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2023-09-27 13:39:24

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MKG701: Pedigree Adoption Drive Case Study Assessment Answers
MKG701 is an assignment assigned to students pursuing marketing courses in Australia. If you are a student and facing trouble in MKG701: Pedigree Adoption Drive assessment. In this assessment, there are numerous tasks and one of them writing a case study. It cannot be easy for many students to prepare a wonderful piece of case study document in the first go. Therefore, they might need help from case study assignment writing services. Sample Assignment can be the best choice for you to get help in your Pedigree Adoption case study assignment.  But before that being a student you must read and understand the following details and requirements of the assignment.

Summary for MKG701: Pedigree Adoption Drive Case Study Assessment

The MKG701” Pedigree Adoption Drive Case Study assessment consists of the following:
  • The assessment task covers 40 per cent of the overall assessment.
  • In this assessment, you are required to answer four compulsory questions that are based on a specific case study. Each question is for ten marks.
  • The total word count allotted to answer the four questions is 1,000 words. Therefore, each question should not exceed 250 words.
  • Answer the questions briefly related to the given case study.
  • Once you are done with the Pedigree Adoption case study assessment answer, submit it through Safe Assign before the deadline.
  • This task should be done individually.
  • Mention your name and number on the cover sheet before submitting the paper.
  • Referencing is not required.

Case-Study Sample

To answer the four questions, you are required to read the short article given-below. Remember that the word count for this assignment is 1000 words, so try to answer the questions in 250 words each. MKG701 pedigree assignment MKG701 assignment

What question do I need to answer in MKG701: Pedigree Adoption Drive assessment?

As we have discussed above that the Pedigree Adoption Drive assessment includes a task in which you are required to answer 4 questions.  So, let’s have a look at the questions and the possible answers. The above question asks you to analyse the process of developing a program for Pedigree marketing by Mars Petcare. To answer this question correctly, you should follow the approach given-below by our mkg701 assignment help experts. Possible Response:
  • Illustrated enhanced reputation & image and brand results for awareness, – sponsorship can be the best-fit and can help in creating brand loyalty and brand awareness through connection and engagement
  • Develop a competitive advantage by using cause-related marketing and connecting emotionally
  • Make a lower cost marketing or a social buzz to support IMC mix including special events
Approach to solve the question: The Australian assignment help experts say that the most complicated task for a marketing manager is to prove financial return for an investment from campaigns. To answer this question, you should be focused on closing the loop between sales revenue and brand promotion. Thus, your answer should include –
  • Widely product availability
  • Using a database for direct marketing and CRM
  • Adopting product augmentation for store promotions
  • Link the product sales and Mars donations
Including the 5 step customer decision-making process and explaining the influence of consumer behaviour in relevance to this product category can be the best approach to answer the above question. As per our marketing assignment experts, the best answer will distinguish the note that various market divisions are available for pet food and the impacts will depend on priority as per the targeted market. If you are unable to answer this question, you can avail our MKG701 pedigree adoption assignment help to get the best possible response inclusions. Approach to solve question 4: You must discuss the pros such as broad exposure, trackable stats, low cost, real-time feedback, etc. Moreover, the cons can be like a lack of contact to segments, meaning content, weakened message control, resource-intense monitoring, ethical and privacy constraints.

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