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How You Can Write A History Research Paper? Get A List Of The Best History Research Paper Topics

Students of history are often given the assignment to write essays, research papers and dissertations on various history topics. Writing a research paper on history is an excruciating task and requires a lot of research, effort, time and patience.

Students often feel confused when selecting the history research paper topics for their essays and may also require help writing their essays on history. In such cases, they can avail our best history assignment help online services and receive the best inputs for their history essays. This article contains a list of history research paper ideas and a guide on how to write a history research paper.

How To Write History Research Paper?

Before discussing the list of history research paper ideas, it is necessary to be familiar with the perfect style of writing a history essay or a research paper. Students often feel confused and ask their peers how to write a history research paper effectively. In case of any confusion, they can take our essay help on history to clear any doubts and confusions and develop their skills. A few tips and strategies on writing a good history essay are:

  • Picking a topic: It is essential to pick a topic with ample literature available and which is intriguing. Your research topic must be concise and directed. The first step in deciding a research topic is to select the area you want to research about and then narrowing your scope of research. For example, you may want to research the Great Depression, but it is too big of a topic to cover in one paper. Hence, you can then later study more about it and narrow it down to topics like ‘Portrayal of the Great Depression in movies’ and ‘Social conditions during the Great Depression.
  • Introduction: You need to make a good and concise introduction to your research paper. While some writers prefer lengthy metaphorical introductions, it is not healthy to begin a research paper in a concerned manner. Writing a relevant and point introduction is an intelligent way to begin your research paper. For example, if you are writing a research paper on the British responses to the rebellion of the Indians in 1857, it is better to avoid the following form of introduction:

history research paper introduction

It is advisable to use this form of introduction when writing a book or delivering a lecture, but when it comes to writing a paper, a more direct form of introduction should be used in the following manner:

history research paper introduction sample

  • Thesis statement: Writing a thesis statement in the introduction section is a crucial part of writing a history research paper. Your thesis statement should be direct, measurable and analysed and should be clearly stated.
  • Analyse: Analysis involves breaking down events and analysing them individually and the correlation between them. Historical analysis is critical in the sense that a historical analysis evaluates the sources, evaluates the significance of different causes and events, and weighs different explanations. The key strategy here is to keep your summary as short as possible and write more of the analysis section because that is the area that reflects your understanding and skill.
  • Critical use of evidence: The evidence and sources gathered must be checked systematically and each and every argument in a history paper should be supported with appropriate evidence and logical analysis.
  • Maintain the chronological order: It is natural to get confused in the chronological order when writing any paper on history. It is essential to maintain a timeline or a time graph that you can keep referring to when writing your paper to avoid any confusion and maintain the chronological order.
  • Conclude and cite your sources: Your conclusion should be backed with evidence, should restate the main points stated in the paper and should be logical and precise. It is also an ideal practice to reflect the need for more research at the end of any history paper. It is also important to cite your sources properly so that the readers can verify the credibility of your paper and develop their knowledge.

List of Good History Paper Topics

There are many good history research topics but students often feel confused in selecting and identifying the most suitable and interesting history topics for them. To help the students, we have provided a list of interesting history topics and history research questions in this article. The list of historical research topics is as follows:

Ancient History Topics

Some ancient history essay topics are:

  • Evidence and significance of symbolism in Ancient Egypt
  • The study of power in ancient empires
  • Role of Women in Prehistoric era and different parts of the world
  • Class structure in the ancient world
  • Distribution of responsibilities in Iron Age
  • Communications between different tribes
  • Analysis of Eastern Civilization vs. Western civilizations
  • History of Palestine

Modern History

A list of modern historical research topics can include the following topics:

  • Evaluation of the United Nations in preventing war
  • Globalization
  • Contribution of the Cold War on the scientific and technological development
  • The Non-Allied Movement
  • Involvement of the US in Afghanistan
  • Analysis of the Patriot Act
  • Great Recession
  • Role of social media in changing the power dynamics and its influence on History

S. Civil War

The topics in history on the US Civil War can include:

  • The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln
  • Alabama Claims
  • Cause and effects of history before 1877
  • Civil War and Its legacy
  • Literature on civil war
  • Homestead Act
  • Controversies of the Civil War

World History Research Paper Topics

  • Religion and Crusades
  • Use of weapons in early civilizations
  • Evolution of religions
  • Colonization in the East
  • South American Colonization
  • The Industrial Revolution
  • Cold War and its aftershocks

European History

  • Innovations in the military between the two world wars
  • Nationalism in Europe
  • Empiricism in Europe
  • Catholic churches, its impact and witchunt phenomenon
  • Propaganda of Western Theories
  • Impact of the industrial revolution
  • French Revolution
  • Civil Rights movement: Women and other diverse groups

Topics on World War II

  • America’s reaction to Holocaust
  • The Role of Women in and post World War II
  • Battle of Arnhem
  • Attu battle
  • Japanese Americans in WWII
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Was the use of nuclear bombs necessary?
  • Economic cause in Second World War
  • The Atlantic Charter
  • Anne Frank’s diary

African American History Research Paper Topics

  • The 14th Amendment: Causes and its impact
  • Abolitionist movement
  • Black Codes
  • Origin of Black History Month
  • Literature that helped in the Civil Rights Movement
  • African American Women in Art and Literature
  • Civil Rights Act of 1964
  • Harper Lee’s To Kill A Mockingbird
  • Martin Luther King
  • RFK Speech
  • Legends in the History of African Americans

United States History

  • Declaration of Independence 1776
  • Struggle for independence
  • Slavery in the USA
  • Emancipation proclamation in 1863
  • Causes and impact of the Civil War
  • Native American Cultural impact
  • History of the discrimination in the USA
    Ethics and Vietnam War
  • Effects of industrialization in the USA
  • Effects of Globalization on the USA
  • Should Immigration be banned?

American Revolution Battles and Key Events

  • Battle of Bunker Hill
  • Camden Battle
  • War at Vietnam
  • Role of Alexander Hamilton
  • Long Island Battle
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Benedict Arnold

20th Century History Topics

  • Communism: Causes, Course and Decline
  • Factors behind World War I
  • Factors behind World War II
  • Cold War Period
  • Evaluation of the working of The UN
  • Cause and effect of Nuclear Race
  • Causes of Economic Depression
  • Russian revolution
  • Democratic movements uprising

History Research Paper Sample

Students often lookout for world history topics or US History Research paper topics. Students may often take the help of ancient history assignment assistance. Our experts are well trained and educated in the field of history and have been helping students with their research papers for years. A few snapshots of a research paper on history are given below which was written by our academic experts which helped the student to score HD grades on the assignment:

history research paper sample

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