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2024-04-14 08:02:53

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Five Challenges International Students Face and How to Overcome Them

As per the UNESCO, 2019 survey, in the year 2017, there were around 5.3 million international students which are 2 million more than the year 2000. The majority of students are enrolled in the following countries – the United Kingdom, the United States of America, France, Australia, Russia, and Germany. If we talk about Australia, there are over 3, 00,000 international students who are enrolled in different universities to study engineering, nursing, law, management, healthcare, and other degrees. Students coming to Australia from countries like India, China, Ghana, Nigeria, Bangladesh, and other countries face many challenges. Few of the challenges faced by international students are discussed below by assignment help experts providing academic assistance in Australia.

  1. Language Barrier

Many international students are not fluent in English due to which they face difficulty in speaking a foreign language and struggle with their coursework. The best way to overcome this issue is to benefits from lectures and offline or online tutorials and take part in general activities. Australian universities offer student service centres where they can get language support programs and improve English.

  1. Cultural Shock

The excitement of studying in a foreign university suddenly gets fade when you land on the land of Australia, the USA, the UK, or Canada. You come to see that the culture is different where people are speaking different languages, socializing differently, eating different foods, etc. Interacting with new people and integrating into a new culture cannot be easy for anyone. Therefore, it can be said that international students face "cultural shock". Try to connect with like-minded people which will make it easier to adjust you easily. You can also learn the slang for that specific country like in Australia, "ta" stands for thank you and "lingo" means language or terminology.

  1. Homesickness

It is obvious to miss your land and especially when you are placed in some other country. Many university scholars move to a foreign country with their family or family members to carry out their further study but still, they adjust themselves in a new country. But do not worry because many universities have clubs or groups dedicated to students from a particular country. Therefore, spending leisure time there can be the best way to alleviate your loneliness of feeling of isolation.

  1. Difficulty in understanding the lectures

Another challenge faced by international students is they might not be able to understand the lectures, due to the lack of the English language. And as a result, they score poor grades. If you are the one of them who fail to understand the lectures can take help from fellow mates to share the notes so that you can understand the key points covered in the class.

  1. Academic Writing

This is the toughest challenge faced by native as well as non-native students. Academic writing cannot be easy for many students because it requires adequate knowledge and complete understanding of the subject and its topics. The best way to overcome academic problems is to practice. In addition to your practice, you can also buy assignment samples from us. We provide samples for every discipline such as finance, statistics, accounting, management, economics, nursing, law, biotechnology, engineering, etc. These samples help generate ideas for your assignment and helpful in understanding the assessment questions. So, these were the few problems that an international student faces when they get enrolled in the college of the USA, the UK, Australia, Canada, etc. If you face any other challenges then do not worry because we have an answer for all your challenges. To overcome the challenges faced by international students in Australia, Canada, Germany, the USA, etc. simply let our assignment writing experts know. You can place your request with us via live chat, email, or phone call. Our customer care executives are available 24 hours all over the year without any stop.  

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