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How To Write Case Study Paper On Morbid Obesity
Nursing professionals in Australia have to give care to a patient based on clinical needs. It is important that you know how to prioritise the patient needs. Hence, you are given assignments about case study which tests your understanding, analysis, critical thinking and problem-solving. Get assistance from a nursing assignment help provider about writing case study paper on morbid obesity.

What is morbid obesity?

Before you can start studying a case and write a paper about it, you must know what is morbid obesity. No, referring to Wikipedia is not going to help you because Wikipedia is not a reliable source of information. You have to refer to various scholarly articles and journals to find out the “academic” definition of morbid obesity. But do not explain that in way too much depth. The reason I am saying this is that you will get plenty of opportunities to explain morbid obesity as you go along with the case. Professors do not like it when you are repeating yourself over and over again. So, morbid obesity is actually a disorder where you are taking in more calories than are getting burned by your body. This means that your body starts storing fat under the skin and it soon becomes excessive body fat. Over the course of time, the fat starts hindering functions of the organs and can lead to serious health problems. Extreme cases of obesity have been logged where doctors had to cut out the fat through artificial means.

Log the patient scenario

Before you start writing the case study, you must collect the background information about your subject. Start with his medical problems that have been recently diagnosed, what symptoms were exhibited by the patient before they were referred for a specific type of disorder testing, etc. In cases of morbid obesity, the patients generally visit a dietician first who suggest low energy and high-protein diet. The patients are also suggested exercises that are not intense and aim to keep the body moving. How To Write Case Study Paper On Morbid Obesity PROJ6002: Project Planning & Budgeting After these preliminary tests, find out the post medical history of your patient. Obesity means high weight, high BMI and other diseases (if any). Generally, cases of obesity are accompanied by diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnoea, etc.

Record the social history of the patient

While writing a case study paper on morbid obesity, you must record the social behaviour of your patient. This will help you to understand how you are going to suggest the treatment and medications to the patient. Details like if the patient is single, married, divorcee or widow are important. If the patient lives alone or with family, their source of income, what job they do, etc. On the basis of that, you are to examine the health conditions and what can be done to improve it further. You also have to list down the current medication of the patient with the name of the medicine, the dose, etc.

Propose your care needs

After you are done analysing the patient’s situation and collecting the data about that, you now need to propose the care plan for them. It means that you have to suggest the treatment plans for the patient and use secondary literature to support if your suggestion is good or not. Also, whatever physical calorie burn activities you are suggesting, make sure that they are realistic and executable with proven medical credibility of effectiveness. Using all this data, you have to forecast the results that will be seen after the patient has completed the treatment procedure. Remember, using the literature evidence is necessary for writing a case study paper on morbid obesity.

Get a reference case study paper on morbid obesity

Sample Assignment has a team of research associates who conducts such studies to provide data to the students and help them in writing their case study papers. You can make use of our nursing assignment help providers by asking them for a personalised guidance session and clearing all your doubts. Additionally, you can also request our team of nursing assignment experts to conduct such research for your reference case study paper on morbid obesity. You can use this reference paper to understand the solution and write your own solution. Recommended:
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