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How To Ask For An Assignment Deadline Extension?

We have all been through college, and failing to submit assignments on deadlines is our worst nightmare. There will be multiple times you will need to ask for assignment deadline extensions. This blog provides you with a guide on how to ask for an assignment deadline extension from your professors.

Writing an assignment is indeed a complicated and exhausting process. Writing any assignment requires intense research, in-depth knowledge about the subject and topic, patience, effort, and time. Students often find it exhausting to work on these assignments. They must submit quality assignments on impossible-to-meet deadlines, and they may often fail to meet these deadlines.

The reasons for this can be multifold. You can be stuck in some important work or caught in serious emergencies, because of which you can not find the time to complete your assignments. Many students do various jobs to support themselves through college, and they may find it difficult to find the time to write quality assignments. Or, many times, you may feel tired and not up to it to complete your assignments. In any case, you will need to ask your professor for a deadline extension for the assignment.

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How To Ask For A Deadline Extension For Assignment?

Many students fail to complete assignments on time and need to ask for assignment deadline extensions but feel afraid to approach their professors with the request. The thing is that all the professors have been students once and struggled with their assignment deadlines themselves. The chances are that if you have a good record and impression in front of the professors and can come up with a good reason for the extension, 7 out of 10 times, your professor is likely to grant you the extension.

A few tips on how to ask for an assignment deadline extension are:

  • Do not wait until the last minute: Do not walk up to your professor when they are collecting assignments from everyone and ask for an extension. That shows a lack of responsibility and initiative on your part and creates a negative impression of yours.

Go up to your professor two or three days before the submission deadline and explain your reasons for why you have not been able to work on your assignment properly and why you need more time. This will show that you care about the assignment, are responsible, and genuinely want to do your assignment properly by asking for an extension.

  • Prepare a genuine reason: You need to go and explain your reason well to ask for an extension. In most cases, being honest help, but if that means telling your professor about how you spent the whole week passing out at your friend’s place, you need to cook up some nice believable story as your reason. Explain the emergency you faced, the important work you were caught up in, or a disease you or someone in your family had, which took up most of your time, making it difficult to focus on your work.

assignment deadline extension

  • Foot-in-the-door technique: Foot-in-the-door technique is a psychological tactic of making someone agree to a larger request after you have got them to comply with a smaller modest request.

This guy in my class, Joe, used a really smart foot-in-the-door approach to ask for a deadline extension once. He went up to the professor and asked for help with a few doubts regarding the assignment. The professor helped with the doubts and cleared everything up for the next 20 minutes. Joe then said to the professor,

“Thank you, sir, for clearing my doubts. It's just that I am not a bright student, but I am trying hard to work at this. I do not want to let my family down again. Sir, I am facing a really hard time focusing on my studies right now and this assignment. Do you think it would be possible for you to grant me an assignment extension this one time? I am working hard, but for some reason, I cannot understand all the concepts and particulars properly.”

Surprisingly, the tactic worked, and the professor provided him with an extension for a week and even volunteered to help him with the assignment.

  • Plan how many extensions you want to ask: Be reasonable and justify the extension that you are asking. Ask for an extension of 3-4 days. If you go with a request to extend the deadline by half a month, you are obviously going to get rejected. Plan how much time you need and justify why you need the time.

Letter For Extension Of Deadline

There are two ways in which you can ask for an extension of the deadline. The first method is to ask the professor directly, but if you are not great at verbal communication, the next best thing is to ask for the deadline extension through mail or a letter. But writing a letter for the extension of a deadline is not easy as well. So, we have also included a few tips on writing a letter to ask for an extension of the deadline assignment below:

  1. Be Polite and proper address: When writing a formal letter, you have to be really careful regarding the rules and the formatting style of your letter. Make the proper address to your professor, keep the language formal, show respect and be polite throughout the letter.
  2. Provide a reasonable, sensible excuse: Explain your reason why you could not complete your work on time and why you need the extra time.
  3. An Apology: All teachers have a lot of schedules and plenty of assignments to check. Making an exception for you messes with their schedule and time plan. So, always apologize sincerely when writing a letter to ask for an extension of the deadline assignment.
  4. Make a promise: Make a promise that you will submit your assignment on time with good quality if you are provided a few extra days and will never miss a deadline again. It goes without saying that if you fail to uphold this promise, your impression and reputation in front of the professor is likely to be ruined.

Sample Letter Asking For Assignment Deadline Extension

Our experts once wrote a sample letter to ask for an assignment deadline extension on behalf of the student, and then helped the student in the assignment writing process as well. This letter helped the student to get an extension as asked for and the assignment assistance enabled the student to secure an HD grade on the essay.

assignment deadline extension letter

What To Do If Your Extension Is Denied?

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insant assignment help service

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So, go and make a formal request to your professor for an assignment deadline extension but if you don’t want to do that, get in touch with our assignment writing service now!

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