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Commemorative Speech Topics

What is a Commemorative Speech?

A commemorative speech is usually given at special events to celebrate or remember a person, place, institution, idea and so on. It is given to show respect or pay homage or remember a period. The other name for commemorative speech is ceremonial speech. Commemorative speeches are given at graduation ceremonies, retirement parties, paying homage to an institution, paying tribute to someone who has passed away, and so on.

Students and professionals often face the task of writing commemorative essays for different events. It is indeed very exhausting and challenging to write an excellent commemorative speech. This blog provides you with a commemorative speech writing guide, along with a list of some of the best commemorative speech topics.

Purpose of A Commemorative Speech

The fundamental purpose of a commemorative speech is to:

  • Inspire the audience
  • Heighten the appreciation of the audience for the person, idea or institution being praised
  • Pay tribute to a person, group or institution
  • Bid farewell to a group of people: For example, commemorative speeches given at farewells to bid goodbye to the students
  • Celebrate the occasion in a respectful manner
  • Used to give hope to the people
  • Boost the motivation, feelings and strength of the listeners
  • Given as a eulogy
  • Given as speeches of nomination, wedding toast, award acceptance, etc.

How To Write A Commemorative Speech?

Students often require help when it comes to an understanding of how to write a commemorative speech. The steps involved in writing a commemorative speech are as follows:

  • Choose your topic

The first step in the commemorative speech writing guide is to choose a topic wisely. The topic or any aspect of the topic must be chosen after understanding the characteristics of a commemorative speech, understanding the purpose of the occasion, understanding the audience and honouring the qualities of the people, institution and topic chosen.

  • Begin the speech by highlighting the significance of the topic

The first section of the commemoration speech should introduce the topic and highlight the significance the topic. If the speech is about a person, you can start by telling a good story about that person, or if the speech is about an institution, you can talk about the importance the institution has had in the lives of the audience.

  • The reason for paying tribute

The next step involves declaring the reason for paying tribute to the topic in consideration. The reason can be anything. In cases of convocation, the reason can be to bid farewell to the graduating class, or in the case of a eulogy, the reason can be to wish for the peace of the departed soul. It is essential to mention all of these points in the initial sections of the speech.

  • Highlight the achievements

Another vital step in the commemorative speech writing guide is to highlight the achievements and other positive qualities of the institution, person or event we are talking about. This is the portion where the tribute or the homage is paid. It forms a crucial part of the main body of the speech.

  • Make the audience empathize

The next crucial step or process in the main body of the speech is to make the audience empathize with the topic and the subject you are commemorating. You can tell stories, talk about nostalgic events, their importance in the lives of the people, and so on to make the audience feel the necessary emotions and empathize with the topic.

  • Summarize

This is the last step in the process of how to write a commemorative speech. This involves summarizing the essential points covered in the speech, but not re-stating them or ending the speech with a small anecdote or on a powerful inspiration note.

  • Proofread, feedback and edit

A healthy practice when writing anything is to read it over and over again and check for errors, receive feedback from supervisors or peers and make the necessary corrections as required.

How To Select The Best Commemorative Speech Topics?

Students often search for good commemorative speech topics to write their essays and assignments. However, there are various problems that they face when it comes to choosing a good commemorative speech topic. A few tips that can help you select the most suitable topic for your speech from the list of commemorative speech ideas for class assignments of occasions are:

  • Do proper systematic research
  • Understand the features and styles of writing the commemoration speech
  • Understand the purpose of the occasion
  • Brainstorm
  • Know your audience
  • Ensure that the topics are meaningful, relevant and containing a message
  • Ensure your topic is unique

Keeping these points in mind can help you select the best commemorative speech topics.

List of Commemorative Speech Topics for College Students

Students face problems when it comes to brainstorming ideas for commemorative speech topics. In such cases, we have provided them with a list of sample commemorative speech topics that they can refer to and choose the topic that they like the most. The list of commemorative speech topics is given below:

Funny Commemorative Speech Topics

Writing a funny speech is difficult, it requires a presence of mind while writing and delivering the speech. A few funny commemorative speech topics are:

  • A tribute to Mr Bean
  • Remembering the first day I cooked
  • Paying a tribute to a cartoon whose production is being stopped
  • Remembering the first person who broke your heart
  • Why am I happy that school is over now?
  • Remembering the first day of living by yourself
  • How comics play a role in journalism and influencing public opinion
  • Remembering the funny speeches made by great leaders

Social issue movements as ideas for a commemorative speech

Various social issues exist in our society, and many people try to battle such issues through various movements. We must pay tribute to such movements and people working in such movements. Speeches on such topics also inspire the audience to contribute to such movements. A few ideas for a commemorative speech concerning this idea involves:

  • Tribute to women’s rights movements
  • A tribute to people who advocated women rights and initiated the movements
  • Tribute to the LGBT movement
  • A tribute to people who suffered because of LGBTQ discrimination
  • A homage to the people who led and are leading the LGBT movement
  • A tribute to the civil rights movement
  • A tribute to people who lost their lives due to discrimination
  • Courageous actions in terrorist attacks
  • Deeds of kindness in the face of horrors

We exist because of the people around us. A few topics for commemorative speeches for the people around us can include:

  • Paying tribute to a teacher who is retiring
  • Paying tribute to the whole teaching and non-teaching staff
  • Paying tribute to mother
  • Paying tribute the father
  • Paying tribute to grandparents
  • Paying tribute to siblings
  • Bidding farewell to your friends and family
  • Wedding toast to your friends
  • Wedding toast for your spouse

Some other creative commemorative speech topics

A few other sample commemorative speech topics are:

  • Commemorate the lives lost in terrorist attacks or other events
  • Commemorate the lives lost due to the covid-19 pandemic
  • Pay a tribute to the frontline workers who have worked in the pandemic to help others
  • Some great travellers in history
  • Talk about your transformation and growth since joining college
  • Commemorate the work of great leaders of your nation
  • Commemorate the work by women of the globe/your nation
  • Strength: Different examples of strength and inspire people
  • Examples of successful and inspiring environmental activism

From this list of creative commemorative speech ideas, you can use the techniques described above and select the best commemorative speech ideas for you.

Sample Commemorative Essays

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