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What Is An Exploratory Essay and How Is It Different From Other Essays?

Writing an essay, report or thesis requires a lot of research and in-depth knowledge of the topic. For an essay to stand out there should be the use of the right vocabulary, a solid outline, and thorough research. The formatting and organization of events in a meaningful sequence make the essay effective. Essays are of various types, some of them are listed below:

  • Exploratory essay.
  • Expository essay.
  • Narrative essay.
  • Descriptive essay.
  • Textual analysis essay.
  • Argumentative essay.
  • Explanatory essay.

Nowadays many universities ask their students to write exploratory essays, based on which they are assessed. Many students face difficulty in writing exploratory essays because they are very time-consuming and demand thorough research. Students fail to do their assignments because of little time in hand. Here is when our experts' step in to provide a helping hand to those in need of some assistance regarding exploratory essays.

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What Is An Exploratory Essay?

An exploratory essay is an open essay and a non-fictitious work in which a writer works on a problem or examines a notion or experience, without backing up a claim or supporting a thesis. An exploratory essay is contemplative, ruminative, and discursive. The main ideology to write exploratory essays is to focus on ideas, Investigate various questions, and examine certain concepts. The exploratory essay has different features, which are listed below:

  1. The matter of the subject is personal, something of deep interest to the writer.
  2. The approach of the writing is personal.
  3. In an exploratory essay, there is extended use of figurative language (similes, metaphor, personification, etc).

How Do You Start An Exploratory Essay?

For exploratory essay writing the steps are as follows:

  1. Create a standard outline of an exploratory essay.
  2. Read all of the articles and Summary–Analysis–Response papers.
  3. Discover how each article that you have read, can support your points in the outline. Always keep in mind to include all the relevant sources in the MLA format (which is the author's last name and page in parenthesis) Eg- McLeod31
  4. Review and discuss your outline with your friends. Share your points with them and ask them for any additional points that you might not have thought of? Ask them to use the Peer Edit Table.
  5. Collect attractive visuals for your essay.
  6. Use transitions in your draft like "Some people believe," “another perspective is,” “one way to look at the issue is,” “a final perspective might be.”, etc.
  7. In your draft include summarized concepts, paraphrases, and relevant quotes from your research. In exploratory essays, you generally paraphrase in your own words. One can only use quotes that make sense to his point.
  8. Doing the questions sketched in the Peer Edit Table, evaluate your paper by going by the instructions and ask someone else to do the peer editing questions.
  9. Create a final draft using the outcomes of the peer editing sessions to revise your final draft.

Starting an assignment is a hell of a task in itself, but the toughest part is to decide the topic in which the assignment is to be prepared. When the topic is assigned by the teachers it gets easy to start but if not, then here are some exploratory essay topics that can be of great help to you.

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Exploratory Essay Topics About Music

Writing an exploratory essay on music is not an easy task. You have to think of a topic and then examine the nadir point. Be it jazz, rock, metal, string, percussions, or any type of music you have to detail out the topical theme of the music. Here are some Exploratory essay topics on music:

  • What was the influence of music in the 1960s?
  • How can we stop piracy in music?
  • How well is the fusion culture excepted in Music?
  • How has digitised music taken away the soul of Music?

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Exploratory Essay Topics About Mental Health

Mental health bonds straight to our psychological being. If we are mentally ill, our behaviour will change completely. The current lifestyle that we are following triggers various cerebral disorders. There is a lot to pen down about mental health, hence the problem is in determining which topic to address. Here are some exploratory essay topics on Mental Health and they are listed below:

  • What are the factors that affect Mental Health?
  • What is Art of maintaining Mental Health?
  • How do physical activities affect our Mental Health?
  • How does mental health affect the communal economy?
  • How increasing poverty affects mental Health?
  • How important is sound mental and emotional health?

Exploratory Essay Topics About Sports 

These are some of the most complicated papers to write and sports is one of them. Here are some of the topics that are generally used in exploratory essays in sports:

  • Why is bullying in sports so common?
  • What is the scope of esports in a country like India?
  • What is the role of women in sports?

Exploratory Essay Topics About Technology

Here are some Exploratory essay topics on technology:

  • Is Technology responsible for growing unemployment?
  • How is virtual reality shaping our future?
  • Is AI more efficient than humans?
  • How are driverless cars impacting our muscle memory?

