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2024-05-22 17:44:34

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How To Fill The Education Gap During Coronavirus Epidemic Situation?

The spread of a deadly coronavirus has brought the world to a still, almost all the countries are going through lock-down with offices, schools and colleges being shut. But, this has created a situation for students as there are no regular classes and they have to rely on other mediums to fill this gap of knowledge sharing. However, there is no clear idea on when the schools and universities will continue as normal. The fear is increasing and the situation is getting worst. In such a situation online classes are playing an important role to keep students connected with their teachers and university professors. Many universities including  Ohio State, University of Virginia, Duke University, University of Michigan, and Harvard University, etc.  are offering online classes to students to make them prepared for their semester. But, online learning also have its issues, it is not easy for all students. For instance – Karen Costa says that online learning is not suitable for every student because few students do not have reliable internet connection whereas some are not habitual to online learning. Now, the question is - how effective will online learning be for students in the field of technology, motivation, and access to mobile networks? The professors also require to access additional resources and training to deliver a proper online lesson. Coronavirus Epidemic Question Certain students and communities are disadvantaged in terms of internet speed and technology accessibility. Few challenges can be encountered by primary educators in offering online learning. Although there are few great tools available for online learning, student development will be surely impacted, because no specialist teacher will be there to monitor and review their development. This situation can be faced by school and university-level students. To battle such issues, different measures have been planned by the education department such as:

  • Providing necessary technologies and sharing devices to students who need them
  • Allowing access to teachers to assist in planning and monitoring lessons
  • Giving additional resources and training to teachers so that they can deliver quality lessons via the internet
  • Assisting students with online learning resources like Google Classrooms and online group activities

It is believed that The Department of Education, Australia believes that they are well equipped with the set of latest technologies and prepared to assist students in every possible manner.

Top Issues Faced in eLearning

Due to coronavirus, almost every school and college are closed now but to fill the gap in education, they are offering eLearning. However, there could be numerous challenges that can prevent students from completing their studies. The top 5 problems encountered by students in online learning are defined below. Adaptability Struggle Switching instantly to online learning and training from traditional classrooms provides a completely different learning experience for students. It can be quite challenging to adapt to the online learning process and it can take time for students to get accustomed to eLearning education. Technical Issues Many students do not have a high-speed internet connection and bandwidth that is very much required for online courses. The low internet connection makes it difficult to adhere to CMS and learning experience becomes problematic. Few students even do not have their computers and need help in technical assistance in Learning Resource Centers. Technical Issues

Source: OS WORLD

Time Management One of the most common issues faced by students is time management. Managing time is difficult for e-learners because of intensive works. Students may need to be prepared and manage their time as per the online course schedule. Students who are unable to manage time effectively can take help from assignment writing service in Australia. Computer Literacy Many students are tech savvy but still face issues when it comes to managing computers. Some of them are not able to operate tools like MS Word, MS PowerPoint, MS Excel, etc. which are important in academics. They need technical assistance even in solving basic computer issues. Therefore, technological proficiency is a necessary thing when a student op for online courses. Self-motivation Many students learning online lack self-motivation because no professor is there to look into their issues and nurture ideas for it. In such a situation, they are required to motivate themselves by following the latest educational trends and equip themselves properly to overcome future challenges. Self motivation Online learning is a good thing as it provides instant response to all your queries but there are cons too like tech issues, unable to adapt the online mode of learning, lack of computer knowledge, etc. In order to overcome with such issues, students can focus on self-practising, develop basic knowledge about computer usage and tools like Microsoft Word, MS Excel, and MS PowerPoint. However, if you are a university student and willing to learn your subjects online or develop skills of writing assignments during this epidemic situation, contact Sample Assignment. We are here offering live sessions and expert consultation where you will gain details of your subject, unit, makes you understand the assignment, different approaches to write assignments, etc.

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