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What Is The National Honor Society?

This blog provides you with a practical 101 Guide for writing a National Honor Society Essay. Before we begin to understand how to write a National Honor Society Essay, let us take a brief look at what the National Honor Society is and why you should join it.

Almost every student entering high school in the United States has heard about the National Honor Society. The National Honor Society is an organization for high school students which focuses on developing leadership skills, character and scholarship opportunities. National Honor Society, or NHS, is present in all the 50 states of the US and has over 1 million students participating in its activities currently.

Benefits of Joining The National Honor Society

According to our expert National Honor Society essay writers, Being a part of the National Honor Society is a matter of prestige in the US. It is a dream of many students in the country. Becoming a member of the society provides you with an opportunity to attend LEAD (Leadership, Experience And Development) conferences that enable you to build leadership skills and networks.

Being a member of the society enables you to receive various scholarships as over 400 scholarship programs are being run by the NHS. Talking about your experience of being a part of the NHS can also act as a plus point on your CV as it reflects your leadership skills, your commitment to social work, and your personality growth.

Being a part of NHS helps students in college planning and getting admissions in esteemed colleges and universities. The NHS also connects its students with financial professionals and advisors who financially guide them in their academic journey.

Eligibility Criteria For Becoming A Member Of The NHS

Students need to meet a list of criteria to become a member of the National Honor Society. These criteria are:

four pillars of nhs

  • You need to be in Grade 10-12 and passed previous grades
  • Scholarship: A minimum of 85, B, 3.0 or 4.0 grade
  • Service: Experience in social service or volunteer work at school, local, community or other charity services
  • Leadership: Leadership skills and experience
  • Character: Moral values and ethics like honesty, reliability, courtesy, care and respect.

Scholarship, service, leadership and character are considered the main pillars of the National Honor Society and, therefore, an essential requirement for the students who dream of becoming a member.

The Need For National Honor Society Essay Writing

Suppose you are eligible to be a part of the National Honor Society. In that case, you need to write an essay about yourself and why you want to join the NHS, why you deserve to be accepted, and what activities you will do if you get accepted. Writing an NHS essay will enable you to access unlimited opportunities if your essay is accepted. The NHS chooses students who have an exceptional record of academic performance, leadership activities, social work, volunteering, internships, etc.

Writing an essay for the National Honor Society can be tricky. They can take our National Honor Society essay writing help service to increase their chances of being accepted drastically.

How Long A National Honor Society Essay Should Be?

The ideal length for a National Honor Society essay solution is 300 to 400 words. Writing extremely long essays is bound to bore the reader.

Writing a concise essay while including all the points can become difficult for students. Moreover, the pressure to write a perfect essay in 300 to 400 words and the implications for the future can quickly become a source of stress. The critical thing to remember is that only a sound mind can write a quality essay. Priority should be given to maintaining one’s physical and mental health. In such cases, students can take our help for writing their essays for the NHS, which will allow them an opportunity to relax and bid farewell to their tension and difficulties.

What Is The Outline Of The National Honor Society Essay?

The process of National Honor Society Essay Writing can become a nightmare if you do not understand and keep referring to the outline of the essay correctly. The typical outline to be followed when writing the National Honor Society Essay is:

national honor society essay

  1. Introduction: The introduction is the section where you introduce yourself and your desire to become a member of the NHS.
  2. Reasons for joining: The first section of the main body involves talking about your reasons for joining the NHS. While it is necessary to be truthful, you need to talk about reasons like wishing to serve the community, developing and growing by interacting with more people, giving back to society, etc., to alleviate the quality of your content.
  3. Talk about your achievements: Talk about your achievements and qualifications but do not boast.
  4. Talk about your experience in social work: Here, you can talk about the volunteering or social work you have done either in your school, community levels or anywhere. Your work and contributions can be minimal, but it is vital to discuss how this experience made you feel and changed your life.
  5. Talk about NHS: Here, you can talk about how the NHS inspires you and what makes you feel motivated to become a member. You can also talk about what work you will do to help yourself, the community and others if you are accepted.
  6. Conclude: The conclusion summarizes what you have written and ends with a final strong statement to impress the evaluator and convince them that you deserve to be a member of the NHS.

How To Write A National Honor Society Essay?

Students often feel confused when it comes to writing National Honor Society Essays. Remember that you can always take the help of our National Honor Society Essay Writing Help service for receiving quality essays written by professional experts without becoming worried and tensed about having to write the essay yourself. A few tips on writing the NHS essay, given by our expert National Honor Society essay writers are:

  • Read National Honor Society essay samples for inspiration and a better understanding before you start.
  • Conduct in-depth research on the topic and read academic articles for gathering knowledge
  • Understand the philosophy behind writing the essay and the philosophy of the NHS: its four pillars of scholarship, leadership, service and character
  • Tell your story and narrate personal journeys which are filled with dedication and passion.
  • Professionally introduce yourself but uniquely by maintaining the balance between professionalism and flair.
  • Talk about your achievements but do not boast. Be humble
  • Include your non-academic achievements and social work volunteering activities
  • Describe your experiences rather than listing your achievements
  • Be sincere and honest because these evaluators are experts in detecting fakeness and superficiality.
  • Structure your essay systematically according to the outline provided
  • Introduce your paper in a catchy and intelligent manner
  • End with a conclusion that keeps lingering in the minds of the evaluators. You can do this by ending with a story, a short quote and so on.
  • Proofread your essay, receive feedback from your teachers, friends and family and keep editing it over and over till you successfully make the perfect draft.

National Honor Society Essay Example

Students face many challenges and complications regarding the National Honor Society essay writing process and may require professional help with it. Our experts are trained professionals helping students write such essays for years now and have a great success rate. A few snapshots of a National Honor Society essay sample are given below, which was written by our expert for a student, which helped the student to get accepted and become a part of the NHS:

national honor society essay sample national honor society essay example

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