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How to Write an Academic Report?

In the era of essays, thesis, dissertations, it is true that a report does not stand anywhere near the stature of a 10,000-word researched write-up. But, drawing reference from “The Thirsty Crow”, it becomes clear that more than single gravel is required to get something done. How to write an academic report would be a child’s play after you have grabbed par with the basics that are going to be a part of this blog.

What Is A Report?

It is a type of observation, investigation about something that has been done in the past or heard same. It is usually after thorough research or investigation was done that a reporter or writer is able to a flawless report.


How to Structure an Academic Report?

Let us deviate you from right here. Not because Sample Assignment does not want you to read the blog but because we want you to waste as little time as possible in reading only what you need. This would also give you an idea of the subject we deal with reports in! How to write a Report? Wasn’t that the cup from the Goblet of Fire? We just Portkey-ed you to the places rigged which are actually the places you needed to be in! We are the angel-Voldemort! The question that arises now is, how do you reach the end of a conclusion of a perfectly written report? how to write a report how to write a report Let the games begin! Here’s how.

Steps to Write an Academic Report

  • Step 1 – Move Beyond Introduction With Your Assignment

Before you begin to run the horses in your mind, simply read. .do not think, do not be tempted to frame your in-report sentences yet. R.E.A.D. That’s it. If you do have time, read a “how-to” handbook on the internet. All you are required to do or deduce from this step is to get to the intent of how and what all you COULD include in your report.

  • Step 2 – Determination of Your Intent

To determine your intent is the foundation of your foundation. Okay, that’s too much detail for you to grasp in 3 mere words.


Moving on, write your idea on a fresh piece of paper and give it thoughts from different angles. For example, is the water salty? Or is it just saline? Are those two similar? Do I have an explanation to prove that they are not or shall I choose a different outlook? Or is it just that the water is less sweet and too saline?

  • Step 3 – Un-grave your Subject

This is the step you need to review the literature in. If there’s been research on it in the past, you should know about it. Portals like JSTOR and Wiley Online give you the allowance to have a look at the scholarly papers that have been submitted in the past. Another and more popular option you could choose is Google Scholar. We do not have anything personal against Wikipedia but avoid using that platform. It is not always true to the root.

  • Step 4 – “About” your Subject

Fix your subject as the centre of rotation and outline the topic. You must do it in a manner that is easily readable and also includes everything that your report is going to comprise. In here, you better be a good student and follow what your assessor or teacher said in the first place. Follow the guidelines he/she provided to you in order to write the report. If there’s a marking rubric deployed from your university’s end, nothing better.

  • In the introduction section, your report shall focus on whatever reasons you have for selecting that particular topic for report writing. Other than that, the introduction part will also provide the reader a sense of summary to the assessor of what’s to follow.
  • The next section is the material section. This one is relatively simple. In this section, you list all the sections that are to follow by NOT PROVIDING any information about them yet. Just a simple list.
  • The method section comes after the materials section. How you carry forward an experiment is what needs to be included in this section. Whenever you are trying out new recipes, this is where you simultaneously note them down for the EUREKA moment! Or, you would never be able to replicate the same dish in your lifetime! This is similar to a voice recorder during an interrogation session with a stupid criminal.
  • To follow are the result section and conclusion. As the former’s name suggests, the judgemental deductions. Here’s your chance to be the Sherlock Holmes. At the same time, this section will also tell the assessor as to why a specific result matters as you near the conclusion to inevitably follow.
  • The conclusion section has a lot to resemble the conclusion section like the one in an essay. If you are even a newbie when it comes to writing an essay, you would be aware of the fact that you are required to match the introduction section with that of the conclusion. Both of them go hand in hand. In resonance.

Our Help with Academic Report Writing

For now, the above tips are more than sufficient to get you a head start for your academic report writing. You have come this far. Hence, you are no longer a newbie. You can begin practising your skills of academic writing and later even advise your friends! If you have any queries pertaining to the above points and tips, you are welcome to consult with our experts. We would love to have our value-added services exploited by you! All you have got to do for us to take charge of all your report writing assignments is to fill-up the form, let us know what type of academic report you need and on what topic. We would take care of the rest. how to write a report how to write a report

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