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2022-08-12 01:42:32

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Hubble Contact Lenses Case Study Help

The Hubble contact lenses data-driven direct to consumer marketing case study was published by the Harvard business review to help the reader experience a real-world problem and come up with relevant solutions. For marketing students, it is an essential part of their course as it helps them develop a clearer and broader understanding of the dynamics of the business world. This case study is based on a contemporary managerial and strategic problem that is being faced by a company and needs to be solved in a manner that allows progression as well as lets the organisation maintain a competitive position. Let us see how the professionals handle such an assignment.

What Are The Different Strategic Models That Can Be Used While Solving The Case Study?

Our marketing experts have come across the case study many times now and are thus well-versed with the different methods to handle it. They recommend taking the following approaches to answer the Hubble contact lenses case study effectively: You need to start by identifying the central issue that has been elaborated on in the case. After which, you can use one of the following strategic tools or models to prepare a relevant answer:

  • The SWOT analysis
  • Porter five forces analysis
  • PESTEL analysis
  • Value Chain analysis
  • VRIO analysis
  • Ansoff matrix analysis
  • BCG matrix analysis
  • Marketing mix analysis

Our team recommends using these tools to identify a feasible strategy and come up with an effective solution for the case study. In case these do not work out, our experts also have some alternative solutions ready that will act as a contingency in dire situations. marketing strategy

Five Concepts That Can Help You Prepare The Hubble Case Study Like A Pro

As part of this assignment, you will be asked to provide Hubble contact lenses case study answers for different kinds of questions that will test your knowledge of direct to consumer marketing and problem-solving skills at the same time. Our professionals are well-versed with these concepts and thus they recommend discussing the following ideas to answer the questions effectively:

  1. How to strengthen the distribution network: Talking about the distribution network is essential as a higher control of the company over its products in different markets will let them know where the products are being placed, making it easier for the company to keep an eye on sales. Moreover, having strong control over the distribution network will let the company work more closely with the end consumers. This way the consumers will be able to reach the company’s high-end products easily, even across different markets.
  2. New and unique marketing tactics: Your strategic recommendation will aid the company in reaching a higher number of consumers and infuse deeper with the target group. According to our assignment writers, using this strategy is a great way for the organisation to monitor the increase in the trial, sales, and consumption of their products. Constantly revamping your marketing strategies is essential to communicate and engage with new customers as well as hold on to the older ones. One way of doing this is generally by having some ambassadors promote your brand. However, a distinct marketing strategy would be to co-brand with similar products and let both companies enjoy higher market visibility.
  3. Importance of adapting to different markets: Whenever the company decides to sell its products in a different market, they need to understand the cultural aspects and distinct characteristics of the target group there. This helps the company form better relations with their consumers across markets. However, only adapting to these cultural differences is not enough. The product needs to be represented better by responding to these cultural differences. In your Hubble contact lenses case study solution you can explain that this will make the customers feel a greater affinity towards the product and make it more likely for them to consume it.
  4. Expanding into new regions: After going through the case study, a strategic recommendation that would come up for the Hubble contact lenses is market expansion. By expanding their business into new markets, the company will get exposure to new consumer groups, which will increase the overall consumption rate and diversify the income streams simultaneously. Moreover, it will also give the company regional as well as international exposure. Apart from market expansion, another means of growth is through product diversification. Adding new products to the catalogue will allow the company to target different groups and explore new consumer factions. This will also lead to diversification of income streams and an increase in overall revenue.
  5. Importance of strengthening the value network: Our marketing assignment help professionals explain that by further strengthening the value network and adding quality-enhancing elements at different stages, the company gets to maintain its competitive advantage while discouraging any new players to enter the industry by setting up new barriers to entry. This allows the company to retain its sustainable competitiveness over the other players and even maintain a possible leadership position in the regional and international markets.

How Can Our Professional Assignment Writers Help You?

Owing to their years of industry and personal experience, our writers have never failed even a single client in scoring them brilliant grades. Whether it is this case study or any other assignment, they can help you out. All the best!

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