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How To Write An Informative Essay?

The essay which provides information and knowledge regarding a particular topic is referred to as an informative essay. It contains information, arguments, and a hypothesis by the writer. It is meant to enhance the reader's knowledge and provide sufficient information on a particular topic, cause, or side of an argument.

Students of all courses have to write informative essays on some topic or the other during their coursework. Writing an informative essay requires an in-depth understanding of the topic, knowledge, analysis, and writing skills. It is indeed very tough and exhausting for students to write an informative essay. We, at Sample Assignment, provide pay for essay services and essay homework help. This article will discuss the informative essay outline, a few good informative essay topics, and informative essay examples.

What Is The Outline Of An informative essay?

Students often feel confused as to understanding what is the outline of an informative essay. A basic outline of the informative essay is as follows:

  1. Introduction: The introduction defines the topic from credible sources rather than reflecting the views of the writer. The introduction should be concise, specific, and informative.
  2. Main Body: The main body is the central part of the essay. This is where you provide the information about the topic in detail. The information should be specific and backed by reliable sources and sound research. When talking about an argument, the main body is where you lay down all of your statements and also counter the potential opposing views that are usually made against your cause.
  3. Conclusion: The conclusion should not be a copy of the points discussed in the essay but effectively reflect the idea of the essay. It should end concretely, leaving much less scope for ambiguity and leave the audience with a firm conclusion.

How To Start An Informative Essay Outline?

Students often face difficulties in how to start an informative essay outline. They feel perplexed when it comes to writing a good introduction. It is very essential to design and write a good introduction because if the reader feels bored while reading the introduction, chances are that the reader may not read the full essay or at least not full-heartedly.

The first statement of an introduction paragraph should begin with a strong hook. This hook can be fact statements, statistics, figures, a story, an example, a quote, or a line from a poem. The hook should attract the reader to read the whole essay. The introduction should be attractive and informative at the same time. It is very important to make sure that each line of the informative essay has a meaning.

The introduction should contain general information about the topic, usually, this involves defining the topic as per reliable sources. It also involves talking about your thesis statement and viewpoint on the topic to provide an idea to the reader what your argument during the topic is going to be about and an idea regarding the direction in which the essay will flow.

How To Write An Informative Essay Outline?

Students often feel confused regarding how to write an informative essay outline. To help them with an informative essay outline, here are a few tips:

  • Step 1: Pick a catchy title for your essay which is both attractive and gives an idea of what the essay will be about. It should be directly related to your argument on the topic and not be misleading.
  • Step 2: A powerful beginning goes a long way in impressing the reader. As talked about in the previous section, the introduction should be catchy, informative and make the reader aware of the thesis statement of the essay.
  • Step 3: Highlighting the key idea of the essay by talking about the thesis statement is very necessary at the start of the essay itself.
  • Step 4: The purpose of your essay should be made clear and effectively communicated in the introduction section of the essay.
  • Step 5: Do your research well and find reliable sources and information.
  • Step 6: Organize and present the data and information collected in a structured and organized manner.
  • Step 7: Disclose and discuss the topic fully so that the readers can understand it fully and don’t have an ounce of doubt left. Countering the oppositions that are and can usually be made to your thesis is also an effective practice to end the main body of the essay.
  • Step 8: While concluding the essay with a summary of everything, the essay should be led to a logical end. Some writers also explain to the readers to further research on the topic to learn more about it.

List Of Informative Essay Topics

A list of informative essay topics is given for better practice for the students:

  • The origin of Homo Sapiens
  • The origin of religion
  • The threats of climate change
  • The Role of Social Media is increasing body dysmorphia
  • Media violence and aggression in children
  • Nanotechnology
  • The meaning of dreams
  • Dealing with addiction
  • Psychology vs. Psychiatry
  • Is cryptocurrency the new future or just a timely trend?

What Type Of Paragraphs Does An Informational Essay Contain?

Students often wonder what type of paragraphs does an informational essay contain. As discussed above, the informational essay contains three types of paragraphs:

  • Introductory paragraph: This is the beginning of the essay where the topic is introduced along with the thesis statement, and an attempt is made to attract the reader with a strong hook.
  • Main Body paragraphs: The main body paragraphs are the main sections of the essay where information is provided and arguments are made in the support of the topic, along with countering the opposing arguments or arguments in criticism of the thesis.
  • Concluding paragraphs: This is the end part of the essay where a summary of the ideas presented is provided, along with a powerful statement that ends the essay.

How To Structure An Informative Essay Outline Step By Step?

Writing an Informative essay is complicated and students may face various difficulties in understanding how to structure an informative essay outline step by step. Let’s try to understand this with the help of a good informative essay outline example on the topic: ‘The Positive Effect of Exercising regularly on an individual’.


Hook: Research suggests that people who exercise daily not only live significantly longer lives than people who do not, but they are also much more well adjusted, and happier than people who do not exercise regularly.

  1. Purpose: Everyone should understand the benefits of exercising daily on the physical and mental help of an individual.
  2. Importance to the audience: The informative essay should not be forceful but allow the reader to make their own choice after reading the essay.
  3. Thesis: Along With providing physical benefits, exercising regularly also helps people to feel more relaxed, energetic, and positive throughout the day and also increases their coping mechanisms.

Body paragraphs:

  • First main point: The physical benefits of exercising regularly

Sub-point: Exercise makes your body more flexible and tough

Sub-point: It improves the functioning of different organs and helps heal long term pains due to rigidity

  • Second main point: Exercise improves your immune system

Sub-point: Exercise helps regulate the hormone levels in your body thereby keeping in check the release of stress hormones

Sub-point: A body habituated to remain calm and keep working in difficult exercises remains calmer in stressful situations, preventing the frequent release of stress hormones that can harm the immune system.

Sub-point: Better resistance to diseases that can damage the immune system

  • Third main point: Exercise improves your mental health

Sub-point: Exercise triggers the release of rewarding neurotransmitters like dopamine, acetylcholine, etc which makes us happy and feel satisfied.

Sub-point: Better resistance to stress and diseases can prevent negative moods to a great extent

  • Conclusion
  • Summary statement: This should in brief contain the points highlighted in the essay and should urge the reader to form an exercise plan and start exercising regularly for better physical and mental well being and health.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Informative Essay

A list of advantages and disadvantages of an informative essay is:


Provides a wealth of information

  1. Can be used for effective illustration
  2. Expands on a cause and effect scenario
  3. Outline the steps involved in any topic or argument
  4. Provides a clear and concise picture of the topic


Limited perspective

  1. The author tries to convince the reader by presenting the information in a biased manner
  2. The scope of the study is limited
  3. Too much subjective information by the author
  4. Seldom takes a neutral stance

What Is The Main Purpose Of An Informative Essay?

The main purpose of an informative essay is to give knowledge about the topic to the reader. Students are often given the assignment to write and submit an informative essay to improve their research skills and writing skills as well as to help them understand the topic and frame a viewpoint on it.

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