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There are more than 372 million English speakers in 106 countries. No matter whether English is your first or fourth language, there is always a scope to improve. University scholars who do not have English as their first language face issues at a different level of education. Thus, it is important for them to know how to improve their academic writing. In order to help them, we have listed a few English writing tools that can be quite helpful in improving academic English so that scoring good grades in any assignment becomes easier. Our experts, who provide English Assignment Help, will now explain the six free and powerful tools that they have been using for the last 5 years for writing assignments.

1.   Reverse Dictionary

It often happens that we have a perfect word on the tip of our tongue but fail to remember when needed. Isn't it? With Reverse Dictionary, you are only required to type or paste the phrase into the search bar and this dictionary will provide a list of similar matches. The Reverse Dictionary can also be helpful for non-native speakers or international students who are not good in English vocabulary.

2.   Grammarly

grammarly There are a few functions in MS Word processors to check spellings but when it comes to grammar check then you might think of some tool that can help you with the same. The best one recommended by many assignment writing experts is Grammarly. It has a huge database that highlights the grammatical errors of a document and assists in eliminating them. You can easily add a free Chrome extension that finds 250+ types of grammatical, contextual, and use of poor vocabulary. Grammarly can be used in writing articles, social media posts, letters, emails, assignments, projects, etc. We recommended using this life-saving application while proofreading your assignments.

3.   Ginger

Ginger Ginger is very much similar to Grammarly. It helps you in finding grammatical and typing mistakes. The non-English speakers can be benefitted from Ginger's learning centre where they will learn about the mistakes that arise because of most grammar mix-ups and can also track the on-time progress. Apart from grammar check, you will also have advantages of sentence rephrase, dictionary, translation tool, and text-reader.

4.   Hemingway App

Being an assignment writing expert, I prefer using the Hemingway app if I am unable to find appropriate words or face major issues with wording. This software helps me to break down complex and long sentences into an easy one which makes my writing direct and immediate. In addition to this, it also provides suggestions for axing adverbs, simplifying words, and how to avoid passive voice writing style.

5.   Headline Analyzer

Headline Analyzer When writing a blog, article, or an essay, university scholars should know the different ways to craft an eye-catching, attractive, and an impressive headline to have a positive impact on the professor. If you are unable to do so, then do try taking help from this awesome tool. It will assist you with writing a unique headline for your assignments, tweet or an email subject line. Headline Analyzer also makes your task simple by suggesting accurate headlines which can be quite helpful in driving a large number of people. Try it for free today!

6.   Readable

This is yet another English language tool that we suggest students use for enhancing their writing skills. It is a tool that assists you to measure the readability of your document. Through this software, one can easily calculate the average readability score which generally depends on the total number of indexes and algorithms. Moreover, Readable also highlights those areas which you need to improve and enhance your writing.

Are You looking for Help with Referencing Your Assignment?

Apart from these paid and free online English writing tools, there are some useful resources such as a list of 570 words released by RMIT University that can help you in understanding the lecture and reference materials. If you’re looking for a referencing tool, then we suggest that you take help from an expert instead of relying on such tools. Sample Assignment will connect you with the choice of your expert and you can convey all your doubts related to referencing to him. Contact our customer care representative today! Recommended:
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