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Narrative Essay Topics

What Is A Narrative Essay?

Students often feel confused in understanding what is a narrative essay and how to write it. A narrative essay is a form of essay writing style which involves the narration of an event or a story by the author, which usually involves sharing the personal experience in a more inspirational manner. Narrative essays involve a form of storytelling and therefore receive more attention from readers because everyone likes reading stories. A narrative essay should include a plot, conflict and characters. Narrative essays provide a unique and special opportunity to share your experience and share your story and emotions.

Picking a topic for a narrative essay is indeed difficult and therefore, we have written this article for you explaining how to write a narrative essay and containing a list of the best narrative essay topics.

Students are often required to write narrative essays in schools, high schools and colleges. The narrative style of writing is used by many marketing and advertising professionals, and to inform people about a certain topic through the use of narration. Writing narrative essays is indeed difficult and we, at Sample Assignment, provide all forms of Narrative Essay Writing Help Australia.

What Is A Topic Sentence In A Narrative Essay?

We often hear students asking what is a topic sentence in a narrative essay. A topic sentence expresses the main idea of a paragraph. A topic sentence serves the purpose of providing a guide to your essay. By simply reading the topic sentence, the readers can get a brief idea of what your essay is about and the series of events that unfold. In this manner, they can decide whether they are intrigued by the story and the course of events and then read it. A few examples of intriguing topic sentences for a narrative essay are given below:

narrative essay

How To Choose A Narrative Essay Topic?

Choosing good narrative essay topics is very crucial because your style of writing will depend a lot on the topic you choose and your style of writing and your content will have a major impact on the marks that you receive. Students go through a list of a thousand narrative essay writing topics but fail to recognize and select the best narrative essay topics for them. A few tips on how to choose a narrative essay topic are given below:

good narrative essay topics

  • Remember that narratives tell stories: The topic that you choose should be such that you can write a story that will be such that the readers will be able to feel connected and excited to read the whole essay or narrative.
  • Choose ideas that drive you: One of the most important things to remember is that you should always choose the topic that drives you, excites and intrigues you and is something that you are passionate about. Writing about a topic that has a significant impact on your life is a key to writing interesting and exciting essays.
  • Plan: Understand and plan how much research you need for a topic and how you will write it.
  • Experiment: Select the topic where you feel you can experiment the most and mix and match related stories and events from your life to enhance the content
  • Follow the essay’s structure: The body section of any essay requires at least three paragraphs, an introduction, a body and a conclusion and any form of narration should have a plot, conflict and characters. Choose a topic that will be able to satisfy all these criteria.

In this manner, you can select the best narrative essay writing topics.

How To Write A Narrative Essay?

Students often feel confused in understanding how to write a narrative essay. In such cases, they can always take the help of our academic essay writing service. A few tips on writing a narrative essay are:

  • Choose a Good Topic: Choose a topic that is interesting to you and plan and experiment with different narrative essay topic ideas to select the most suitable narrative essay writing topics for your essay.
  • Write an outline: Write a basic outline of your essay and edit it so that a flow is established and it meets all the required criteria for the format of the essay.
  • Story elements: Make sure that your story has characters that the audience can relate to, situations inspired by real life and a good plot and a conflict to excite and interest the audience in your essay.
  • Point of view: Your point of view, thoughts, role and position in your story should be clear to the audience.
  • Support: Rather than simply providing opinions, you should back up your arguments with evidence and proper logical reasoning.
  • Ignore irrelevant details: Include the details which serve to enhance the plot of the story or the experience of reading. Expel all the irrelevant material at the initial phase of charting out the outline.
  • Write clearly: Write clearly, chronologically describe events and read some narrative essay examples for inspiration.
  • Proofread and edit: It is always a healthy practice to check for potential errors and edit your essay to present the best version of the event.

