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Food and Nutrition Assessment Answers

Students enrolled in Nursing and related courses need to understand the importance of Food and Nutrition. The assignments allotted to them majorly ask for preparing a nursing care plan or includes a major case study. Therefore, Sample Assignment offers you a chance to get good grades with their Food and Nutrition assessment answer. Plants mature when they get apposite sunlight, water and nutrients. Just like them, humans are often referred to as mobile plants that require proper intake of food and nutrients to lead a healthy life. Effective management of food intake and nutrition is key to a healthy lifestyle. Proper nutrition and food choices are essential in order to keep the diseases a bay. In order to cope with an on-going illness, it becomes extremely important for an individual to intake proper food. As per our Nursing assignment experts,  improving health does not implicate concentrating on any one type of food or any one type of nutrient but involves all the wide range of nutrients that constitute a whole and healthy diet. If your assessment demands to write all the complications about which diets can be good or harmful for your health, then you should contact our Health care assignment help experts. Food and Nutrition assessment answesr

Figure 1: Food and nutrition


Nutrition is the science of determining the interaction of nutrients with substances present in food. In the context of humans, nutrition incorporates absorption, assimilation and synthesis of the nutrients present in the food consumed. A healthy diet involves the preparation and storage of food in suitable conditions so that it does get oxidised or infested. An unhealthy diet can cause many food-borne illnesses that can result in food poisoning and countless other diseases. Apart from these there are many diseases that are caused as a result of the deficiency of certain nutrients, want to know more about this, take our live one to one session with our assignment help experts.

Good nutrition

Food and nutrition act as fuels for our body. Every day our body demands a different kind of nutrition so that no nutrient is in abundance in our body.  A healthy diet includes a lot of natural foods. A sizeable portion of the diet should contain all the cardinal fruits and vegetables especially those which are red or dark green. Sodium is dangerous for people with high blood pressure and is present in high quantity in processed foods. Therefore, it is important for an individual to keep track of the food which they are consuming. Other foods that can be perilous for human health includes fried foods and food containing solid fats and trans-fats. A healthy diet involves a whole calorie consumption. For a student of nursing, you should need to possess a knowledge about every major diets which can come your way. This is the reason why your assessment tasks is filled with such questions to which our Health care management assignment help experts can easily help you with.

Nutritional deficiencies

Eating a healthy diet is significant so as to avoid any nutritional deficiency.  These deficiencies can be a result of certain life circumstances involving pregnancy or medications.


Anaemia is an iron deficiency and is the most common deficiency. Blood cells require iron in order to supply oxygen to different parts of the body. When the body suffers from iron deficiency, then automatically oxygen supply in the body gets limited.  This may result in improper functioning of the body.

Vitamin D deficiency

Deficiency of vitamin D can result in weakening of the bones which limits the absorption of calcium. Sunlight is a natural source of vitamin D, but many people with sensitive skin or skin cancer end up having low echelons of vitamin D.

Other deficiencies

Beriberi is a deficiency that occurs due to low levels of vitamin B1. Ariboflavinosis occurs due to low levels of vitamin B2. Insufficient levels of calcium in the body which is caused by the deficiency of vitamin D can also cause Rickets. Deficiency of vitamin A can result in poor vision in the night often called night-blindness.

Conditions influenced by food and nutrition

Food and nutrition are not only responsible for affecting our physical health but also pose an impact on mental health. In some cases, the on-going diseases are often worsened by the improper diet. Salt intake affects blood pressure. Fatty foods or partially hydrogenated foods can result in high cholesterol and generate plaque in arteries. Food and Nutrition Assessment Answers

Figure 2: Food and nutrition

Balanced diet A balanced diet provides our body with all the nutrients that it requires to function meritoriously. It involves fresh fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and milk. United States Department of Agriculture has released a set of guidelines regarding the consumption of calories as per the age groups.

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