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Student Visa Extension

“Ninth Tenth of the education is encouragement.” --------Anatole France What else can a foreign country offer a student who has come to it to realise his dreams? It can provide security, food, shelter, leeway, and any other assistance to the students. This acts as a panacea for the restiveness of a foreigner away from home. He feels included. Australia is being recognized as a country that hosts students from across the world. It is the land of diverse ethnicity and cultures. People coming to pursue their studies want to stay here. But, in the meanwhile, they forget about the approaching expiration of their visa. But, worry not! This article is going to clear all the quagmires for you.

Can you apply for student visa extension in Australia?

No, there is no procedure for international student visa renewal in Australia. You have to follow the entire process all over again at least a month before the expiry. How to apply for a student visa extension?

For applying while residing in Australia:

While the new application of grant of visa is being processed, you can apply for Bridging Visa A- BVA for lawfully staying and traveling outside the country through your ImmiAccount. It is to be kept in mind that you cannot travel overseas on your BVA without the permission of the Australian Government as Visa cancels on departure.

If you are applying while you are outside Australia:

You can only re-enter after the new application is processed which is explained below.

How to Extend Student Visa?


  • A COE or Confirmation of Enrolment is required to be submitted by the applicant after it is issued by a recognised educational institution against the name of the applicant.
  • The deadline of OSHC or Overseas Student Health Cover must be extended while the application for the new visa is processed. For that, a health check-up is required if it was done 12 months ago.
  • It is to be noted that the institution in which you wish to study while staying in Australia is registered on the Commonwealth Register of Institutions of Course for Overseas students. Otherwise, your application for Visa would not be accepted.

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Requirements for Student Visa Extension in Australia

You will need to submit the following documents as per the Department of Home Affairs Document Checklist Tool:-

  • Birth Certificate
  • Passport ID page and copy if Australian immigration stamp
  • Latest resume
  • National Identity Card
  • Household registration book
  • Confirmation of enrolment certificate
  • OSHC certificate with policy number
  • HAP ID number
  • Personal statement to emphasise that the extension is required to complete the studies. This must have a detailed account of your prospects in your country as compared to Australia and the significance of the course that is being pursued for the future.
  • Marriage certificate, if you are married
  • Form no. 956 of a Migration agent
  • Consent of parents or guardian, the applicant is a minor
  • Financial Capacity Evidence- You have to provide proof of your financial source and make the government ensure that you have enough money to cover your expenses for your stay including your course fee.
  • There is a threshold of 60,000 AUD annually for single students. Here the student has to show the proof of income of his parent or spouse. For an applicant who is residing with his family, the bar has been set up at 70,000 AUD.
  • For secondary exchange students, acceptance advice of secondary exchange students form.
  • A letter of support issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Department of Defence.

Proof of access to funds

With the proof of income, you must also furnish proof that you can genuinely access the funds that you have shown. This could be done by furnishing:-

  • Proof of earlier transactions to show that you were financially supported by a business or a person.
  • To show the source of a large amount of money that has been transferred to your account.
  • Proof of education loan, if applicable, to show that you are capable of covering your tuition fee and cost of living in Australia.

If you have taken any other type of loan other than the education loan, evidence of agreement and proof of financial assistance to cover expenses shall be provided. For this, you must know how international students can get a personal loan in Australia.

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Submission of Application

When you have gathered all your information, go to your Immi Account and apply for the new visa with a student visa extension fee of 620 AUD. A letter of acknowledgement that the application has been received would be issued by the Home Affairs Office with BVA or Bridging Visa. There is no need to lose hope if the application is denied. The officer assigned to investigate your case would sometimes need more information or clarification than what is provided. An Immi S56 form would be emailed to you. If the Visa is simply denied, you can appeal with the help of immigration officers.


After the application is processed, the applicant has to be available for biometrics at the request of the officials that can be accessed through your Immi Account. The limitation of providing biometrics is set up at fourteen days.

Grant of the Application

The case officer can contact you for further information on the application and he is empowered to decide on the application without informing you. You need to furnish the grant of visa to your Australian education provider and make the arrangements that are necessary for your stay in Australia. Studying in Australia can make your resume stand out for employers. The country offers great avenues of emolument and starting an afresh after you complete your studies. But, to make your stay uneventful, make sure you apply for the student visa extension while your current Visa is still in force. Students often deal with such queries. How International Students Can Get Personal Loan in Australia is also one of the most asked questions. If you are also searching solution for any such query, we will recommend trusting only the most authentic source.

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