What Are Some Good Exploratory Essay Topics?

  1. Are "Beauty Peagents" an insult to womanhood?
  2. Election Reforms VS Indian democracy.
  3. From brain drain to brain gain.
  4. Should the Examination system be overhauled?
  5. Democracy in theory and practice.
  6. Fundamental Rights- Bedrock of Indian democracy.
  7. LQBTQ society should be accepted gracefully.
  8. Vulgarity in Society- Everybody's concern.
  9. Aadhaar's Shaky Foundation.
  10. Violence and vulgarity in Films.
  11. Honour killings- Shame to the country.
  12. Should the rapist be sentenced to death?
  13. POTA(prevention of terrorism Act).
  14. Do Schools put too much pressure on kids.
  15. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  16. 'Employees' Rights to strike.
  17. Organized VS Un-organized Retail-Making an issue of a Non-issue.
  18.  Judicial activism in India.
  19. Is India a Soft state?
  20. Human Cloning- A Dangerous invention.
  21. History of Iranian Nuclear Programme.
  22. The success of SAARC in a changing scenario.
  23. Global warming- A great threat to ecology.
  24. Afganistan: Will there be peace and prosperity.
  25. The BIMSTEC Agreement.

List Of Exploratory Essay Topics For College Students

In colleges and universities, students are often asked to write various exploratory essays. These forms of essays are a significant part of essay writing assignments. Here is the list of some Exploratory essays for College students:

Exploratory essay topics for Family Life

Family life is described as a regular series of interactions and various activities that a family performs together. In this, the members of the family enjoy the company of each other and spend a lot of time doing things together

  • What are the challenges faced by same-sex parents while raising a child?
  • Is Adoption a good alternative for parenting?
  • Is Single parent enough for raising a child?
  • How justified is helicopter parenting?

Exploratory paper topics in Technology

Technology is a total of skills, methods, processes, procedures used in the production of goods or services or used for better and speedy results in a scientific investigation. The list of exploratory paper topics is given below:

  • Smartphones sole responsible for increasing the communication gap in families.
  • Television and its impact on mental ability.
  • Is Cryptocurrency the new evolution?

Exploratory essay topics on Health and wellbeing

One who is physically, mentally, and socially fit is a healthy being. For the proper development of a human being both health and well-being play a very crucial role. The topics related are as follows:

  • How drug abuse is proportionate to Mental disorder?
  • Mental disorder and its effects.
  • How environmental factors influence Mental Health?

Exploratory essay topics on Business

A business is an act of making money by manufacturing, buying, or selling goods and products. Some topics for the same are as follows:

  • How does business ethics hinder the profit rate in a business?
  • How is the online business affecting offline businessmen?
  • Challenges of growing a business in foreign territory.

Exploratory essay topics on Major World Problems

  • Criminalization of politics.
  • Caste politics in elections.
  • Paving the way for the revival of the "cold war".
  • Indo-US Nuclear deal.

Exploratory essay topics on Modern Social Life

  • Robots and Modern Social life.
  • Substantial Growth and Modern Social Life.

Exploratory essay topics on Schooling and Education

  • What is Adaptable Physical education?
  • How Career Counselling helps students shape their future?
  • What are Charter schools and their importance?

Exploratory essay ideas for Entertainment

  • Is Entertainment media putting a negative impact on society?
  • Is shopping a form of entertainment?
  • Children shouldn't be a part of the entertainment industry.

Exploratory essay topics on Religion and Culture

  • What is the relation between religion and culture?
  • The history of Islam
  • What is the concept of souls in different religions?

Miscellaneous topics for Exploratory Essay

  • The perks of art for individuals and society.
  • Rehabilitation Vs Prisons.
  • Freedom of Speech.
  • What are the problems with the modern form of transport?

Exploratory essay topics focusing on Mariage and divorce

  • What are the causes of divorce in Developing countries?
  • Effect of divorce on children.
  • factors scaling divorce rates.

Good exploratory essay topics Focusing on College

  • Students and Politics.
  • Dowry- A curse.
  • Globalization Vs Pollution Hazards.
  • Transparency in Public Administration.

Exploratory essay subjects about Body Image

  • The immense pressure on girls to have a perfect body
  • How is social media responsible for the female perception of body image?
  • Stereotypes of a perfect body in society.

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