List Of Narrative Essay Topics for College Students

Students often feel confused when it comes to selecting topics from the list of narrative essay topics. A few examples of narrative essay topics are given below from which the students can choose the best narrative essay topics for them:

Funny Narrative Essay Topics

It is the style of your writing that makes the essay humorous rather than the topics of your essay. A few funny narrative essay topics are:

  • My most frightening experience
  • The happiest moment of my life so far
  • My most embarrassing moment
  • The time when I embarrassed my family as a child
  • When I became a leader once and the blunders that happened
  • My secret talent
  • What 3 things would you grab if you had one minute to evacuate your house?
  • One invention that I need badly

Fictional Narrative Essay Topics

You don't always need to write about an event in your life. Based on these fictional narrative essay topics, you can create a fictional story of your choice and narrate it.

Write a fictional essay about a clock with the ability to speak and the wisdom of historical knowledge

  • Write about a teen who creates a viral video
  • Write a fictional story about a dog who gets the chance to be a human for one day
  • Write a fictional story about a person who gets stuck on another planet
  • Write a fictional story about an alien that tries to settle on Earth as a human
  • Write a fictional story about the time when the whole world’s internet goes down
  • Write a fictional narrative about an elderly couple who decide to go on an adventure
  • Write a fictional narrative about an unidentified person who wakes up in a mental institution with complete amnesia.

Personal Narrative Essay Topics

  • My childhood memories
  • Memories of my hostel life
  • An event that changed my life
  • Life as a college student
  • My first experience of travelling abroad
  • The first novel that I read
  • What makes me stand out
  • My hobbies and how they developed
  • Why and How did I choose my Major?

High School Narrative Essay Topics

A few narrative essay topics for high school students are given below to choose from:

  • Write about the subject that you most cared about in high school
  • Write about the favourite teacher of your high school
  • The most important moment of your high school life
  • Talk about an embarrassing experience you had in high school
  • Evaluate your school
  • Write about the greatest achievement of your school life
  • Talk about a school trip that you had
  • Describe your friendship with a close friend and how you have changed over the years

Narrative Essay Topics for College

  • Talk about your college experience
  • Compare and contrast your school vs. college experience
  • How you chose your major in college
  • The class that you love in college
  • My first friend in college
  • Maintaining a balance between fun and studies
  • Your most memorable college experience

Cultural Narrative Essay Topics

  • Unique family traditions
  • One tradition that surprised me
  • My favourite family holiday
  • How I embarrassed my family as a child
  • Why knowing your culture is significant
  • How do you celebrate your most important holiday in your culture
  • Celebrating festivals of other cultures

Descriptive Narrative Essay Topics

  • Describe the person that you met on a trip
  • Describe the most memorable day of your life
  • Describe the worst day of your life
  • Describe an adventurous trip
  • Describe a night at a haunted house
  • Describe a beautiful trip in your childhood

Narrative Essay Examples

Students often look for experts to write their essays. We, at Sample Assignment, provide you with English essay writing services. Snapshots of excerpts from two narrative essay assignments have been given below which were done by our experts that helped students in securing HD grades in that assignment.

narrative essay example

narrative essay sample

narrative essay example online

Why Choosing Sample Assignment Your Essay Writing Service Expert Is A Good Idea?

Students may face various forms of difficulties in completing their narrative essays. In such cases, it is natural for students to search for phrases like ‘write my essay’ online. We, at Sample Assignment, provide rapid delivery of assignments. The following are the reasons for choosing Sample Assignment:

  1. We are the number 1 trusted brand for Essay writing services.
  2. We provide guaranteed HD grade-level assignments.
  3. We have a 100% confidentiality policy.
  4. We deliver 100% plagiarism-free assignments, along with a free Turnitin report.
  5. Strong commitment to deadlines.
  6. We have received exceptional reviews from previous users
  7. Unlimited free revisions
  8. Exceptional content quality
  9. We have professional online essay typers who are selected after a series of tests and interviews to demonstrate their ability to handle academic papers.

You can trust Sample Assignment with not only your narrative essay topics but also with all forms of write my essay and English essay writing services.

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