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How to write a Business Report

If you are a management or marketing student, you need to understand various business aspects and read about them. A business report is an important component of the administration courses in all Australian universities that provide professional programmes such as an MBA. The students are taught about several types of business reports and how to handle them in the best way possible.

But now the question arises How to write a Business Report? Well, the students are provided with the ideal way to approach the report clearly and concisely by providing adequate proof of the content. However, before answering how we write a report, we should understand business report writing? A business report is an assignment of specific business issues and conditions related to any important financial processes for the company's success. It is usually prepared for the higher authorities to help the higher authority understand the working at various levels.

Business Report Structure

A business Report is different from an essay for various reasons. In an essay, you need to provide a logical argument in response to a particular question. But in the report, you need to be to the point clearly by using the subheadings for each section and indicating the content as per requirement. In essay writing, the writer's aim is to convenience the reader and should be based on the reasoning of the writer.

Whereas in the report, your data should be original and statistical. In the essay, there are no sub-sections and purely content that are transiting from one part to another, and if one needs to understand the content of the essay, they have to the whole essay. However, each section should have enough information in the report as people might like to read subsections individually.

From this, we can conclude that the report's structure should have subheadings. There should also be a table of contents that has a brief about each content and sub contents that will look into. Some content should always be part of the report, and some can be added or deleted as per the requirements. In some cases, you also need to have a report with an analytical structure.

How To Write A Business Report?

Here is the basic business report format: 

  • Title Page: There should always be a title page, and in that, you need to provide basic content required about the Student. These are basic content topics The title of the report, Student's name and ID, Course, Tutorial time, Tutor's name, Date. Sometimes you might be asked to add or delete the content as necessary or required by the professor.
  • Executive Summary: It summarises the whole content for busy readers. It should include elements like report purpose, what are your findings, what are the recommendations, and your concluding point. It is an abstract of your work, so it should not be longer than one page.
  • Table of Contents: It should mention primary heading, secondary headings, and tertiary headings. With that, it should also mention the page number of each content.
  • Introduction: In the business report introduction, there should be different headings and start the brief introduction. The headings should be as follows what the Purpose is? What is the scope of the work and this report on the future endeavours? Outline how it will move forward and then define the terms that can be complex.
  • Body: Now, you need to plan out the implementation process on how,

When and what all needs to be done to achieve the desired result. You also need to estimate the cost and time required for the whole procedure to complete. Contents like:

  1. Background information
  2. Theoretical framework
  3. Review of literature
  4. Methodology
  5. Findings
  6. Discussion of findings
  • Conclusion: A good conclusion is essential for covering the weak issues you identified in the beginning, and thus creating a decent finish is crucial. Reiterating your report is a good rule of thumb for good conclusion examples. If you have one, make a statement. In addition to referencing your introduction, three significant components of your report should be highlighted in the conclusion, followed by one final thought. If you put effort into your writing, your readers will appreciate it finish with a thought-provoking remark.
  • Use of references: Referencing is necessary for the assignment and reports. If your paper does not have references, it will not be considered legitimate by the professors, and the assignment will not score well. Unfortunately, many students who are new to academic writing find the process confusing and cumbersome.
  • Proofreading and Editing: After completing the assignments, check the content to eliminate all factual, grammatical, or syntax errors.

These are just basic structures. You can also connect with experts to get detailed information on Steps to write a Report and convey your message.

Business Report Template

Here is the template for you to understand the pattern. This is just a sample, and actual content may vary:

Business Report Template

Business Report Example Topics

  • Discuss how marketing and advertising on social media can help improve its customer base. Discuss the methods that will be most profitable in the long run.
  • You will accomplish this through interviews with and surveys of recruiters from companies similar to yours.
  • Your business is considering offering child-care and elder-care benefits to its employees.
  • You have been asked to prepare a business report regarding cloud computing.

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