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How to write a recommendation report

If you have to choose between different options and recommend the best out of the rest, then in such a situation, you need to create a recommendation report. So a report is something that is written to recommend the various options that can be applied to solve a problem. The major objective is to suggest one option that will support your best recommendation. To do so, you also need to work on various options like the audience, who are generally predetermined, but you need to understand their mindset. Your recommendation should be very strong and well-informed while being cost-effective so that members of your audience are very confident and take it into consideration.

Your next question after reading the opening Para should be How to write a Recommendation Report? Writing a report is no rocket science following a few steps, and you are there, but before that, understanding the point of view for any report is important. It is also a professional document; hence, you need to be formal while writing it. This usually entails eliminating too much personal narrative in favour of third-person narration. When utilised for rhetorical purposes, though, first-person is great. Like when talking about living things or experiencing certain personal touches.

How to Write a Recommendation Report?

Select the Format

A recommendation report should have various elements like content table, executive summary, data collection methodology, options and concluding. For better understanding, you can download the Recommendation Report Template or create/ design on your own document or presentation format. Additionally, you can add complementarily add the various attachments like websites and documents with relevant information. On the other hand, choose what is best suited for your content.

Describing the Situation

First, start with clearly stating what are the various aspects that you are evaluating and then, based on that, create a tone. As mentioned earlier recommendation report help us define the various helpful recommendations. Start by listing statistics concerning the problem if you need to write a report about absence at your workplace. Then remark how it affected you. Absences, for example, may result in lower productivity, unfulfilled promises, and decreased customer experience.


When you recommend something, you also need to define the method for the same, and for that, you should collect various data. For the research purpose, you have various options like conducting online surveys, interviews, reading various journals and reports of others. While doing research, you come across various experiences of the people around you, which help you with learning. You can also work with various theories and models to analyse and reach the root cause.

Qualitative Alternatives

Once you have worked on various original research work, your next step is to suggest viable solutions as per the need. In writing a research report of recommendation, various aspects need to be looked into, such as what should be the first step and what will be later steps, how to execute it, and so on. Your recommendations report may also include details about past interventions and results.


Use succinct graphs, checklists, and infographics for summarising your research outcomes. This makes it simpler for your superiors to understand your advice and make their own decisions. Specific, quantifiable, and attainable activities should be stated in your suggestions. They must also be reasonable and limited in time.

What makes a Good Recommendation Report?

Recommendation Report Example

Like any other report writing recommendation report should also have three parts to it like this:

  • Introduction: The introduction is identical to other sorts of report introductions.
  1. Describes the report's goal.
  2. Gives an outline of the report's topics.
  3. Provides a summary of the possibilities.
  4. Makes a short note of the writer's suggestions.
  • Body: The report's body included the following information:
  1. A clear explanation and justification of each option.
  2. A comparison of the pros and cons of each choice.
  3. A comparison of alternatives
  4. A justification for the preferred option.
  • Summary: The summary will include the following message:
  1. An overview of the findings.
  2. Precise Suggestions.
  3. A justification for the suggestion.

Topics for Recommendation Report

  • Dyslexia
  • Biorhythms
  • Pheromones
  • Wellness programs
  • Acupuncture
  • Big Bang Theory
  • Life on Mars
  • Saturn expedition
  • Extraterrestrial intelligence
  • Computer animators society
  • Alternative-transportation action group
  • College solar-automobile club
  • The high-school science teachers association
  • City bus riders support group
  • Drug-rehab centreboard
  • Citizens-against-crime league
  • Computer-game design society
  • Your local government representative
  • American Naturalist
  • Nuclear Plant Journal
  • Garden and Forest
  • Water, Air, and Soil Pollution
  • Forest Ecology and Management
  • Weed Research
  • Wetlands Ecology and Management  Conscious Choice: The Journal of Ecology & Natural Living
  • Issues in Science and Technology
  • Technology & Culture

Well, if you are planning to write on any of the above topics or any other topics and are still not sure how to get started. You can talk to our experts who will explain to you on Steps to write a Report in a much-explained manner so that you can complete your task.

Way Forward

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