Importance of The Pre-Assignment Solution Draft
The assignments are often a troublesome turbulence over the lives of university-going students. The assignment help experts at Sample Assignment know how vital it is for an assessor to read through a solution holding some academic value while assessing a student’s assignment. Would you not want to ensure that there remains no stone or leaf unturned when it comes to accepting an assignment solution from an online online assignment provider ? Oh, you would even let go of the last nibble of the last slice of pizza you and your best friends share! Ummm...Maybe not. (#PizzaLove)
Know how important it is for us and for you to give your assessor a quality assignment to evaluate you! This is about something we have received a million queries on. How do we ensure there’s quality! It is the MID-WAY DRAFT that is given to you, the student right before we furnish your assignment! Usually, it does not have complete answers only the beginning and the aspects that would be worked on next in the assignment (depending on the type of assignment).

The Importance of The Draft

The moment we came up with the idea of live tracking and providing the student with the draft, we knew that this would take us to a different level of guaranteed quality being delivered. Other than our (selfish?) basics better need, it not only made but safeguarded the students for whom our assignment help experts exist. How does it help you?

Number One – A Blueprint

It acts as a blueprint wherein the answer is mapped. By mapping, we refer to what is to follow in a particular solution to a particular question. It is not rocket science as that would surely give the student an idea of the same when it is shared with him. The student can, at that moment in time, ask us to change the way we are looking at the question file and hence, use a different outlook as to how and what has to be embedded. So, all in all, it is only a trailer of how the action is going to be in the next scene…. This shall give you a better sketch of what we mean by the blueprint.

Number Two – Something to Hold By

A number of companies in this industry would not agree to give you an in-process draft. There could be many reasons; hesitation and lack of transparency are two. They hesitate because they are not as confident about their own services (maybe lack of experience as well). The latter could be simply due to one simple cause, money. If they were as transparent as we are, they would not earn as much. Also, they do not possess a number of experts good enough to possess the infrastructure we do. Since, they would not share it with you, you would not have anything to trust them for. They would not give you payment options like partial payment (payment in two halves) or the feature of unlimited revision that allows any student to send us back the assignment that, he feels, has a scope for further improvement.

Number Three – Adherence with Marking Rubric

In one case we helped a student achieve an HD at last, you would not believe that the initial assignment we sent his way got rejected when he showed it to his assessor! Yeah!
But we still got that student an HD like we just mentioned! Wanna know how? What happened was that the student was not able to provide us the marking rubric for his assignment’s question file. Therefore, we could not possibly know as to how that particular assignment was to be approached. It was only later when he sent us the full marking rubric. Using the feature of unlimited revisions, he contacted us and asked us to alter the assignment with respect to the marking rubric. At the time of going through the draft, it is very important to double check the affinity of the solution file so received with the marking rubric of a particular assignment question file. If not, it is recommended that you contact us there and then and hence, gain an edge over the competition that is not paying as much attention to the marking rubrics and is bound to lose marks on the same ground. Recommended: Marking Rubrics

Number Four – Pay if You Like

No. The answer is a ‘No’. If you think you are not going to have to pay or pay as per your own liking, that is not what we meant via the heading above. What we mean is, you can test us for our quality anytime you want. Rather, this is a feature of the benefit we give extend to you via our partial payment feature. You can give us the green “Go” only if you feel that you are getting the right quality of assignment solution. Therefore, in order to let you be safe-guarded and be offered convenience at the same time, we have deployed this feature for your sake. **Loudspeaker On**
TO any other firm that seeks to match our quality, beat that! We dare you to be as transparent as we are! (Ps: Might this be another step in this industry towards the betterment of the online assignment help.

How Do We Help?

Talking about the draft, we see no discontinuation of this feature. We inculcated this feature for you, the students and would get our R&D team to come up with more beneficial ideas for you! Try us, ask for the draft, and pay only for quality!
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