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How Can I Pay For My Assignment?

Hey guys! Hope you are doing well. Here, we are back with another interesting and most common concern of students, which is “How can I pay for my assignment?” We understand that students are involved in many activities, and they don’t have much time to spend on their academics, and that is the foremost reason students come to us. Our primary aim is to provide the best assignment writing services to university and college students so that they can score HD grades in their assignments. This blog talks about the challenges you might face while paying for your assignment and recommend solutions to overcome these challenges.

How Can I Order My Assignment?

We at Sample Assignment strive to provide the best services at a nominal rate. Moreover, if you want to get world-class assignments and wish to buy academic assistance through online tutoring for securing good grades, this is the right destination. We have kept our prices quite affordable, along with exclusive offers to students who buy assignment services from us so that they can enjoy the benefits of quality academic assistance at pocket-friendly prices. Now, let’s check out the simple step process to pay for your assignment. We have kept this very simple for students. Here we go.

 Simple Step By Step Process To Pay For Academic Assistance through Online Tutoring

#Step 1

You simply have to reach out to our website ( Here you will see the Sample Assignment homepage, on which you will see the order form on the top-right corner of the page.  Now, you have to fill the order form, including your name, email address, subject, deadline, word count, phone number, university, assignment details, and at last, specify details related to your assignments.

pay for assignment

#Step 2

After filling out the order form, your job is half done. You will get this “Thank you” message from our team. Now, our experts will facilitate you regarding your queries in a very short time.

order form filling

# Step 3

Now, you have the option to chat live with our experts; here, you can share your concerns with our professionals, or you can request a callback. You can clear your doubts from our experts, whether it is payment-related or assignment-related. After having all the discussions, the expert will send you an invoice on your registered email ID.

chat with experts

# Step 4

You will receive a message in your Mail Box. (You have received an Invoice on your order from Now, you can check your invoice and proceed to the checkout button.

order is ready

#Step 5

After clicking on the proceed to checkout button, you will get this interface on your screen, in which you have to click on the Pay Now button.

pay now

#Step 6

Now, you will get 2 options to pay for your order.

  • Pay via Razor pay
  • Pay via account transfer

Choose your payment method and proceed to pay.

pay via transfer

#Step 7

Now, if you select Razory pay, you will get this interface, in which you have to enter your phone number and email address and then click on the pay using card button.

pay using card

#Step 8

Now, you have to choose your method of payment from the options; Debit card and credit card.

choose payment method

#Step 9

Now, enter your card details such as your card number, your name, CVV and expiration date. After that, simply Pay your amount, and you are done.

make payment

#Step 10

But, if you want to pay via account transfer, you have to choose the payment method of Account transfer.

pay via transfer

#Step 11

Now, when you click on the pay via account transfer, you will receive this message, and you have to contact our experts to use the bank account transfer option.

pay via account transfer

#Step 12

When you book your assignment with us, you will get this email  “Welcome to Sample Assignment. Your Order is Ready!”. In this, you will get a security code, via which you can log in to your portal. We provide you with assistance to track your assignment status, chat live, and share your concerns with the subject matter expert.

order is ready

How Can I Login My Student Account?

To log in to your account, you just need to follow the two simple steps.

student login

  • Now, you will get this interface on your screen. Fill in all your details such as email ID and password; you will get access to your student portal to ask your queries to experts, chat live with them, and request a callback.

account login

What Are Some Best And Secure Payment Gateways To Pay For Your Assignments?

Here are some safe payment options that you can use while paying for your assignment orders.


If you are trying to pay someone for an assignment, Razorpay might help you. It is considered one of the best online gateways aiming to transform money management for online businesses by providing developer-friendly APIs, clean, user-friendly and hassle-free integration. It offers an affordable, fast, and secure way for international companies to accept and disburse payments online and provides a fully functional current account.

Moreover, we also offer you the option of paying via Razorpay for your assignment. You can simply use Razorpay to pay for Assignments. Let’s have a quick look at some of the advantages of using Razorpay.

Benefits Of Making Payments Via Razorpay

  • Accept all payment modes – The significant benefit of using Razorpay is accessing all payment modes, whether domestic or international. Razorpay supports a wide range of payment modes. Credit cards, UPI, EMI, debit cards, mobile wallets, and net banking. Simply name it, and you will find it on Razorpay!
  • Checkout and global card saving – The one thing that is always a concern about using online payment gateways is to provide your details repeatedly. With Razorpay, you can say goodbye to writing your payment details again and again.
  • User-friendly – Razorpay offers a robust, clean, user-friendly interface and libraries for all major languages and platforms.
  • Instant Activation: With Razorpay, you will be activated and transact within 2 minutes and allow completely online onboarding with minimum documentation. This is the reason why we are encouraging our clients to use Razorpay to pay us to do your assignments.


