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Students need to write 1000 word essays frequently during their course of study. Many students face problems when it comes to writing research-based essays and creative articles. It is indeed very complicated to complete a 1000 word essay writing. This blog provides you with a comprehensive guide on how to write a 1000 word essay and a list of some of the best 1000 word essay topics.

What Topics Are Suitable For 1000 Word Essays?

The first question that arises in the minds of the students is what kind of topics they should write a 1000 word essay on. They often approach experts with queries like what topics are suitable for 1000 word essays.

Different types of topics are suitable for writing 1000 word essays. Narrative, argumentative, explanative, exploratory, and different types of topics can be picked up for writing a 1000 word essay. You can check out the list of some different types of essay topics on which you can write your 1000 word essays:

List Of 1000 Word Essay Topics

1) Narrative Essay Topics

A narrative essay is a form of essay writing style which involves the narration of an event or a story by the author, which usually involves sharing the personal experience in a more inspirational manner. Writing 1000 word narrative essays can become an exhausting task for many students. A few 1000 word narrative essay topics include:

  • Write a fictional essay about a clock with the ability to speak and the wisdom of historical knowledge
  • Write about a teen who creates a viral video
  • Write about your childhood memories
  • Memories of my hostel life
  • An event that changed my life
  • My first experience of travelling abroad
  • Why and How did I choose my major?
  • Write about the subject that you most cared about in high school
  • Talk about a school trip that you really enjoyed

2) Compare and Contrast 1000 essay topics

A comparative and contrast essay compares and contrasts usually two and sometimes more things. A few compare and contrast essay topics for 1000 word essays are given below:

  • Studying abroad vs. studying in one’s own country
  • Investing money in cryptocurrency vs. the stock market
  • Public vs. private educational institutions
  • Classrooms with students from varied backgrounds vs. classrooms with similar background basic students
  • Going for a degree college vs. going for vocational courses
  • E-learning vs. classroom learning
  • Selecting your career vs. classroom learning

3) Exploratory 1000 word essay topics

An exploratory essay explores and explains a phenomenon, explains why it exists, and derives some possible preliminary solutions to the phenomenon if it is a problem. A few 1000 words exploratory essay topics are:

  • Influence of music on a child’s brain
  • Music as a therapeutic tool
  • Effects of music on mood
  • What does our music taste say about our personality?
  • Prescribing medical marijuana as a form of treatment
  • The use of medicine to treat psychological issues
  • The evolution of mental health understanding around the world
  • The role of sports in promoting the physical and mental development of a child Development of sporting events
  • Increase in body dysmorphia due to social media

4) Synthesis 1000 word essay topics

A synthesis essay involves combining various parts and ideas from multiple sources regarding a topic and bringing them together into a paper. A few synthesis essay 1000 word essay topics to write essays are:

  • An introduction to global warming and its effects
  • Different types of pollution and the need to control them
  • Effects of global warming on marine life
  • Relation between violent games and real-life aggression
  • Change in technology post the introduction of artificial intelligence
  • The pros and cons of technology
  • Changing society structure in the past 10 years
  • Should voting be mandatory?
  • The effect of modern workplaces on minority workers

How To Write Different Types Of 1000 Word Essays?

Students often look for innovative ways on how to write different types of 1000 word essays. A few tips from our expert writers on effectively writing a 1000 word style are given below:

1) Understand the topic: The most important step in the early writing process is to read and choose the topic. You need to understand the requirements of the topics, what is it asking you to analyse and describe, its sub-features and related topics covered under the main heading.

2) Decide your thesis: Any essay needs to have a thesis statement. Research properly and decide your thesis statement that you justify in 1000 words.

3) Research: Research thoroughly and note down points during the research process.    

Your research should be based on quality content and can be performed by reading articles, quality papers, researches and books.

4) Sketch an outline: The ideal outline for any essay is an introduction, main body and conclusion. The introduction and the conclusion should be 10% of the total word count. Based on this, there should be around 4-5 paragraphs in a 1000 word essay of 150 to 200 words each. Plan the points that you want to write in each paragraph and the points to be included in each section.

5) Write: This is the most important step of writing your 1000 word essay. Elaborate on the points mentioned in the outline and qualitatively write the essay. All the points should be collected. Avoid adding unnecessary details in the essay.

6) Proofread and edit: It is very necessary for any form of the essay writing process to proofreading the essay, receives feedback from your supervisors and peers and makes the necessary corrections as required.

How Long Will It Take Me To Write A 1000 Words Essay?

There is no one perfect answer on how long it will take for anyone to write an essay. Ideally, the research process, structuring and writing the process will approximately take around 5 to 6 hours for writing a 1000 word essay.

How Long Will It Take To Write 150 Words Essay?

Since the length of a 150-word essay is quite short, the number of points to be included in the essay are also quite less. Therefore, writing a 150-word essay will take somewhere around 1 hour.

How Long Will It Take To Write 300 Words Essays?

For writing a 300-word essay, it can take somewhere between 2 to 3 hours for a normal student to being finished with their essay writing process as writing a 300-word essay requires an accumulation of two to three points in the essay in brief.

How Long Will It Take To Write A 400-Words Essay?

Writing a 400-word essay will take somewhere between 3 to 4 hours depending on the topic and the essay style to be written in.

1000 Word Essay Example

Students often take the help of our experts for writing various types of 1000 word essays and 1000 word essay introductions. A few snapshots of a 1000 word essay example are provided below. It is a narrative essay written by our experts which helped the students in securing HD grades on the essay.

1000 words essay 1000 words essay example 1000 words essay sample

People Also Ask:

Q1) Can I write 1000 word essays in 2 hours?

Ans1) Writing a 1000 word essay in 2 hours is practically impossible. The research, structuring and writing process takes up a lot of time, much more than 2 hours. If you are facing a time crunch, we suggest you take our help for essay writing service.

Q2) Can you write 1000 word essays in a day?

Ans.2) We provide express delivery of all forms of assignments and essays. So yes, we can write your 1000 word essays in a day.

Q3) How much would you charge for 1000 word essays?

Ans3) The cost of any essay or assignment is calculated based on the topic, the subject area, the word count and the deadline. If you provide us with these details, we can provide you with a quote for the cost of your essay instantly.

Q4) DO you provide discounts on assignments?

Ans.4) We provide essays at affordable rates. Moreover, we also provide various forms of discounts and offers on our assignments. Stay updated on our website and you can get the maximum advantage of our end of the month sales, buy one get one free sale, and various discounts.

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