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The Law is a system of rules that are through social organizations to rule behavior. Laws can be made by a collective body or by a single board, resulting in regulations, by the executive through order and rules, or by judges through the binding model, usually law jurisdictions. Private individuals can create legally binding deeds, including arbitration agreements that may choose to accept alternative adjudication to the normal court process. The evolution of laws themselves may be affected by a constitution, written and the rules encoded therein. The law shapes government, economics, history and community in various ways and serves as a middle man of relations between people.

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English was initial communicating language in early medieval England and is now recognized as a world-wide language It is a formal language of almost 60 ruling states, this most commonly spoken language in the world, and a widely spoken language. English is the third most common language in the world

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English has evolved over the course of more than 1,400 years. The field of English education encompasses three elements: (1) the teaching and learning of English, widely and inclusively defined; (2) the developing and maintaining professional aid of teachers of English at all levels of education; and (3) organized inquiry into the teaching and learning of English.

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