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How to do Harvard Referencing

A reference list comprises a complete list of sources utilised during a workpiece creation. Such a list is composed of information regarding the sources for instance: source title, author, publication date, and many more. Among different types of referencing styles, Harvard referencing style is one of the most commonly utilised styles in universities.

Are you facing difficulty in citing the articles or books in Harvard referencing style? Are you aware of the fact that eleven out of fifty plagiarism cases are just because of the improper citation or wrong referencing list? It doesn’t matter how your paper has been written as there won’t be any weightage to your research findings until you ensure that the cited research theory is completely authentic/original.

In many cases, students lack proper knowledge with respect to the guidelines and rules of the particular referencing style and end up making mistakes. Ultimately, they get lower grades. Are you also in a similar plight and wondering how to do Harvard referencing?

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Here is everything that you must know about Harvard referencing style. Keep on reading!

What is Harvard Referencing?

Harvard referencing style is referred to as an author-date system which is most commonly utilised in academia for the purpose of referencing. In this style, the citation is required to be put right after a sourced quote, hence, directly referring to the list of references. It means that sources are being cited within the assignment body by providing the name of an author or authors followed by the publication date and the complete details of publication are provided in the reference list at the end.

Now, you must be wondering what does Harvard referencing look like?

Just have a look at the below-displayed anatomy of the Harvard style reference below:

Harvard Style Referencing

Formatting Rules in Harvard Referencing

A Harvard style written reference list is:

  • On a separate sheet and at the end of a document
  • Organised in alphabetical order by author. If none of the authors is available, it is ordered/arranged by the source title, precluding articles like a, an or the
  • In the case of several works by exactly a similar author, then they are arranged by date, and in case the works are in a similar year then they are arranged in an alphabetical manner by the title and are assigned a letter (i.e. a, b, etc) post date
  • Double spaced: there exists a completely blank space line between every line of text
  • Comprises complete references for all of the in-text references utilised.

The only way to avoid plagiarism in the articles and other assessments is to cite the relevant sources in the bibliography. You are highly recommended to go through the guidelines and formatting rules of Harvard referencing. You can always contact our most efficient Harvard Referencing Style Assignment Help services to write a perfect paper citing all the references in a proper format.

Enhance Your Understanding with Citation Examples in Different Scenarios

Author and publication date

In case the name of the author is not written in-text citation comprises the name of the author followed by the publication year in brackets.

Citation Example:

It has been focused on that in-text citations must be consistent (Dass, 2018).

If the author’s name has already been indicated in the text, the year of publication is required to be written only in brackets.

Citation Example:

Dass (2018) focused that in-text citations must be consistent.

At-least three authors

If a source comprises at-least three authors, the author’s first name must be provided followed by "et al."

Citation Example:

It has been focused on that in-text citations must be consistent (Dass et al., 2018).

Dass et al. (2018) focused that in-text citations must be consistent.

Note: If you have cited a similar item two times in a row (i.e. you are not citing any other item in-text between any two citations), you will have to write again the full citation.

Citation Example:

Dass et al. (2018) focused that in-text citations must be consistent. He argued that referencing is considered a significant part of academic integrity. Moreover, possessing a wide range of references in the text indicates the breadth of a scholar's research and reading (Dass et al., 2018).

Corporate author

If an organisation has generated the items, that organisation would be treated as a "corporate author". Then the organisation’s name can be utilised instead of the individual author’s name. This includes governmental departments, companies, or universities. The corporate author would be cited in the text in a similar manner as that of an individual author.

Citation Example:

In accordance with a recently reported literature, flu jabs are as vital as the travel vaccine (Health Department, 2017).

Now, you must have got a clear overview of the ‘how to do Harvard referencing. Or you are still confused and looking for someone whom you can ask ‘do my assignment’ involving Harvard referencing? In that case, just approach the highly qualified experts at Sample Assignment without having a second thought. Your queries will get resolved instantly. 

Common Issues Faced by Students While Writing Harvard References in a Paper

When you are writing a paper or thesis involving Harvard referencing style, it is possible that you will come across several complications with edited books, multiple authors, missing details, online items, references to other authors' work, and many more. Let’s look at some tips provided by the experts on how these common issues can be dealt with while utilising the Harvard style.

Online item

The actual version of an item (published online as well as in print or paper format) should be referenced. While journal articles are exceptional cases of this rule. The following information must be included while referencing anything that has been read online (journal articles are exceptional cases):

  • URL
  • [online]
  • Date of accessing the article.

Example for citing an online book:

Hollensen, S. 2011. Global marketing: a decision-oriented approach. [Online]. 5th ed. Harlow: Financial Times Prentice Hall. [Accessed 02 June 2022]. Available from:

URL web address

Few of the online items possess very long URLs. Our Harvard Referencing Style Assignment Help experts recommend you to put only the URL as far as the very first forward slash /.


Available from:

Instead of: Available from:

More than two authors

Include all names of authors in the reference.

Two authors

In case the source possesses two authors, then include both of them in the reference by separating their names by "and".

Citation Example:

Ahmed, T. and Meehan, N. 2012. Advanced reservoir management and engineering. 2nd ed. Amsterdam: Gulf Professional Publishing.

At-least three authors

Include "and" before the name of the final author.

Citation Example:

Clayden, J., Greeves, N. and Warren, S. 2012. Organic chemistry. 2nd ed. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

In case you are advised to use ‘et al’ in the in-text citation, the first author’s name should be followed by “et al.”


If you have to reference a book having an editor instead of an author, indicate this in the reference.

Citation example:

Wexler, P., van der Kolk, J., Mohapatra, A. and Agarwal, R. eds. 2012. Chemicals, environment, health: a global management perspective. Boca Raton, FL: CRC.


Use abbreviations in cases you are required to cite the corporate author a number of times. You can indicate the same document several times, or you can refer to documents of distinct years by a similar corporate author

Citation Example

(NHS, 2018) and (NHS, 2017).

Multiple details of the publisher

In case multiple publishers have been listed, include only the publisher that has been listed first, or the native country if there is an option between a native country and an overseas publisher.

Multiple publication places

In case multiple publication places are listed, use the name of first place while writing down the reference list.

If any town and county or state is mentioned on the page title, just provide the town. In case more than one famous town of the name is available, you may have to provide the state also.


Stern, D.N. 2002. The first relationship: infant and mother. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press.

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Brown, C. (2011). LibGuides: Harvard Referencing Guide: Books.

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