these similes can be fun to use in our daily conversations with kids.

These not only make our conversation more interesting but poetic as well.

Also, check the simile examples in poetry-


What Are Simile and Metaphor?

In the previous section, we learned about simile meaning, definition, and examples. Now, we will learn about metaphors.

  • Both similes and metaphors are used to make creative comparisons.
  • One main difference between simile and metaphor is -similes use the words like “as” or “like” to compare two things, whereas metaphor directly expresses the comparison.
  • Although metaphors are not errors or lies, we can say that they are words that are not correct literally.
  • Metaphors are types of figurative language, that convey a distinct meaning than the literal indicative meaning of the phrase or word.
  • Metaphors are used to explain two different situations meaningfully.
  • Metaphors add variety, colour, and depth to any writing or conversation.
  • Here are some examples of similes and metaphors to get a better understanding of these two concepts.
  • The box is as heavy as lead.- Simile
  • She really flared up my anger.- Metaphor

Some more examples of Metaphors-

  • My friend is going through a rollercoaster of emotions.
  • A soldier has a heart of stone.
  • You are my sunshine.
  • He is a walking encyclopedia.
  • Benett has a heart of gold.

Metaphor vs Simile

All similes can be metaphors, but not all metaphors are similes.



This makes a comparison of two things that are not similar to each other.

This makes the comparison of two things that are not similar to each other and replaces the words with different words, using the words- “like” or “as”

To draw an imaginative picture of the sentence or phrase in the reader’s mind.

To draw an imaginative picture of the sentence or phrase in the reader’s mind with an example.

The subject here is another word only.

Here the subject is- “as” or “like”.

What Are The Examples Of Simile?

The Effect Of Simile In Literature

Similes make the language of our content more expressive, enjoyable, and descriptive. Songwriters, poets, and writers use similes to highlight what they are trying to convey to the listener or reader strikingly. Similes are used mainly in creative writing. These can be creative, serious, mean, or funny.

Why Is Simile Effective In Writing?

Similes are incredibly effective when they connect emotions, images, or ideas that usually don’t go together. The simile effect leads to make interesting comparisons, which successfully convey the complex emotions and grab the reader’s attention, or draw an unforgetful picture in the mind of the reader.

Why Is Simile Effective In Poems?

Use of simile help to create a mental picture in reader’s mind as they read the poetry. They are often used to create a creative effect in the reader’s mind. For instance, a poem might starts with a simile to set the tone of the poem. By using simile, phrases also get personified in a piece of poetry. Similes can intensify the meaning of a poem to the reader by using very different or unfamiliar words to make very ordinary things looks extraordinary.

The simile poem mostly depends on the effect that the writer desires to produce.

Similes are used to describe almost everything. They can be used to describe something by comparing it to other things. By using this simile poetry definition, the reader might get a more comprehensive idea of the actual thing being described in the poem.

One more use of simile in poetry is to connect different sections or verses of the poem.

This is done by repeating the simile or changing it slightly with each section or verse throughout the poem.


There are various figures of speech or figurative language used by speakers or writers to give totally different effects to their writings. Just like simile and metaphor, personification is also used as a figure of speech.


  • When we refer an object or an animal to human behaviours, it is called Personification.
  • Personification is also referred to as "anthropomorphism,"
  • Anthropomorphism is to make an animal or an object dress or behave like a human.
  • Personification is a literary device used in writing to out shadow the metaphoric use of language to convey concepts in a relatable way.

Examples of Personification:

  • The wind roared at night.
  • My alarm clock yells at me to wake up in the morning.

So simile metaphor personification all three are used as a figurative language in which words are used to diverge from a normal order or meaning to convey evocative, creative, complicated,  or colourful comparison.

These are used in ordinary sentences to state something indirectly.

Understanding figurative language (in the form of simile metaphor personification) is an important part of reading various writing pieces.

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