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MAN6302 quality management in practice assessment answer

Students who are enrolled in business studies and are looking to pursue project management courses have to go through a vast curriculum before they get their degree. One of the important units in this course is the MAN6302 which talks about how to manage the project quality and ensure that it satisfies the requirements for which it was created. According to our experts, three main phases are important to the process of quality management:

  • Quality-based planning generally includes the identification of the quality standards that have to be achieved, looking for ways to satisfy these requirements, and deciding the criteria on which your standards should be measured.
  • Quality insurance also involves constant evaluation of the outcomes and inputs at regular intervals so that you can satisfy the related quality standards.
  • Our management assignment help team says that when quality control is involved with the monitoring of a particular project’s result, it helps you make sure that the concerned quality standards can be enhanced during the process of the project.

Additionally, you also need to develop the skills that are essential to manage relationships and accomplish stakeholder relationship satisfaction. These skills are needed to write `MAN6302 quality management in practice assignments.

Going Through The Different Kinds Of Assignments You Will Have To Deal With

When you are studying the MAN6302 unit, you are usually asked to solve two kinds of assignments- case studies and quality management in practice. Let us briefly discuss both of these.

Task 1: Case Study and Annotated Bibliography

The main aim of this assessment is to:

  • Come up with new strategies and techniques that can bring improvement and constant enhancement of the project team.
  • Give inputs in different processes that are involved in maintaining project quality.
  • Analyse and evaluate the major factors that end up affecting project quality.

Our assignment help experts have listed a few learning outcomes that you gain after the completion of this task:

  • You obtain a lot of project management knowledge and understand how to develop interesting research methods that will improve your project’s quality.
  • Get insights into the breadth and depth of the global discipline.
  • Know how to present your subject knowledge properly.

Task 2: Quality Management in Practice

This task offers you different situations in which you have to set and create motivational strategies that can help enhance the factors that ultimately affect project quality. When you write this assignment, certain things must be kept in mind like:

  • Explaining the decisions that have helped you report issues in project management. These can be ethical or social.
  • Assessing and identifying the intended and unintended consequences for different stakeholders.
  • Offering your professionals opinions and interpretations on matters related to project management.

Now, on to writing the MAN6302 quality management in practice assessment answer:

  • Summarise the major factors that affect the quality of the project.
  • Develop inputs for different processes concerned with the project quality.
  • Making use of the concerned techniques and tools that are needed to manage quality.
  • Construct the outputs that can contribute to successful quality management.
  • Examine the issues related to the geographical and cultural differences that can affect the project quality.
  • Discuss and comment on different project contexts.
  • Analyse the project procurement quality problems that are associated with different project settings.

Since these steps are common throughout the different projects that you will come across in this unit, keeping them in mind is a great way of creating assignment solutions that adhere to the assessment guidelines and impress your supervisor as well. Additionally, our professional writers who prepare MAN6302 assessment solutions say that students writing these assignments should also know the following concepts:

  • How to develop the quality theory
  • What are the project quality planning inputs?
  • The different project quality techniques and tools
  • How can you manage project quality issues in the project closeout stage?
  • Controlling and managing the control processes and project quality assurances
  • Understanding team developments
  • The project quality outputs
  • The quality standards involved in project procurement
  • Methods of continuous innovation and improvement

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