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An Overview of Key Perspectives in Leadership Literature
Leadership can be defined as a process to influence others so that they get motivated to play a vital role in accomplishing the desired goals. To a certain extent, the process is key to culminating the collective goals. Such processes can be diverse in the field of technology and science, religion and politics, sports and adventures, literature and art, and business and industry. However, the given definition of leadership consists of various crucial components that can be easily be misunderstood or neglected. However, the key point here is to understand the different approaches not just in relation to practices and prejudices but also in relation to empirical data. Therefore, it is required to engage in political dimensions of leadership research the same as psychological. In this blog, our management leadership experts have explained the different perspectives of leadership.

The Classical Perspective

The classical perspective of leadership includes some important theories like Charisma, great man leadership, personality, and more. A few of them are explained below by our assignment help experts. Leadership as Charisma: In Greek, the word "Charisma" (????????) stands for multiple meanings. It is also known as Charismatic leadership which is generally a method to appreciate one's particular behavior by way of voluble communication, personality, and persuasion. Charismatic leaders are the ones who motivate their followers to get the goals accomplished and improve their way of doing certain things. Great Man Leadership Theory: Have you ever thought of the reasons behind what makes a woman or a man rise above others to believe in taking over leadership? There are few theorists who have argued that the above question can be answered by using the Great Man theory of leadership. The intellectual tradition supports that great leaders are born, not made. These people come with few traits and characteristics which are rarely found in all people. These are the abilities that make them lead. As a result of this theory, many famous leaders were born throughout history and made a huge impact because of their natural talents and abilities. More details about Great Man Theory can be gathered from management assignment help experts. Personality and trait-based Leadership Approach: This leadership perspective argues that few individuals have inborn characteristics that make them the best fit for leadership. And these characteristics are the ones that make them different from others. The approaches of this genre include the Great Man Theory which is generally based on guesswork that the abilities for leadership are natural.
  1. The Contextual Perspective
In this section, you'll understand how contextual leadership theory recognises that leadership is an integral part of and socially constructed. There are different forms of leadership such as: Leadership as Contingency: The contingency theory talks about how the leadership style of an individual matches the situation. This is a point where leaders need to find the accurate leadership situation and style they thrive in. The Contingency Theory involves the following:
  • Situational Leadership
  • Decision-Making Theory
  • Path-Goal Theory and
  • Fiedler's Contingency Theory
Leadership as Transaction: Transactional leadership can be said as a type of leadership where leaders support and encourage compliance by supporters in the form of both punishments and rewards, the transactional leaders are best to keep the followers driven for short-term. This form of leadership theories mainly focuses on the organisation, supervision, and performance. This leadership works more effectively in emergency or crisis situations as well as for tasks that have to be performed in a certain way. Willing to know more about transactional leadership? Contact assignment help experts who have knowledge about the various dimensions of leadership in the transaction, advantages of transactional leadership, and more. Least Preferred Co-worker (LPC): The LPC (least preferred co-worker) theory was developed by Fred E. Fiedler. It has always been a matter of controversy since it got incepted. This theory is referred to as the key variable of the theory, and assess of esteem where a leader holds her/ his least preferred coworker. In order to gain the overall situational control measure, the three elements such as leader-member relations, task structure, and position power are combined.
  1. The Identity Perspective
There are four different elements included in leadership theory. They are -
  • The contexts that require different leadership styles.
  • Examining leadership with regard to the dynamic interaction between followers and leaders.
  • Understanding the leadership in the form of influence process which develops power by followers.
  • Involving a therapeutic element that describes the ways in which followers and leaders can change the world.
Leadership in the form of Identity Representation: Leadership development has always been in the research limelight for over several years. As per our management assignment experts, leadership can be based on work identity (defining identity, identity characteristics) and leader identity (leader identity change, and identity in forming a leader). Social Identity in Leadership: A social identity leadership theory is a group process created by prototype depersonalisation and social categorisation processes that are concerned with social identity. Social-identity

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