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Innovation in the Aerospace Industry

Are you curious to know how the aerospace industry started, who started it, and what innovations are being done in it? If yes, now, here in this blog, you can get all your answers associated with the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry is a broad and old industry that was first started in 1903 when Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright (Wright brothers) illustrated an aeroplane capable of sustainable powered flight.

In 1908, the Wright brothers signed a contract with the US army to create an aircraft and allowed Astra company to manufacture the aircraft in France.

In 1909, Glenn Curtis in New York started selling his own aircraft. Since then, the US aerospace sector has been the largest in the world. The aerospace sector has helped many countries in the world to grow. In a research, it is found that the Australian aerospace industry (aircraft repairing and manufacturing sector) plays an important role in its economy and an integral position in the Asian Pacific Aviation industry.

Aviation Industry in Australia

Development of the Aerospace Industry

Though the aerospace industry has its roots in the past with technological advancement, it is still developing. Innovation or development is an important part of the aerospace industry as it contributes a lot to the world’s economy as well as improves the safety of travellers in the changing environment.

Over the last few years, the aerospace sector has developed through digitalisation, automation, and improved maintenance. Due to the pandemic, the innovation in the Aerospace industry has slowed, but it has not stopped. Innovation in the aerospace sector is helping a lot to create a developed world. The following are the latest development seen in the aerospace sector-

  • Automation- For the past few years, the aerospace industry has been trying to shift completely toward automation. Although, the industry has already applied the concept of automation. But not with the advancement in technology, the industry is typing to improve and develop the automation process. This will help the industry to serve its customers better and to enhance its profitability. According to the study conducted by Ronald Berger, the development of automation is important to develop the GDP and to use cost-efficient techniques in the aerospace industry.
  • Innovative Materials- Chemical solutions played a crucial role in the development of materials to be used while creating the parts of aircraft. This is a new trend followed in the industry to make aircraft lightweight. Industry experts say that aircraft can become lightweight by enhancing the chemical substances for binding and protecting compounds. The lightweight parts of aircraft will help in reducing the cost of working and will result in enhanced profitability. In recent times, the aerospace industry is also trying to enhance the safety of its passengers by improving the quality of the materials used in the making of aircraft. Aerospace industry experts said that with the improved materials used in the making of aircraft, the Fire-Retardancy requirements are now converted into Fire-Retardancy, Smoke Density, and Toxicity (FST) requirements. FST requirements are the improved version of FR requirements. The world is watching the improvement in aerospace technology. Especially during this pandemic, the aerospace industry has bought many changes such as Hex-chrome free or non-chrome solutions in bonding and corrosion protection or anti-microbial/anti-viral lasting solutions. One can not see the changes in the materials of aircraft, but it is helping to improve the security of the plane and its passengers.
  • Urban Air Mobility- It is among one of the most popular trends in the aerospace industry that we can easily see. This development is made to make the journey of the passengers comfortable and easy. This development in the aerospace sector includes air taxis, air metros, etc. All the aerospace companies in the industry are trying to develop their urban air market mobility. In an interview with airbus, there are many projects in 17 countries for which the aerospace industry is working hard. Many start-ups in the industry are trying to add new innovations to the aerospace industry.

Concluding Statement

The aerospace industry is among one of the most developed industries that are more than 100 years older that are still developing with the technology and time. Here, in this blog, you can learn about the three innovations that have been done in the industry. There are many more innovations that you can see while studying and traveling by airplane.

In the coming few years, you can see lots of development in this sector which will ensure safety, comfort, cost reduction, digitalization, and many more. It will be going to be very interesting to see the process of development and innovation in the aerospace industry.

The aerospace industry is a wide industry that provides lots of career opportunities. Thus, many students are trying to develop their careers in aerospace by pursuing a degree in aviation. Aviation is regarded as a difficult course that helps students to enhance their knowledge as well as skills in the same. While pursuing a degree in aerospace, students are required to put a lot of effort to improve their knowledge and skills associated with the subject.

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