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How to Transfer from One University to Another in Australia?

Josephine started her career as a performance art student at Flinders University. Though she got a scholarship of around 30-35%, still the fees were quite high for her. She planned to change her University after 1st year. But there are certain questions that she and other students like her have in their minds while changing the University. Questions they have are generally, ‘which University allows the transfer of students easily?’ ‘Can I transfer in mid-year or after a semester or year-end only?’ ‘What all documents will I require?’ ‘Is it easy to transfer? And most common of all is how to transfer universities in Australia?

We tried to provide you with some insight over the same.

How to Transfer from One University to Another in Australia?

Well, the first step would be to look into various details, organise your material data and other required things considering deciding on a different course of study or a different university. For assistance and advice, contact campus student services or other advisors.

But is this enough? Well, no, after that you also need to talk to your head of department so that they are aware and will help with your leaving procedure. Other than that, you also need to contact the university department to which you will transfer. If you are transferring to something similar, it might be quite easier, but it might be a hectic task if it is somewhat different.

Other than this, if you are starting at the beginning of the year after a week or two, it's not that difficult, but if you do it later than this that is in-between semester or second year or so. You must use UCAS to register to the new University, selecting the year of the degree you want to begin on from the drop-down menu on the form. By doing so, your year will not be wasted that you have already covered in old University. 

How to Leave and Reapply While Transferring the University?

Regardless of how much study you've done on the University and course, you want to follow. It's only after you've spent some time there that you realise how accurate your selection was. If their present institution, courses, or curriculum do not align with your aspirations, some students may transfer to another university. But rather than rushing to transfer universities after the first year, doing some groundwork is important.

  • To begin, speak with your instructor and inform them that you wish to leave. They'll make sure you've given your decision some thought and tell you what you'll do next. They will advise you on the University's exact policies on the transfer option. They will also advise you on the financial duties of such transfers.
  • To make it official, you may need to fill out paperwork or attend a meeting, depending on your University. This is something that your instructor or student services can assist you with. When contemplating the transfer option, you should look into the features and policies of the University to which you want to transfer. Like many top universities have a credit transfer system, they also take admission based on ATAR scores. Applying for credit is important. After you are done with your ground application process, it helps you save time. The point to be noted is that credit transfer is different for diploma, bachelor, vocational, and other similar courses.
  • Notify the College Finance Company in your nation that you are changing your university. They must ensure that you receive adequate student funding. You must also work out to pay your existing University's financial obligations. Every University establishes a deadline beyond which you must pay the entire semester's tuition. If you enrol in University before that date, you may be eligible for a refund. So double-check before switching, as it entails some financial planning due to the fact that each University's tuition costs differ.

Visa Obligations While you Transfer the University

While changing to keep your student visa near you, you must verify the requirements and make sure you follow the necessary processes. You mustn't take advice from friends, classmates, or educational consultants at face value. Keep a copy of any withdrawal or registration documentation. You must also notify the Department of Home Affairs and present an electronic Confirmation of Enrolment (eCoE) certificate from your new institution if you change your institution or course at any time.

  • Changing course in a similar University doesn't have any Visa obligation, and you can work on a similar visa and change the course.
  • You may need to apply for a new student visa if you want to alter your level of qualification, such as from a Diploma to a Bachelor's Degree, because your visa subclass may change.
  • If you need to change your University in such a case, you need approval from both current and new universities, based on that your visa will be updated.

Documents for Transferring Universities in Australia

  • Academic Material: Scanned copies of all your educational certificates to date.
  • English Proficiency score should be as per requirement.
  • Standard test scores
  • If needed, you also be prepared for special major requirements.

Way Forward

All the things we read so far provide an important answer to the question of how to transfer unis? Once you are done with half of the documentation, you also need to look into your accommodation and other aspects like a part-time job, friends, travel, and so on to make a major change in your educational goal as most of the universities in Australia allow the transfer of students after you fulfill the major transferring process.

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