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Coronavirus Impact On Nursing Professionals: How The Nursing Staff Is Coping With The Situation?
Nurses are the backbone of a medical team. Their job makes them deal with the patients directly. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, they are tirelessly serving the patients, but their profession has seen the worst impact. Coronavirus has turned into a medical emergency without letting the governments and hospitals to battle down the hatches resulting in a shortage of medical equipment, gloves, masks, and ventilators. In the world over, the nursing professionals are concerned about coronavirus and they are dicing with death daily by providing the required care and support to the corona infected patients. Though the medical staff is gathering a lot of praise for their work and fighting with corona, still the situation is so much worse that it somewhere puts their morals down and create an impact on their profession. Let’s look at some impacts of coronavirus on healthcare professionals.

Coronavirus Impact On Nursing Professionals

  • As the queues of patients are getting longer day by day, nurses are working for extended hours. It is taking a toll on them personally and professionally.
  • Coronavirus demands a person to stay aloof as it spreads fast. With the best bet to protect their families, nurses are avoiding going home or meeting with their kids, family, or friends. So, professionally, they are building all the stress in their minds, having no place to release that. This is making nurses more frustrated at the professional front.
  • As the nursing profession involves serving patients even in the worst of situation, nurses do that with the best of their abilities. But, a scarce of the medical and safety equipment in the hospitals are putting the lives of nurses at stake as it increases the risk of getting infected manifold.
  • Nursing professionals are also feeling frustrated at the work front because of the lack of coordination between the government and the hospitals and deteriorating working conditions. A tumult has occurred everywhere, the virus is spreading rapidly making it hard for the government to keep the situation under control that is putting a direct impact on the hospitals, doctors, and nursing staff.
  • Nursing profession, the world over is going through a shortage of staff as the number of admissions of patients in the hospitals has touched the sky. This makes the staff work extra, taking no rest even in the break hours to ensure the patients’ well-being.
  • If you ask “who is most at risk for the coronavirus disease?”, then apart from the aged people, the nursing staff is most at risk as they deal with the patients directly. This is also a proved fact as several nurses are tested positive for the corona infection who were treating the infected patients.
  • In the nursing profession, it is being taught to use proper safety measures while treating patients with a communicable disease and if it is about the fatal coronavirus there is no room for taking any chance. But nurses are putting their lives at risk as there is a shortage of safety equipment including gloves and masks.
  • Nurses are working despite showing symptoms. Not every cough or sneezing makes you eligible for corona test, but symptoms grow with time and this time is enough to infect other coworkers. Some nurses have taken leaves because of their ill health, but many are still working who are showing symptoms of the coronavirus disease such as dry cough and loss of a sense of smell, but yet not developed a fever. This is not only affecting their health but the health of the other nurses as well who are working around them. So, overall, nursing professionals are costing their lives.
  • The spread of COVID-19 has put our healthcare system under a microscope. Lack of coordination between hospital management and hospital staff is very evident in some places. As an outcome, the nursing staff is not getting the required attention or supply of the essentials. The concerns of the nursing staff are getting neglected.
  • This is a testing time for the nursing staff as their skills are also under scanner. No matter how many difficulties they are facing or how oppressive the situation is, professional nurses are doing their best to come out of this taxing time as a winner.
Exhaustion, sleepless nights, infection risk, vulnerable surroundings are a part and parcel of their professional responsibilities. Coronavirus has put the entire humanity at risk and the people who are fighting hard for its survival from the forefront are nurses and doctors. We support them and thankful for all the sacrifice they are making to keep humanity safe. If you are an aspiring nurse and want to pursue this respected profession, come take help from our experts, they will help clear all your doubts related to nursing assignments and serve you with many value-added benefits. You might be going through the education gap during coronavirus epidemic situation, but no worries, our experts will make sure that you will understand all the concepts.
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