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HI6027 Business and Corporate Law Assessment Answers
In Australia, there are 36 law colleges and universities. More than 30000 students are enrolled in studying law courses as per the Australian Law Students Association. Students who are new to this discipline often get confused with the difference between Business Law and Corporate Law. One should know this so as to properly write the HI6027 business and corporate law assignment answer. The main difference between these two terms is that business law includes all the legal aspects used in mergers, the formation of companies, acquisitions, and rights of shareholders whereas corporate law mainly concentrates on the legal aspects of controlling and distribution of goods. In the Holmes Institute of Australia, students studying law courses generally need to undergo with the unit code HI6027 and its assignment. This unit introduces you to the corporate and business law which makes them the best understanding and proficiency at the graduate level. After successful completion of this course, students will not be lawyers but yes, they will surely have a good understanding of when a lawyer is needed, the role of a lawyer, and how to instruct a lawyer. The Commercial and Business Law is a subject that deals in business subjects, including Insurance, Estate Planning, Personal Financial Planning, Investment, and other types of Marketing and Accounting for services. HI6027 Business and Corporate Law Assessment

HI6027 Business and Corporate Law Assignment Requirements

The group assignment is assigned to students to provide a chance to work in a cooperative way and solve the given two case studies. Students will also learn to cite the related legal cases and rules and also apply them to a case. To write the HI6027 business and corporate law assignment answers, you are required to do the following:
  • Analyse the ethical applying of legal decisions and their effect on the business environment.
  • Pass judgment for the basis of Australian company law.
  • Evaluate the rights, obligations, and remedies offered to parties in a specific commercial relationship.
  • Examine, discuss, and implement tort and contract law in business circumstances.
  • Find the different types of legal structures and implement them to regulates a company’s dealings with outsiders.

How To Write the HI6027 Business And Corporate Law Assignment Solution?

If you are about to write the HI6027 Business and Corporate Law assignment answer, then you can follow the tips given below by our business law assignment writing writers.They have opted for two case studies for this assessment, i.e., SOO Burgers and the Sparkling Pty. Ltd. On the basis of these two, you are required to analyse and answer the following questions: Group Report - Identification of legal issues or legal question and the relevant law Legal Issues: SOO Burgers is a restaurant chain heading its business in New Zealand and Australia. As per its last financial year, it got a huge loss due to which led them to announce a promotional program with regard to SOO Burgers. This promotional program was focused on circulating a few golden tickets where if you collect fifty tokens, you will get a golden ticket with one token with one burger. Also, only one golden ticket will have a chance to win a golden car. Meanwhile, due to printing mistakes, more than one golden ticket was circulated in the market due to which there was more than one winner. And thus, SOO Burgers decided to cancel the promotional event and withdraw the previous announcement of the winners. The issue takes place about the duration of the next announcement related to the cancellation of the promotional program. The Sparkling Pty Ltd. is a drink manufacturing beverage company in Campbellfield Australia. The Sparkling Beverages appointed Sarah as a managing director on 8th August 2007 on a contract of two years. This position was presented with ASIC on that date. After this, Sarah was willing to continue as a managing director. The appointment made, later on, was neither lodged with ASIC nor any formal appointment was made. The contract that took place between Sparkling Pty. Ltd and Sarah in 2009 were based on few restrictions. As per the analysis of our law assignment help expert, one of the restrictions was that Sarah is only liable to borrow transactions up to $20,000. But the issues arose when a loan amount borrowed from Costello Bank by Sarah was $30,000. Analysing this issue, the appointment made between Sarah and Sparkling stands under a question. In addition to this, you will also be required to identify the material facts related to problem questions, primary rules, analysis, and in the end, conclude your paper. For example - Rule for SOO Burgers: Rule For Sparling Pty Ltd Rule For Sparling Pty Ltd. Rule For Sparling Pty Ltd Presentation - In order to provide a group presentation for HI6027 Business and Corporate Law assignments, you are required to summarise the answers for PART A and PART B. Your presentation will not exceed the duration of 10 minutes. Video links will be uploaded to a publicly-viewable video sharing platform like Dropbox, Youtube, Google drive.

How Can We Help You With HI6027 Business and Corporate Law Assignments?

Taking help from experts at Sample Assignment will benefit you in many ways. For example, they can provide you with complete HI6027 business and corporate law assignment answers for your reference and even live sessions so that you can easily score well in such tasks. If you are the one who has been assigned the HI6027 Business and Corporate law assignment, then do let us know the requirements via live chat or email. Our law assignment writing services are readily available 24*7. Hence, do not worry about your assignment tasks and book your order with us right away!    
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