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MAA:250 Ethics For Financial Professionals - Management Accounting Assignment Answer
In Australia, there are numerous universities known for their best education standards and Deakin University is one of them. Studying at Deakin University is preferred by many domestic as well as international students because here you will get; award-winning courses, innovative teaching, and best facilities. You will get open-ended options to study, chances to study abroad, and placement programs which means you do not just study courses but experience a great platform to ahead your career. With Deakin, students can enrol in management, nursing, law, business, engineering, and other courses as per your desire. If you are a management accounting student, you might be asked to write assignments for MAA250 units which is all about Ethics for financial professionals. More details about this unit are given below by our management accounting assignment help experts. The International Federation of Accountants released a standard called International Education Standard 4 in which it is stated that MAA250 unit is proposed with an aim to develop students' ability to analyse and evaluate, appreciation of ethics, and apply ethical principles in the processes of decision-making concerned to financial planning, accounting, and finance. Under this unit, you will cover a few trending topics that are given below:
  • the nature of ethics
  • organisational and personal ethical factors
  • ethical models for decision-making
  • aspects of corporate governance
  • ethical principles and theories applied to finance professionals
  • workplace ethics and professional codes of ethics
  • ethical issues and conflicts of interest in the financial services industry and
  • corporate social responsibility

MAA250: Ethics for Financial Professionals Assessment Details

In the given assignment, you will learn the ways to apply the knowledge of ethics and decision-making to a case. You will be given a case study on the basis of which you are required to answer the questions in no more than 2,000 words in length. As per the management accounting experts, students willing to write MAA250 assessment must have knowledge and understanding of principles and theories of ethics including APES 110, Banking Code, and FASEA. MAA250 Assessment Case Study: MAA250 Assessment Case Study Once you have gone through the above-given case study, answer each question according to its word count. While responding to answers, you must be focused on your ethical views and approach. In case, if you are adding other’s ideas or sentences, make sure to reference them correctly. The Requirement of the assignment:
  • It is an Individual assignment.
  • Demonstrate your communication skills in writing as this assignment is linked with GLO 2.
  • You are free to include sub-headings if you feel it will help the clarity of submission. Note: In this assessment, subheadings will be excluded from the actual word count.
  • Just like other universities, remember to reference and cite other’s ideas and words by using the Harvard referencing style.
  • Once you are done with the assignment, it should be uploaded to the relevant Deakin University Assignment Dropbox.

Questions To Be Answered In MAA250: Ethics For Financial Professional Assignment

The following are the questions that need to be answered correctly. If you are unable to give appropriate or up-to-the-mark answers don’t hesitate to take help from management accounting assignment experts in Australia. Question 1: Explain briefly your understanding of the facts of the case. Who were the stakeholders impacted in this case? To answer the above question, you must display an understanding of the facts of the case. And, the stakeholders affected in this case were employees, bank managers, investors, the Federal Court, media, the public, government, and investigation team. Question 2: How would you categorise the actions of the Directors, CEO, and CFO? Would you agree with their actions taking into consideration stakeholder expectations and the market competition? According to the case study, you will come to find that the CEO, Directors, CFO, and other people behave in an unethical way due to which ethical relativism takes place. Thus, to answer question 2 of the MAA250 assessment, you must be capable to implement ethical principles and theories you have learnt in the lectures and categorise the CEO, Directors, and the CFO actions. In question B, you need to show your agree or disagree statement against the actions taken by them. You can talk about the gap between the expectations of the stakeholders and market competition. Question 3: Applying Kolhberg’s theory how would you categorise the actions of the Board, CEO, and the CFO? Lawrence Kohlberg’s model theory holds the base for ethical behavior, moral reasoning, 6 development stages, etc. The stages are mentioned here: Stage 1: Obedience-and-Punishment Orientation Stage 2: Good Boy, Nice Girl Orientation Stage 3: Instrumental Orientation Stage 4: Law-and-Order Orientation Stage 5: Universal-Ethical-Principal Orientation Stage 6: Social-Contract Orientation Want to know more about Kohlberg’s model, then do get in touch with management accounting assignment writing professionals who have adequate knowledge of managerial models. Apart from these three questions, there are additional few questions that you are required to answer correctly and submit to the university which can be checked from the snapshot pasted below. MAA:250 Ethics for Financial Professionals task The above questions require a deep analysis of the case study. If these questions seem difficult to write, you can take help from management accounting assignment writing experts because they are the one who can assist you with all your issues.

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