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Introduction to Psychotropic Medications Mental Health Assessment
In Australia, there are a large number of students enrolled in nursing and healthcare education. Many of them have opted to study mental health. Such students may be aware of the process of writing assignments. However, it is important to have subject-knowledge, and adequate academic writing skills to make a mental health paper. Each time they are asked to write on a different topic. Therefore, to lessen their burden, we have provided the essential details for Psychotropic Medications Mental Health Assessment. In this blog, our experts providing mental health assignment help in Australia have defined NRSG263: Principles of Mental Health Nursing assessment. This assessment is mostly covered by the students studying mental health courses at Australian Catholic University. The NRSG263 unit is generally studied by the students of the Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Nursing Business Administration, and Bachelor of Paramedicine or nursing. Let's read the blog to know more.

Learning outcome of NRSG263: Principles of Mental Health

After completing NRSG263: Principles of Mental Health unit, students will be proficient in NMBA Standards for Practice. They will be able to think critically, analyse the nursing practice, knowledge of therapeutic and build professional relationships, etc. Below are the few learning outcomes of the NRSG263 unit.
  • Determine the national and international aspects of mental health
  • Able to provide a summary for spiritual, biopsychosocial, and cultural factors affecting the experience of mental health issues of a person
  • Explain the role and responsibilities of the mental health nurse in the provision of providing collaborative care to an individual, group of individuals, and their families experiencing mental health issues.
  • Develop knowledge about the best use of medicines, complementary therapies, and non-pharmacological therapeutic intervention
  • Come to know how to apply ethical and legal principles required in the processes of care planning for people who are experiencing mental health issues
  • Knows to make the quality use of Levett-Jones' Clinical Reasoning Cycle and Recovery Framework in planning a safe, culturally sensitive, evidence-based, person-centred mental health nursing

Overview Details for NRSG263: Principles of Mental Health

The NRSG263 unit is comprised of two different types of assessment i.e. written assessment and an online quiz. The written assessment is a 2000 words essay containing 50% weightage whereas an online quiz should be completed within the given hours and its total weightage is 10%. Apart from these two, students must also appear in an oral assessment which is also known as Viva-voce. The total marks allotted for this part of the assessment is 40%. Assignment 1: Written Task The main purpose of this task is to make students enable to demonstrate the understanding of mental health patient-focused factors and concepts. The written task requires coercive practices and critical discussion on mental health. Students are required to select one question from the two and explain national and international perspectives. NRSG263: Principles of Mental Health Assessment Criteria:
  • Mention the total word count in a header or on the front page or of your assignment.
  • In-text and references will not be included in the word count of the assignment.
  • Your assignment should not exceed over 10% or below 10% of the total word count.
Assignment 2: Online Quiz In this part of the assessment, students will be given 10 multiple option questions and the time duration will be 15 seconds. To score better grades in an online quiz, students must have the collection of lecture notes, self-directed reading, and tutorials. Assignment 3: Oral Exam The oral exam includes the knowledge students have learned in lectures, self-directing, and tutorials throughout the semester. It will be a 15 minutes oral exam to know the understanding of key concepts of mental health including risk factors, nursing interventions, mental state examination, and psychopharmacology. In this assessment, students will be given a case study very much similar to those that they have used in tutorials and answer topics such as psychoeducation, nursing care, nursing intervention, and psychopharmacology. If any of the students facing issues in writing NRSG263: Principles of Mental Health assessment can acquire online assignment writing services with Sample Assignment. Our mental health nursing assignment experts have complete knowledge of mental health technicalities and terminologies like psychopharmacology, nursing care, nursing practice, nursing intervention, etc. Thus, they are the ones who can resolve all the queries related to NRSG263: Principles of Mental Health assessment. Furthermore, our Psychotropic Medications assignment help professionals provide discount offers and value-added service that can be useful at different stages of writing assignment such as understanding the requirement of the assignment, making the draft, plagiarism check, proofreading, editing, etc. Recommended:
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