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How to write a Research Report

You always dreamed of pursuing a career in the research field and getting a doctorate in the field of your choice and interest. However, to get this degree, you need to work on certain aspects like doing research work and writing reports. Research is data that is recorded by the researchers or the statisticians that they create after gathering information from various sources during their research period. The research report has various layers like surveys, quantitive data, qualitative data, and other research content.

Since you know what is research report now, you might have a question on  How to write a Research Report? Reports usually have various layers to them, but they mainly focus on communicating the most important information on the particular topic, your target market. While the report's primary purpose is to convey the message, it should also provide the answers to various questions and the best possible solution to them. Reports should have well-defined objectives and conclusions for the same.

How To Write A Research Report?

To make it clear for your research paper is a type of academic writing where you need to provide analysis, argument, and interpretation based on the in-depth research you have done. They are essays only but longer and more detailed than other assignments. Writing a research paper is not just about your writing skills but also your analyzing skills and how well you interpret any content and then demonstrate a strong knowledge of the same. The most important aspect of research writing is to engage with a variety of sources but after that, create your original text.

Here is Research Report Structure and step by step guidance on how to write one:

  1. Understanding the Topic: Before actually starting on any task, you must thoroughly research and understand the task sheet provided to you before completing the specific tasks.
    • Go through the content carefully. If you find any content confusing, then clarify the same with your professor.
    • Your next step is to identify the goals, specifications, formatting, deadline, submission date, and so on.
    • Make a list of research you need to do and keep crossing once done.
  2. Choose the topic of Interest:  There are many ideas on which your research paper can be based, but you have to choose the topic that is less known but has a lot of potential.
  3. Analyze the task:Once you have chosen the topic, you should work on it while writing answers to these questions. What is the purpose of the report? Who is the audience? What should your way of putting it?
  4. Develop a Rough plan:  Decide various subheadings to assist you with your rough draft and work on each subheading to make your task easier than working on all of the things together. While doing so, jot down important points you come across.
  5. Do the Research: Do a good amount of research before actually starting the writing part and keep working on it until you get satisfactory content. Give yourself plenty of time for this step as you need a core understanding of the concept and need to put correct bibliography details for all the content used.
  6. Draft a body of your report:   The body should have various parts like the Research Report introduction, the major body paragraphs, and a concluding paragraph to sum it all.
    • The Beginning: In the introduction, there are several important points to keep in mind. Begin by outlining the main themes of the topic. Explain why the topic is important enough to warrant a research study. Give your opinion on the topic and why it is essential. Mention the framework you want to employ to solve this problem.
    • The body: The body is the main area of your paper where you present all of your research ideas and analyze them in a logical and ordered manner. Every paragraph should be unique and offer something new to discuss, as well as appropriate evidence to support your claim. The final remark should connect all of the concepts in the paragraph to the central theme.
    • The Conclusion:To end on a high note, simply summarise all of your thoughts to address the most important components of your key subject. Making the last comment on your work is also a part of the conclusion. Finally, this isn't the place to come up with new ideas.
  7. Final Work: Your final work is to look into the references and citation and mention it as per the document you have referred to. After that, you need to check that content is properly formatted and, after that, add the title page content table and write an abstract for the same. The last step is to proofread the material and double-check your report to ensure you followed all of the criteria specified in your course materials.

This was the basic Research Report Template that you can refer to while writing your research report.

Research Report Example Topics

Here are some topics for you:

  1. Partial-birth abortion
  2. Reverse discrimination
  3. Required standardized tests for advancement vs course requirements only
  4. Education and funding
  5. Should the federal government be allowed to regulate information on the internet?
  6. Grade inflation
  7. Do the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks?
  8. What are some common sleep disorders, and how are they treated?
  9. No Child Left Behind Act: Is it working?
  10. National standardized tests vs local control of education
  11. NOW, National Organization for Women
  12. Research and analyze the nature of codependency as both a normal state of relations and an unhealthy extreme.
  13. Scientific evidence vs definition of viability
  14. Investigate the history and practise of electroshock, analyzing how and why this extreme treatment came to be widely used.

For better clarity on the following topics, you can check Research Report Sample provided by our experts in a similar field. Our experts can also guide you with Steps to write a report if you doubt any step regarding the same.

Way Forward

Writing a report is not an easy task to do without good assistance even though you have read various content on how to write a Business Report, as you can see from the procedure outlined above. Students frequently struggle with the report writing process because they are unfamiliar with the procedures or lack sufficient information about their chosen topic.

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