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Excuse Letter For Late Submission Of Assignments

How To Write An Excuse Letter For Late Submission Of Assignments?

As it seems, the life of University students is not only about fun and enjoyment. You have to follow up many activities and tasks daily like surprise tests, assignment submission, lectures, and much more. And of course, when you have been involved in too many activities, the chances that you might miss your deadlines increase. Giving excuses that you were busy with something important or urgent, you had a medical emergency, a part-time job, or plain procrastination don’t work always. Hence these University tasks are inevitable that may cost your assignments grades due to late submission.

However, it might be possible that you have a genuine reason for submitting late assignments; in that case,  students can apply for a deadline extension by filling out the deadline extension form. Now, most universities provide this option to students to ask for an extension, provided students have a good adequate motive to back it up.

Here in this blog, we are going to discuss how to write a deadline extension or excuse letter.

excuse letter for late submission

How To Write A Perfect Assignment Excuse Letter For Being Late?

Address The Right Person

The first thing that you must figure out is to know to whom you are writing. Is it your professor, HOD or University Administration? Most of the universities prefer for receiving letters for HOD or University administration. Get the correct mail address from your University's website and start with respectful phrases. Address them with proper designation or Name and specify your department and personal details in the mail.

Take Responsibility And Write To The Point

Your professors or the authority for which you are writing might have busy schedules due to which they don't have enough time to read the long story of your late submission. Therefore, this is advised you get straight to the point rather than writing round and round. Write your apology letter for the late submission of the assignment by stating how sorry you are for being late. Take responsibility for your action and accept the fault instead of saying excuses the deadline was too strict or any other irrelevant reasons. Remember, your professor would not appreciate this.  It must be looking like something you're obligated to do.

Accept Responsibility

Deadlines are always the same for all students; hence, every student's responsibility is to submit the assignment within the deadline only, instead of waiting for the end and asking for extension dates.

However, if you have a genuine reason or situation where you know that you will miss the deadline, be responsible and accept your fault, and do your best to solve the problem. Present yourself as a professional or mature student who is serious and understands his responsibilities.

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Check Out Some Good Reasons For Excuse Letter Writing For Assignment

  • The issue with the internet connection
  • You thought the deadline was flexible
  • You got unexpectedly sick
  • You had a family emergency
  • You struggled with the subject for three days and figured out that you couldn't do it
  • You lost power
  • You accidentally damaged your laptop
  • You needed additional time to check the evidence

Attach The Pieces Of Evidence

If you are simply writing the reasons in an excuse letter for late Submission Of Assignments,  it would not be sufficient. However, you must substantiate it with relevant evidence so that your professors can verify it. Like, if you are writing that you had a family emergency, try not to skip attaching the doctor's prescription with the letter.

Similarly, if you have fixed working commitments due to which you couldn't submit your assignment, attach a letter from the employer. To make it more reliable, you can add verification sources such as the Name and contact of people.

Sample Letter Of Writing Apology Letter For Late Submission Of Project

Subject line: Application for late assignment submission [your full Name; class and section information]

Receiver Name: Dear Mr. Brown,

Body: I am very sorry for the late submission of the project on [Subject]. I apologize for the inconvenience, and I look forward to accepting my apology and giving me an extended deadline.

The interruption ensues because [ reasons or excuse for the delay]. I ensure you that I was unable to complete the project.

Conclusion: I sincerely apologize for this mistake. I will do my best and ensure never to let this happen in the future.

Best regards,

[your full Name; class, and personal details]

Attach evidence of being late; this would increase the chances of accepting your assignment considerably.

Excuse Letter

Protocols To Follow While Writing An Apology Letter For Late Submission Of The Project

By sending emails to your professors, you have to follow some etiquette, as they show you are a mature person and value your professor's time. Here are a few tips for writing an excellent email to your professor:

  • Try to write to the point only instead of writing a long story or explanation about the excuses.— an explanation of 5-6 sentences will be good enough.
  • Use polite phrases while addressing your professor. You can use the Name and title of your professors — Mr. Brown, Dr. Brown, Professor Brown. At the end of the letter, use complimentary words, such as: "warm regards, [your full name]," "Sincerely, [your full name]," etc.
  • Send mail to the Right Address.
  • Mention the mail subject title correctly: "Application for Late Submission. " "Late assignment submission," mention your full name, class, and section information.
  • Acknowledge the consequences and implications, if any.
  • Accept responsibility and acknowledge you were at fault.
  • Explain the real situation without offering too many excuses.
  • Promise that it won't happen again
  • Show that you regret the situation

Still, Confused About Writing An Apology Letter For The Late Submission Of The Assignment?

The explanation letter is aiming to apologize for turning over the assignments well beyond the defined deadline. There are no issues in asking for last minute assignment help if the task is away from your capabilities. This might rescue you from getting into the trouble of deadlines. Feel free to ask help from our assignment help experts online, as writing an excuse letter is the only way to convey your professor to accept your apology letter of assignment.

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