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HAT201 Tourism Related Problems and Ethical Implications Assessment Answers
Many students studying HAT201 like you have to answer a case study and identify a range of hospitality and tourism related problems in their assignment. These problems are based on the ethical implications of the hospitality and tourism industry context. In this blog post, the case study assignment experts are going to help you prepare the HAT201 case study assessment answers.

The Assignment we are talking about

Here is the snapshot of the assignment that a student sent to our team and asked us to prepare a reference solution for. HAT201 Tourism Related Problems The purpose is to provide answers for as many questions as we can with an explanation.

HAT201 Vanuatu’s Broken Dreams Case Study

In this assignment, you are to watch a 15-minute long video and then answer the questions that are given above. Let us skip to the part where you have seen the entire video and now have to write the answer to the case study analysis.

1. Introduction

Here, you need to give a brief of what is Vanuatu, where it is situated and who are the people occupying it. Come here, here is a secret for you. You can use Wikipedia to find these details because you do not cite sources in an introduction. Then talk about what the case study is about, what you have done, give a small talk of the problem. You know what we mean, right? Oh, do not forget to mention how you have ended the case study analysis.

2. Ethical and governing issue

If you have seen the video, you will hear two words very frequently - dollars and corruption. So, you know what to talk about. Begin by telling how the locals earn there - from the tourists coming in from the P&O cruise ships. Discuss how the money was supposed to be used, if the purpose was achieved or not. If not, then what measures were taken and how that led to a problem. Then shift the focus of discussion to the corruption of how the millions of dollars every year that was supposed to develop the island and country was never used.

3. Ethical behaviour of P&O

Do not write a story. Simply state what do you think - did the organisation act ethically or not. Then you have to defend your argument using examples from the video and the literature by various authors. Our experts writing the HAT201 Vanuatu’s broken dream case study assignment answers thought that the company acted ethically but you may not and it is perfectly fine. Support yourself with examples like the guests can buy things from the local and add value to the economy of the country, the visitors love the place and that is why they visit, etc. Do not mix the government issues with the ethical behaviour of P&O.

4. Rectification of issues identified

You need to now tell the readers in your HAT201 Vanuatu’s broken dream assessment answers who is responsible for the issues that you have identified. Do not blame the entirety of the issue on the government, that gives off an immature feel to the professor. HAT201 Tourism Related Problems Case Study Assessment Answers Ethical Implications Case Study Assessment Answers In our HAT201 Vanuatu’s broken dream assessment answers, the Australian government, as well as the government of Vanuatu, are responsible. If you are also making the same claim, better have some really strong points. Talk about how proper regulations will improve the conditions, how educating the locals about their rights can be beneficial for them, what will be the effect of increasing the number of tourists to these places, etc.

5. Initiatives to be taken

Now you are talking the real deal. This part of HAT201 Vanuatu’s broken dream assessment answers is where you will mention the recommendations to improve the condition of the locals.

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