PayU is also one of the most popular online service providers used for fast and straightforward payment processing. You can make a secure electronic payment, whether it is done via an electronic wallet, PC, smartphone, or tablet.

The main benefits of PayU are different payment strategies, centralised integration,  multi-currency, and security. Let’s have a look at the benefits of using PayU to pay someone for assignments.

Why Choose PayU For Your Transactions?

  • Alternative payments
  • Recurring payment
  • Express payment
  • Multi-currency
  • Web checkout
  • Mobile integration

Bank Transfer

Bank transfer is one of the easy and most convenient methods of payment. Using bank account transfer, you don’t have to pay any transaction fees on your account to receive the money from any channel. Let’s have a quick look at some of the exclusive features of paying via bank transfer:

Advantages To Pay Via Bank Transfer

  • Safety and Security: Bank customers don’t have to worry about their privacy and security as banks don’t disclose any financial details to you to make any payment.
  • User Friendly: As not everyone has an available credit card, but almost all Australians have a bank account or cash to walk into their bank and make an over-the-counter transfer, it is used by many people.
  • No Extra Fee/charges: Using bank accounts, you don’t have to pay any extra cost because you are using your account to receive or pay money. Such transactions are not subject to chargebacks.

Why Do Students Search/Need For Alternatives To Paypal?

If you are looking to use PayPal to pay for your assignment, you must understand some demerits of using it. What exactly are you looking for? Is it a user-friendly interface? Just weigh, how important is the safety of your private information (credit card numbers, passwords, bank account information etc.) in comparison to features like ease of use? Do you need to make or accept international payments? Will there be a processing fee? Here we will discuss some of these concerns and issues of using PayPal.

  1. Freeze your Account: PayPal often can freeze a user’s account. In worst cases, PayPal accounts have been frozen without warning. It is terrible to transfer funds to a bank account or send money to another person when Paypal freezes an account.
  2. Delay in service:  If you are a user of Paypal, then you must know that you cannot use your same account in a different country or region. Moreover, Paypal does not allow users to use the same account in different locations; you have to create a new account and not use or retrieve your old account.
  3. Hold On your Payment: Many times, PayPal hold on to your money. The payment provider sometimes holds payments for up to 21 days to safeguard against the possibility of a problem with a transaction.
  4. Technical Issues & Restrictions: Using PayPal, you will face many technical issues logging into your account. Additionally, if you want to log in to your Paypal account in a Non-PayPal country (like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Nepal, & some parts of the African region), it will be a hassle. You can’t log in to your account in a non-PayPal country, and attempting to log in to your account; your account might be blocked.

Moreover, you would face unnecessary technical restrictions due to poor backend programming again and again, which gives you an unfortunate user experience.

  • Delay in customer support:  If you urgently need assistance in using PayPal, you have to be very patient because PayPal services are very slow and take 48 hours to respond to your queries.

 How Can I Get An Alternative To Paypal?

“Can I pay someone to do my assignment”– this is one of the most commonly typed queries in the search engines. Yes, you can pay people for your assignments but do consider the safe options for payment. Here are a few of those options:

  • PayPal is an online payment system, but there are other better options with similar services.
  • RazorPay and PayU are some popular alternatives to PayPal.
  • You should consider the transaction fee when determining an alternative to Paypal.

Which Payment Gateways To Opt For Assignment Transactions?

What if you don’t know which payment gateway to use to pay for your assignment? It might be troubling, right? Don’t worry; we are here to help you out in this confusion. We will let you know the best and secure payment gateways to Pay Us To Do Your Assignments.  The best payment gateways are:

  • PayU
  • RazorPay
  • Bank Transfer

Our Guarantees To You

So, how do you recognise that we're legit? We promise that we will give you the best assignment writing services in Australia. Here are some of the reasons why we are popular among students.

  1. Privacy guaranteed: With us, you never have to worry about your data and privacy. Your data is end to end encrypted and stored securely with us, and we never share it with third parties; hence your identity is safe with us.
  2. Money-back policy: We give you 100% assurance regarding your assignment delivery and satisfaction when you choose us. Our subject matter experts try their best possible efforts to serve you with the HD quality of work. We give you multiple revisions services in case if you are not satisfied with any content section. Moreover,  if you're not happy at last and want to get your money back, we will never ask counter questions.
  3. Plagiarism-free: We always share a Turnitin report with every assignment order. Therefore, you are guaranteed to get an original paper every time you ask us to “Do my assignment for me”.

Get in touch with us for any related concerns about Pay For Assignments Help Online; we promise that we will help you in every possible manner and will be happy to give you a free quote. We have much more affordable than you'd think, and just order your assignment with us and get the service you'll love. Keep coming back, and we will give you discounts!

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