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Helpful Tips To Write A Persuasive Essay
In the field of academic writing, you have to be familiar with the various forms of essays such as narrative essay, descriptive essay, expository essay, etc. A persuasive essay is one of them. It is usually written by scholars of the university pursuing bachelor and masters degree. It is written with a purpose to encourage the audience or the readers to accept a specific point of view or act in a specific way. Writing a correct persuasive essay maximises the chance to score the top grades in the assessment. Your persuasive essay must be based on the logic which has factual evidence to support your arguments.

Steps To Write A Persuasive Essay

Many students are unaware of how to write a persuasive essay effectively. Such students can read the information given below which will be useful in constructing a powerful essay!

Take a stance

Here, you are required to identify the issues, cause of the issue, what do you think about the issue, decision and your suggestion as a resolution.

Identify your audience

Before writing your persuasive essay, you may need to understand your readers. For example- will the audience agree with your position if yes why and if not why. You must focus on both sides of the problems to argue your viewpoint successfully.

Thorough research

The main reason to write persuasive essays is to provide a shred of complete and detailed evidence to support your argument. In order to do so, you must have the skills to conduct in-depth research from different sources. For example - libraries, online peer-reviewed journals, educational websites, organisational websites and more. This evidence must be arranged logically to derive the most meaningful essay.

Support your argument with solid evidence

Now, you are required to use strong evidence and facts to support your argument. You can gather sentences from your observations, research or personal experiences. While doing so, you need to be very careful and to avoid plagiarism always cite your sentences correctly.

How to organise a persuasive essay?

Moving ahead, we will now discuss the persuasive essay example. The following elements of a persuasive essay are the introduction, the body and the conclusion. Now, let us understand these elements in detail.


Persuasive essay introduction is the first and most important part of your persuasive essay. It should be written clearly, precise and clearly because it gets the attention of your readers' and provide a background of the topic. It also included the thesis statement.


The body is a section where you need to present your arguments logically. Each paragraph must be started with a new idea but be relevant to the central idea of the topic. Furthermore, you can include one or more paragraphs to briefly explain and refute the opposing argument.


This is the final part of a persuasive essay. It is written just like the introduction part. Here, you are required to restate the supporting points as well as the main argument.

Lists of Persuasive Essay Topics

A persuasive essay can be written for various fields including the argumentative, funny, persuasive essay for middle school, kids, etc. It can be quite challenging for students to pick a suitable topic for their essay. Thus, we have listed a few persuasive essay topics which can help you to generate further ideas for writing them.
  • Discuss whether the SAT and ACT are effective examination tools or not.
  • Can vaccines lead to autism?
  • Pros and Cons of E-Learning
  • What is the role of school radio and newspapers in a student's life?
  • What pets think of their masters?
  • Discuss the child's behaviors during the last decade

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