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MPM701A Business Process Management Assessment Help
Deakin University is popularly known for its amazing education standards, award-winning courses, innovative teaching styles, and world-class in-campus and off-campus facilities. Every year, hundreds of students get enrolled in this university to carry out higher education in the field of management, nursing, law, etc. Today, we are going to discuss the MPM701A Business Process Management unit and its assessment which is studied by the students pursuing business management courses from Deakin University. Under this unit, students come to know about the knowledge of business process management, foundational skills and underline the importance of these in making organisational strategies. It mainly focuses on the key role of information and communication technologies that is quite useful in supporting business processes. The MPM701A Business Process Management unit concentrates on BPM (Business Process Management) that is applicable in multiple industries such as service sectors, wholesale, and manufacturing. MPM701A Business Process Management assessment If we talk about the MPM701A Business Process Management assessment, you will come to find that there are two parts in this assessment. In this blog, our business management assignment experts will cover all details regarding Part B of this assignment.

MPM701A Business Process Management Assessment: Overview Details

The part B of MPM701A assessment is about writing a report that should be based on the receipt of the PART A assessment result. To complete this assessment part, you are required to play the role of Business Process Management consultant and prepare a business report for the client. After the successful completion of the second part of this assessment, you will have the skills like communicating, writing, and knowledge about business process management discipline. While writing this assignment, you must also be required to find out the different circumstances and perspectives to give advice to the client. Such advice will let the business owner know the different reasons whether to adopt a BPM approach or not.

What Needs to be done in the MPM701A Business Process Management Assessment?

Being an assignment writer for the subject, business process management, your primary task is to submit a professional business report. In order to assist you, we have provided the structure that you must follow for your report. They are – MPM701A task Frontpage: Here, you should write your name, student number, headings, name and logo of the consulting firm (hypothetical) you have selected. Executive summary: Executive summary generally placed on the first page of your report but written in the last. Your executive summary of a report must highlight the following components:
  • Why this research was performed?
  • What was the outcome of the research?
  • Recommendations or suggestions based on your results.
Introduction: Writing an introduction generally showcase the purpose of writing a business report. It includes a succinct summary which should be well-crafted based on your PART A report. Recommended solution: While proposing solutions for your client, you must include how means to be required to develop a business process architecture and how these are valuable in business effectiveness and efficiency. Provide an accurate diagram for the BPMN process flow by using the Bizagi Modeler tool. References: If you are collecting ideas or information from other writers, it should be properly listed and authenticated by the Harvard Referencing System. Therefore, it is necessary to have or develop skills to reference and in-text the document. Appendices: If you want to use diagrams or any sort of materials that is not important for argument but yet supportive or informative will be included here.

Few Notable Points to Remember for Writing the MPM701A Management Report

You must have the following knowledge to write the MPM701A Business Process Management report:
  • Linking the business process management frameworks and principles to accomplish the organisational goals and strategies
  • Proficiency in using the BPM methodologies and software to fix organisational problems
  • Ability to analyse and evaluate the enterprise systems appropriateness critically
If you are a student at Deakin University and facing issues in writing this 3000-word business report, look no further, pick up your phone and text your queries to our customer care representatives today. Sample Assignment has assisted over 20 students in the past week by providing them with high-quality Business Process Management reports. Moreover, you can also request for assignment samples which can help you in generating ideas to write such assignments. Get in touch with us today to order your solution for this assignment!
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