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ICT Project Management Methodologies Example: The Basic Requisite For Management Students
If you are a project management student, then it is mandatory for you to be well aware of various ICT project management methodologies example. Realising this, Sample Assignment is here to talk about various methodologies that are used in the assignments of project management. Also, we would be explaining where and how these are used with the help of examples.

5 ICT Project Management Methodologies Examples

Being an efficient project manager is not an easy task. This is because selecting the right methodology is crucial to complete the undertaken project successfully. Our project management assignment help experts have narrowed down the exhaustive lists to just 7 most important and useful ones. So, let us see what are these-

1. Agile

Those projects that are iterative as well as incremental demand a methodology known as agile. So, when we talk about ICT project management methodology example here, we can think of situations in which the solution comes out after a team self-organises the effort. For instance, all those projects that are flexible and are complex. This might include a product that a team has not built.

2. Scrum

This ICT project management methodology comprises of five values. These include respect, focus, commitment, courage, openness. When students come to our project management help professionals for guidance on this methodology, we explain the importance of roles, events and artefacts in this. Basically, this methodology is used in projects that are generally undertaken by a team consisting of less than seven people. Also, the approach to this methodology is flexible.

3. Kanban

According to the experts of our management assignment services, this is another important methodology that students use in their project management assignments. This methodology focusses on self-managing teams. For instance, producing line of Toyota factories. This is mainly used for personal productivity purposes.

4. Lean

This project management methodology is mainly used for the purpose of maximising the value of the customer. Also, this technique focuses on eliminating waste. Our management help experts also consider this methodology to be the most efficient one as it utilises less resources and produces more value for customers. This ICT project management methodology is best suited for manufacturing industries.

5. Waterfall

This technique is considered to be one of the oldest traditional methodologies. As the name suggests, the progress is traced in one direction, that it the downwards direction. Giving ICT project management methodology example in this situation, we would say this is best suited for those projects that need to be delivered within stringent deadlines.

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