International Nurses Day Celebration Across Australia win Hearts Of These Front Line Defenders
International Nurses Day, what better day it could be to say thanks to the warriors who are serving the people generously day and night by keeping the fear of infection aside even in the situation of COVID-19 pandemic. The only intention they work with is to make their patients healthy, no matter they are infected from COVID-19 or suffering from any other deadly disease. The nurses were, are, and will keep on doing their duties in the best of their abilities for serving and saving mankind. The whole of Australia cheers for the selfless work nurses does on the 12th of May, i.e. on the International Nurses Day. Many renowned and celebrated personalities came ahead and said thanks to these medical warriors in their way. Some have shared their experiences, and some have talked about the COVID-19 situation. From video messages to text messages and musical tributes, thousands of people came ahead and shared their gratitude towards the nursing staff in some unique ways. Undoubtedly, nurses hold enormous importance in our lives, but during this time when the deadly coronavirus has engulfed many lives and still the hospitals are filled with infected people and dead bodies. It’s not easy to treat those patients to cure them without thinking about one’s well-being. But nurses are doing this by giving maximum priority to their professional duties. This kind of devotion cannot be left unrecognised. Australia has recognised and applaud the same on this International Nurses Day celebrations. Recommended: How To Fill The Education Gap During Coronavirus Epidemic Situation?

A Small Gesture of Appreciation Can Make A Big Difference

People have clapped for nurses on the streets, many shops, supermarkets have opened early in the morning for giving them some small tokens of appreciation such as free coffee and sweets. These small things can boost the morale of nurses and prepare them for the fight ahead. It is a very important and one of the few things that a person can do to show his appreciation towards these warriors because even a slight gesture of appreciation can make a big difference. Alison McMillan, Australia’s chief nursing and midwifery officer said: “the best form of thanks people can give is maintaining social distancing measures that have helped keep them safe.” She asked people to continue the effort they are making to keep themselves safe as this fight will last for long. Recommended: Coronavirus Impact On Nursing Professionals The way national nurse day is celebrated in Australia this time it has never been done before maybe because the prevailing situation of COVID-19 has made people realise that how selflessly nurses work to keep them safe.

Our Nurses Are In A Battle Everyday

They go to work daily, treating COVID-19 patients, doing extended shifts without taking breaks and thinking about their health. Many of their co-nursing staff are showing the symptoms of coronavirus, but still, they are standing strong, taking the precautionary measures and doing their professional duties with utmost dedication. The Prime Minister Of Australia said in a statement: "I want to thank our nurses for what you do every single day. You see it’s not the only coronavirus, our nurses are in a battle every day against accidents, burns, cancers, heart disease, schizophrenia, MS and so many other illnesses. And our midwives are there for every birth, helping mums at that most precious time,” As a layman, we can’t even imagine the situation or feelings that nurses go through daily. Sometimes they see a patient recover and sometimes turning into a dead body. But neither of this affect their allegiance towards their work. They serve people in the worst of situation treating them not only physically but supporting them mentally as well to keep the faith and fight against the disease. Recommended: How To Prevent Boredom and Stay Positive At Home Amid Coronavirus?

Hospitals Applauded For Their Warriors

The appreciation that came was long-awaited but truly deserving. Not only the people and the celebrities, the private and public hospitals also came ahead and celebrated the efforts of nurses for making a difference in the healthcare sector. After all, nurses are their frontline warriors who treat the patients by making direct contact with them. And their dedicated services is a reason for many of us to be alive. If they are doing so much for our society, they deserve all the appreciation and applaud. It will make them feel important, which they are. So, this international nurses day, take a pledge to make their work simple by taking care of yourself and following the rules of social distancing because that is the need of the hour.  
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